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  1. i would love to play this with you guys.
  2. Star Citizen 3.0 is now on the live server. only thing sucks now is i have lost my two step authentication and back up codes. lets see if support can help me out.
  3. 2.6.1 Patch notes https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link//15743-Star-Citizen-Alpha-261 A 16 minute video about Spectrum https://youtu.be/1cFCbRHgPj4
  4. Thank for the update elric.
  5. Happy Birthday Manny Llanno!

  6. You guys need to check out the new Spectrum system. It's the org/forum/community/voicecom system for this game. It's freaking awesome
  7. Ok, I want to start getting into this at 3.0 aswell.
  8. I have on and off. There is a guild
  9. I finally got a female...... Horse. Let the breading begin.
  10. I checked my skill is beginner 1 aswell. Jakari, the harvest was made when the crops reached 100.
  11. What kind of yields are people getting when farming? I grew one paprika plant and 100% harvest I got 83.I had very little fertilizer and 30% water in it. My skill can't be more than beginner 5. Just wanted to figure out what your yields with cross have been?
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