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  • Welcome to 2021, let's hope it is better than 2020.
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    1. The new server comes up tomorrow once its up we will try and get an alliance up quickly!
    2. Vessa


      Thanks everyone :)!
    3. Our community has many great leaders who are always willing to step up and take on the challenges of the day. Leaders who are always willing to help others by sharing ideas or experiences, by encouraging and pushing the limits of themselves the people around them and the community as a whole , or by simply being there when needed. Leaders willing to take on the tough or tedious jobs to ensure our Community has what it needs to not only survive but thrive. Any leader in this group from those who have only led a raid in a single chapter to those who have worked hard for years have all changed our Community by giving of themselves to make our Community the Great home it is! Occasionally a leader comes along whose impact is so amazing and the difference they make on our community so wonderful that we must stop and recognize them for all they do for the rest of us. Let me be the first to Thank Phyreblade for all the works she does with SWTOR Chapter, The Social Media Dept, The workforce and The Founders week Celebrations team, to name just a few. Let me also be the first to Congratulate Phyreblade on becoming our newest Templar! Looking forward to seeing all the greatness she will bring to her new role.
    4. Just do not let Skywise give you directions and you should be fine!
    5. Grim

      Happy Birthday Vessa!

    6. Please join me in congratulating Xalt on his promotion to Knight in BDO Xalt will also be joining his fellow Knights in the Covenant Parliament. A gathering of Knights, Paladins, Templar, Sentinel and Guardians that work together toward creating the highest quality of activities and events for our membership.
    7. PvP Alliance event Friday 9 pm CDT. We will be working a pvp event with the alliance Friday!! Please come out and join in. Mumble is required.
    8. Best way to catch us is jump in mumble. People do a lot of things afk so ingame msgs get missed sadly. Even if you do not have a mic you can type in there
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