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  1. xanoric

    CotP and Fallout 76

    Looks awesome. Count me in.
  2. Looks like they have some pretty solid stuff up in crowfall. Do we have any interest in jumping in early and giving it a go? Would be fun to learn some of the building mechanics etc.
  3. xanoric


    Also we are on Buyan and server 37 is where we are located.
  4. xanoric


    Jump into discord and we can get you all setup
  5. Happy Birthday xanoric!

  6. Happy Birthday xanoric!

  7. I am game for a server restart.
  8. Happy Birthday xanoric!

  9. Happy Birthday xanoric!

  10. xanoric


    Are you guys still playing DayZ? Myself, Skywise, and Phelix have been playing the past few weeks and are totally addicted. If anyone would like to join with us please let us know! Also Mirathel do you guys still have that server going?
  11. xanoric

    Battle Net ID's

  12. xanoric

    Very Amusing Comic Thread

    hahaha love it
  13. xanoric

    Steam Usernames

    My name on Steam is Xanoric
  14. xanoric

    Welcome Centhena