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  1. Welcome Healthshaman , to the CotP Community.
  2. Welcome ITheShadow to the CotP Community.
  3. Welcome to the mad FUN we have in the SWTOR chapter!
  4. Nice. I'm way behind. I still need to tame a flyer to get around.
  5. that makes sense. It works now. I enjoy starting over so let the fun begin. Thanks Chebar
  6. I'm not sure why I can't connect to rag. I can get into SE and the island but i time out from the menu when I try to join Rag. I also don't see it in the cluster list when I try to switch for one of the other maps. Any Ideas? Thanks Chebar
  7. not good for me, i was flying near the wyven pit
  8. Did the Ragnorok map go down?
  9. Cool, i work nights so i think i will try this weekend to hook up with you
  10. If any of the cotp tribes are looking for another member, I'll join.
  11. I also just start playing on the server cluster. I would really like to join you guys on some boss fights if you guys don't mind.
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