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  1. Happy Birthday Gradrock!

  2. Would like to get a feel for the game, still on the fence. You ladies and gents on mumble sometime to chat?
  3. Happy Birthday Gradrock!

  4. I picked this up for console and was hoping to play with CoTP, maybe at a later date.
  5. Picked up ESO for xbox1 and am currently playing, sh0tguns is screen name. Anyone else on?
  6. Happy Birthday Gradrock!

  7. why purge before recruiting stands to reason to only kick when you need the slot as opposed to you might need the slot? This is assuming there is a max clan size.
  8. So here we are, looking forward to another game as a guild and as a helpful community of gamers. Something that I have noticed in every game I have played, with the exception of Wurm, since Darkfall was "I have no clue what we are trying to accomplish." Now I do not mean I have not heard we need to do this or that to make this or that. What I am talking about is anyone saying as a guild we are going to take this piece of land and hold this area to create a trade route here and here, or the like. So what I am asking is, what are the guild goals in ArcheAge? Are we simply going to set up a village and defend it. To what purpose? Are we going to be setting up a village near a resource and defend both? Without a known goal it is hard to formulate a plan, or a strategy to ensure success. As we all know success brings other rewards with it. Things like recruiting become very easy with success. Goals also help formulate things like Alliances and many other game mechanic functions that alot of us would enjoy. So what I am asking in general is.... Overall Goal - Something as a guild we are all working towards. examples: Game Dominance - zerg prevent anyone we want from building any city that we can Trade Dominance - control all or most of the trade routes Resource Dominance - Control 1 or more game resource Ex: there is 1 troll king he spawns blah, we camp him kill all others preventing anyone from his drop that you need for ...airships. Thus preventing most from getting an airship.
  9. Are those your account names? I ask because ESO invites to guild are account bound not character.
  10. The ESO Head Markers is great for displaying SKYSHARDS on your map. Has them all.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRyY4F7SZxE
  12. ZOS_JessicaFolsom Administrator, Moderator admin 7:55PM edited 7:55PM We want all of you to know that everyone who was part of Early Access will be granted an extended grace period until Sunday at 8AM EDT/12PM (noon) GMT before being required to transition your account to live. This will cover those who purchased ESO from an online retailer and won't be getting your box shipped in time and also gives anyone in Early Access who purchased digitally more Early Access time. Post edited by ZOS_JessicaFolsom at 7:55PM
  13. Guess its time to start killing mud crabs.
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