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    1. We have a bigger group that wants to play. I just think everyone is slightly MIA due to how long its been. But we can plan something and see if we can get a resurgence of players and see how the game is doing.
    2. Looks awesome. Count me in.
    3. Looks like they have some pretty solid stuff up in crowfall. Do we have any interest in jumping in early and giving it a go? Would be fun to learn some of the building mechanics etc.
    4. Also we are on Buyan and server 37 is where we are located.
    5. Jump into discord and we can get you all setup
    6. Are you guys still playing DayZ? Myself, Skywise, and Phelix have been playing the past few weeks and are totally addicted. If anyone would like to join with us please let us know! Also Mirathel do you guys still have that server going?
    7. My name on Steam is Xanoric
    8. I also would be interested if we have a group planning to jump back into Daoc wither it is for this free server or even some of the older ones. So if you guys are serious I know Skywise would be interested as well. You just cant replace that tri realm pvp. I miss it. Also on another note of the non vanilla servers, they have made it so Relics, and the Trials of Atlantis are easily accomplished by alternative routes. So they are a lot less of an issue when it comes to balance. Also a newer feature is that you can level 100% of the way through Battlegrounds which we found to be a nice feature.
    9. I tried the Sorc and Zerker, Both are very fun classes I am leaning on the Sorc but also may try a archer. I will make a more definitive choice before the game starts. But its most definitely one of those 3.
    10. I will make sure this weekend to work on answers for all your questions, there are a few of us in the beta. So if there is any questions or things you guys want us to find out please ask. And like i said I will work on finding out all the answers for the pvp side of things and im also going to be puting up a live feed so people can watch.
    11. xanoric is my steam name
    12. Love the game! Alot of fun! Hit me up in mumble if anyone wants to play
    13. First before i say I anything all I know is what I read. Hopefully in a week during the next closed beta that I will be in on I will know more. Is there a point to this PVP? In my opinion yes. Especially if you plan to hold a territory through pvp and combat instead of voting you actually fight your way to the top. Now when you take over the territory you have to hold it from others who feel they are better or challenge you. Then also like i have mentioned before you have the guild vs guild side of things. So there are objectives to the hold in PVP. But objectives beyond the territory's? I dont know that. But as far as I can tell if you open your territory to full pvp then you can control the spawns and PVE environment in that area by force. Maybe requiring guilds or players to pay money to hunt there or utilize the things in that territory. Is it a gear oriented game? For the most part like every game I would say yes it is gear orienteed. But the new combat style which has twitch built in shows that skill will matter a whole lot more in this game then other MMO's. I would not say PvP is an afterthought here, From watching the videos and reading what people have done I would say this is a game that offers a rich PvE and PvP environment. Again these currently may be differing opinions and dependent on what we both where able to find out about the game. So give me a week and after the next Beta I will be able to answer your questions in more detail.
    14. Thanks for the find Liquid Wolf, this is something that most definitely needs to be watched. I do agree NCsoft has a case for sure. The only question is if they are going to be able to do anything about it before launch. Granted some people feel anything is possible, but again after reading some of the stuff and looking for more information I would base my purchase or playing the game off of if the launch gets delayed again due to law suits. If there are delays and things in question get more heated I would say back off. NCsoft filed a lawsuit against the american division of bluehole January 26th, and I have yet to here anything or find anything about when or what may happen in the US. Regardless this is something to keep our eye on, but for my own personal self I feel there are many companies that do the same thing and fight over everything, and I can only hope they settle in court somehow. So only time will tell. But until then I will play beta etc and see what happens. But for the most part this is some bad MOJO for the game for sure.
    15. Im thinking a Zerker and a mystic for myself, but that all depends on when i give them a try in beta, I still may opt for a sorc instead of a zerker. Im also still looking for good guides on the other 4 classes
    16. Here are 2 videos that go over the Archers and Lancers. It goes over all their abilities and such. Archers Lancers
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