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  1. Anyone looking at this? https://archeageunchained.trionworlds.com/
  2. Welcome to the community! And Atlas chapter :D
  3. Heya chuck3rd, Let me know when a good time to have a chat with you on Discord would be!
  4. Teams is exactly what I was going for. Each of the leader positions will find other individuals to perform the tasks in their sphere. Any member could potentially be a part of many teams. However if no-one steps up to help I would hold that leader specifically responsible to get things done. Thank you for the feedbacks
  5. Looking for feedback (names, responsibilities, too few, too many, that type) as to what the leadership will be responsible for. Think of these positions as CFO type, basically I am giving them a task, it is upto each to ensure it happens I am less concerned with how. Also there will be 1 that is ONE admin position. Think Executive Assistant. Title: Commander Naval  Responsible For: Building Ships SotD Blueprints Shipwreck blue prints Kraken Runs Essence Runs Ship Transporting Materials Battle Ships --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: Commander Infantry Responsible For: Gear Blueprints (Maps) Harvesting Power stone Runs Ice Cave Runs Building Structures Scouting Targets Land Battles Food Farms --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: Commander Public Relations Responsible For: Managing Islands White/Black List Alliance affairs Trades --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: Commander Crafting Responsible For: Blueprint Librarian Crafting Upgraded Gear --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: Commander Tames Responsible For: Animal Food* Breeding Taming Battle Tame Riding *Edit for recommendations that building is in one category Feeding Animals belongs in Tames
  6. Download the archive with the Global Font here (208 MB) The first thing to do is go to the folder: The path to the folder with installed Steam games... ...\SteamApps\common\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Content\Localization\Game Create a folder in that directory called "global" Extract the downloaded contents into the “global” file On your steam game library right click and select “set launch options” In this window we add a parameter "-culture=global" (without quotes). Click “OK” and your all set!
  7. I have not, just heard about it when it went live. Oh also I kinda like the console version of WoT because you don't have all the mods that give advantage if you don't also have them.
  8. Yes, much easier. Not because the controls are better but because its easy to soar like an eagle when you flock with turkeys.
  9. I need to make up my mind if I play on console or PC....No idea if anyone is still active, doing group stuff or no.
  10. Gradrock

    Sentry Exam

    was listening to pandora, clicked the still listening button forgetting not to click other tabs. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Seems pretty fair, with a few things that are old news. Plenty of room to build. New colonies servers are better. Vitamins are less important. Ships differ greatly in handling. AI is no longer expensive. Added quests for more PVE Powerstones and Fountain of youth are on the same islands, the mobs there and tactics to complete them are pretty lame.
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