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  1. Creaky


    I just wanted to post that we have some strong numbers but could absolutely use more deckhands! All hands on Deck! Here is our first video with the SS Skjoldr
  2. Creaky

    Status Update?

    @insiril Thank you! @Jaqen There is just 1 server. I will send you the details.
  3. For anyone interested in learning more about this game, I made a helpful Imgur album. http://imgur.com/gallery/gQXpA
  4. Creaky

    Status Update?

    Let me know the next time you're online so I can get you in on the action
  5. Creaky

    Status Update?

    Awesome, yea, I find it very hard to logout from this game.
  6. Creaky

    Status Update?

    Let me know when you're online and I can send out invites.
  7. ​I shared this with you in a PM on April 26th of 2016 It is a lot of fun, it just needs another few months of solid development. Here is a video from our Alpha:
  8. Creaky

    Status Update?

    Excellent guide Elric.
  9. Creaky

    Status Update?

    Oh very nice! Invite details have been PMed
  10. Creaky

    Status Update?

    Excellent! I sent you the details.
  11. Creaky

    Status Update?

    Excellent! Well, Albion is the only big MMO release this year (afaik) so if anyone else would like to partake, let's get them on board! If we can get enough [COTP] members (I think minimum is 5?), you guys can then fly under the guise [COTP] on Discord (instead of under ILL) I personally don't have any issues if you would rather be part of our group (I love you guys) as it really helps with coordinated efforts in battle (the more the merrier). The way we have it structured now makes it easy for the leaders to call out where a certain guild should be in Discord(flanking, caravans, dungeons, etc etc) kind of like an RTS grouping.
  12. Creaky

    Status Update?

    Excellent. Thanks for the PM. So far we have two COTP members, both you and Elric.
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