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  • Welcome to 2021, let's hope it is better than 2020.
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    1. Mirathel

      New to Ark

      there are a few of us (about 6-7) that play daily on the island server. Thinking about rolling on the center server to see what its like.
    2. I will be playing in the morning when the servers go live. Let me know if you plan on checking this game out during headstart or even if you plan on trying the game july 6th when the f2p servers go live.
    3. Anyone planning on playing Riders of Icarus? Servers open up for founders on Wed June 29th and for everyone else on July 6th. http://Icarus.nexon.net​ for more info
    4. Mirathel

      Reset Server?

      yea agreed. we have a base outside the redwoods and I would hate to lose it all lol
    5. The ark server has been offline for a few hours. Any status update? Maintenance?
    6. Elric might have talked me into it. Just trying to find the extra money atm to get it
    7. Says the guy who kept a kicker and an injured WR this season....
    8. Might just have to take a personal day lol.
    9. I first met Skjoldr in Darkfall. Right from the start I saw his passion and leadership. Fighting those giant siege battles was tons of fun and it will probably be some of the most fun memories I will ever have in gaming. I got the message that he passed last night at work and my heart sank. Him and I weren't always the best of friends but I will always remember playing many many hours of games with him. RIP bud. You will always be the best wheelman in APB lol
    10. yea but the star wars bundle is 500gb. you are paying $500 for battlefront or infinity 3.0 and a sticker on your console lol
    11. Actually, you set the draft to 10:00 pm CDT (8:00pm PST) last season to accommodate our members. Was hoping you could do the same this year but earlier lol. http://www.covenantofthephoenix.com/forums/topic/40054-new-draft-time/ ​
    12. It would be better for at least 4 teams that i can speak for personally to change the draft time to 6:15 pm PST. is there any way to make this happen??
    13. Im back in. Looking forward to redeeming myself this year.
    14. the new time is perfect actually. we can at least do it on our lunch now instead of having to auto draft
    15. saturday or sunday at noon would be perfect
    16. I was wondering if it were possible to set the draft for an earlier time or maybe even on the weekend so it would be easier to be able to attend this year. I dont speak for every other team but at least 4 of us wont be able to make a 7pm draft due to work schedules.
    17. I have my friends email with u throne but it's past the deadline and he is wondering what's going on with the teams not claimed? He us super excited to start in our league
    18. is it possible to use a png for the logo on the sails? would look better without the white box around it
    19. Stream Name: wargasm121 Author: Mirathel Stream Submitted: 12 May 2014 http://twitch.tv/wargasm121 I mostly stream PS4 games lately but will be streaming Wildstar at release Click to view stream
    20. Hey CotP! Because we are generous and greatly want more views and traffic on our youtube page.....we will be giving away a Digital Imperial Edition Copy of Elder Scrolls Online if we reach 2000 views on our first PvP Video. How can you enter?? Simply, A) Visit our ESO PvP Video B) Like, Comment, and subscribe. C) If or when the video reaches 2000 views, your name in the comments will be checked for subscriber status then placed in a random generator to choose the winner. D) Sit back, relax and hope the odds are in your favor The reason we are doing this is 1. We love ESO 2. We want more traffic to our youtube site, and 3. We want you guys to enjoy our videos as much as we enjoy creating them. So Please feel free to head over to our youtube page and watch our videos and enter to win an awesome Digital Imperial Edition of Elder Scrolls Online!! Thank you for your time
    21. hey guys...been awhile. Just wanted to hop on here and tell you all about a youtube channel my friends and i have been doing lately. We record titanfall beta, path of exile, battlefield 4 and more. Go check it out www.youtube.com/gamejumpers01
    22. i have 2 friends from work who play with us on their PS3...Ragnar Lodbrok (who is signed up, a member, and uses mumble on his iphone) and kidd fantasy (who isn't signed up but uses mumble on his iphone) so at least the two I know I have gotten them in the door in terms of communication and organization. (just need to get that kidd guy to apply he is a procrastinator as are most console gamers )
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