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  1. Happy Birthday FeLoNiouS!

  2. Happy Birthday FeLoNiouS!

  3. Happy Birthday FeLoNiouS!

  4. I've been looking for a new game to sink some time in to, and this looks like a possibility. After the HUGE disappointment that was ESO, I wish you could demo these games before buying. The combat in the short video looked pretty smooth, is it actually that way in game? Housing also sounds pretty sweet as I loved that in UO, but not so much in LotRo. Mostly interested in the PvP aspects I guess, though I do like to do some occasional PvE. Also, my computer is a couple years old, so wondering how the game plays in the big crowded areas like raids or high activity PvP battles. I have a fairly new Video Card, believe its 550ti or something like that, but the processor is getting long in the tooth. Thanks for any input.
  5. Happy Birthday FeLoNiouS!

  6. I don't know about the whole F2P thing. I'm not even sure that means a game is failing. I've read "experts" say that more and more (eventually almost all) companies plan on going the F2P route as it's actually a better business model. As far as ESO goes, it's more of the "different strokes" thing I guess. There wasn't really anything about the game design that I did like. I have weird tastes though, I hated Oblivion which everyone loves and on the flip side my favorite console game of the last decade + is Grand Turismo which seemingly nobody but me likes. I love UO, Darkfall and SWG and can't stand WoW, Farmville or Angry Birds. So clearly, I'm on the flip side of what the majority of people like. So I do hope the people planning on playing this have a great time. Nothing in gaming is more fun then a brand new MMO launch in a game you're excited to play! Go get 'em boys!!
  7. I also have a beta key I won't be using if anyone needs. Just PM me.
  8. The one I really played for quite some time was this past test weekend. I logged on for few mins in Jan, but didn't play much. I played quite a bit over the long weekend beta last week. My issues weren't bugs, lag or content limitations as those are expected for beta.
  9. Ugh...I dunno what to say. You guys must have been playing a different beta then me. IMO, this game is not bad, but horrible. I'd have to rank it in top 2-3 worse games I've tried in Beta (nothing, I mean NOTHING will ever be worse then Vanguard beta LOL). I'm not sure what you guys are seeing in the game that I'm not, but I'm definitely of a far different opinion of it then you guys. As I had stated in a roll call post, that I would be joining this game, but I am not going to be buying this game at all. Feel kinda sad that I'm pretty much stuck with going back to Darkfall 2 or SWTOR. I was hoping for a fun new game to get immersed in. Hope you guys enjoy it!
  10. Nice, I just bought the game last night and was about to create a thread asking if anyone plays this. I'm not sure if I'll re-roll the toon I made last night, but I'll look in mumble today to see if I can catch up with you.
  11. So I'm planning on transferring over to Shadowlands soon. Are there any openings in any of the raid groups? My main is ranged dps, but also have a healer and tank.
  12. Ah, that's why I couldn't find you. I did actually look through that sticky post, but I think by the time I got to that part you quoted I was skimming and what I seen in that section was about in game guild ranks, so moved along. Oh well.
  13. Can't really find anywhere that says if you guys are Imp or Pub. I've seen some sigs that show toons on both, but when I'm in game I've never found any Cov of the Phoenix online, so are you using a different guild name?
  14. I see. Although I liked DF, I only played it for the first few months then it seemed to become too much of a grind as well as a ghost town, so I packed up as well.
  15. So is this still DF1, or how is it working moving to DF2?
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