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    Turf Battles(end game player, hit level 277 out of 300) Silkroad Online(end game player, hit max lvl of 80 then hit 84 after cap was raised), TERA(end game player. Max level archer and lancer), Neverwinter(end game player. Very serious guild ran by me and 2 friends), Guild Wars, Forsaken World(end game player. World boses on timers), Battle of the Immortals, Perfect World, World of Warcraft(briefly), Lord of the Rings Online, Cabal Online , Runes of Magic, Dungeon Runners, Rohan, Sword of the New World, Eve Online, Vanguard Online, Atlantica Online, Fiesta, Allods Online, RF Online, Dungeons & Dragons Online, Dragon Nest, Archlord, Dekaron, City of Heroes, Final Fantasy XI, 9 Dragons, Last Chaos, and Mu Online.
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  1. I need a new game to play!

  2. Happy Birthday Smurph!

  3. Smurph


    Not exactly sure what I'm doing but I'm going to community college. Some soul searching classes. Interests are Psychology, Philosophy, and Computer Sciences. Maybe some other things. I like the idea of being a forum and publicity manager for a game, or any type of website. Website building is also fun.
  4. Smurph


    Hey there. I'm Smurph. I've been a member of COTP for almost 5 years now...and I regret not one day of it. I was going to write something on the forums because I like writing, and getting my opinions out in the air about mmorpgs currently... but for whatever reason, whether it be things going on in real life or something within my convoluted mind, my words slowly started down a different path. I started to tear up, and even am a fair bit teary eyed while writing this right now. Not sad tears though, happy ones. When I joined almost 5 years ago I was 13 years, 3 months, and 24 days old. It was right after I had moved because we had lost our house. I was lost and the only thing I had been able to hang onto was gaming. If that wasn't enough I was also starting middle school, which was ungodly terrible for me just like many others.. So much has changed in just 5 short years. I failed chemistry. I went to my first party. I made friends. I lost friends. I lost family members. I made stupid mistakes and I've fixed stupid mistakes. Some other important things have also happened. I started playing LOTRO. I made great friends. I felt like I fit in with everyone. I found new games, and played them while still sitting in voice chat with my COTP friends. I started playing TERA and helped run the division. I was given a place of power even at a young age. I felt so much pride. It was a new emotion for me, a new concept altogether. Here are people I respect and consider friends but know they hold more worth than me, and they reached out and gave me a chance to gain some self worth. That is exactly what I did, but that's not all. I gained things my false friends in school could never imagine of learning from our teachers. Sarcasm. Wit. Genuine Kindness. Above all else I had gained Pride. What I'm trying to say is you've all helped me in one way or another. A friendly conversation, telling me about the game you like to play, talking to me about how you found your way into adulthood or how you chose what you wanted to do. No one has an easy life, but having a community with so much wisdom along with so much kindness no doubt helped me get through it. I have not always been the most dedicated of members within the community, but when things got rough and I had a falling out with a group of friends(which has happened on multiple occasions) I have always known I could come back to where I started. Whether it was in Mumble or Ventrilo people were always there to greet me, listen to me tell about a new game on the horizon, or invite me to play their game of choice. It's not easy to find places like that in the real world, and I can say with complete honesty that the relationships I've made within this community have shaped me into who I am today. There are a lot of dark places on the internet, but Covenant of the Phoenix is most definitely a bright beacon of light shining in the dark. Thank you all for the love you've shown me as well as every new member. I love being here. As my Eighteenth birthday approaches I know a lot of things will change, but it's comforting to know that no matter what I will always have a place, here, among my family of gamers. Smurph
  5. Happy birthday zenobia! Looked for you on mumble but couldnt find you!
  6. Smurph

    Enchantment Stats

    Finding multiple differences in this post compared to our version of tera. Some things that may need to be translated: Animation speed on anything is now called attack speed. Anything refrencing Big Ass Monsters are our Boss stats on gear Knockdown resist when stepped on by BAMs I beleive is listed as : ballance increased while at boss monsters feet. Think its 20a ballance.
  7. Smurph

    Enchantment Stats

    Also take into mind the due to how old the post is, the costs they are listing follow the previous gold system, not the gold silver copper system.
  8. Apparently I got this guy fired. I took the post down and he did say I was aloud to post it in the first place, yet I still feel guilty.
  9. Hey guys and gals. Thanks to all that hard work we've been putting in ( and I mean me when I say that) we will be having a PvP event every Friday. So thank me if you'd like. Details below. PvP Event: Duels and Death matches Times: Every Friday duels will start at 7:00 PM Central time and death matches start a 8:30 PM Central Time. Rules: This will be a friendly event. That means no smack talking. This event is alliance and friends only. We do not talk bad to our friends so be nice. Death matches will probably involve some money up for grabs also. We will be splitting up into groups by level to keep things organized. A group will be symbolized by starting a campfire and standing near it. So the groups are as followed. 11-15 15-20 20-25 25-30 30-35 35-40 40-45 45-50 50-55 55-60 60s only If you cannot find a group of your level feel free to start a group of your own. Start a campfire and stand near it till people find you. The location will be outside Velika this first time and may change in the future. I will make a separate post in the following weeks if the location changes. I will also be advertising the event in our guild chat as a reminder and giving the location the night of the event. Try to show up, its sure to be a good time! This event is a great help for learing your class, learning to fight people above your level / gear plus, and fighting different classes. This may be a bit chaotic the first time, but once we get into the groove it'll just get better. Thanks for reading, Smurph, PvP & Political Coordinator.
  10. I have just recently started streaming TERA. I will be keeping this up and do it as much as possible. Whether it be just farming, leveling (though I'm 50% from max level), or the more likely GvGing, PvPing, and Dungeon running. I've always dabbled in streaming but have never gotten it working perfectly till now (knock on wood). So whether you've been wondering about playing TERA, lower level in TERA, or just like to watch feel free to watch me, Smurph, play a soon to be lvl 60 toon. I play a lancer, one of the rarities at lvl 60. Hope you drop in and feel free to chat with me in Twitch.tv chat. Watch me here! Smurph
  11. Smurph

    Guild praise contest!

    Someone yell at Vesa.
  12. He said to give me the prize. Noice guy. +6 my eye opener.
  13. Smurph

    Guild Photo Op

    Postponed till Skywise gets off his lazy ass and either 1. Sets this up. Or 2. Puts me in charged of it. Inb4 /gkick Smurph
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