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  1. Trusin

    My first Youtube Video

    that was you! awesome man, thanks!
  2. Trusin

    Beta 1 Starting

    Nothing to really "tryout" yet. they are maintaining awesome momentum though and every month the game jumps leaps and bounds. They are currently about to add in actual classes and abilities so it might be a good time to try out "soon"
  3. Trusin

    My first Youtube Video

    I uploaded my first youtube video, it is terrible but Haxus, the developer of the game, gave me some free game time because I am poor right now and I told him I would try to promote the game. Please, even if you don't like it, like it so it can get some attention from outsiders. Thanks! https://youtu.be/NQIOXWnyUeI
  4. Trusin

    Phoenix Call

    Family of gamers, I know many of you are not Star Trek fans or even have VR or probably know of the Stage 9 project but I need your help. I need as many people as possible to sign a petition to have CBS withdraw it's removal of stage 9. Stage 9 was a non profit fan project by fans for fans that was probably of the highest caliber I have ever seen from an indie project and CBS decided they just didn't want to compete with it. The travesty is, there was nothing to compete with, it was just a museum for fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I beseech you to please help me to restore stage 9. Petition to keep it going: https://www.change.org/p/cbs-save-stage-9-star-trek-enterprise-d-recreation-14f92184-6f8c-4390-b016-e1a2850460bb Article about the cease and desist, Video about the project: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-09-26-cease-and-desist-causes-fan-recreation-of-the-enterprise-from-star-trek-the-next-generation-to-self-destruct
  5. Trusin

    Worlds Adrift - New Chapter

    New members, working on getting them to sign up on the forums.
  6. Trusin

    Worlds Adrift - New Chapter

    Gaining momentum Today the alliance grew by 4 people. We now have two ships flying the sky. We worked together to construct a more durable ship. Kind of messy but probably a great boat.
  7. Trusin

    Phoenix 1 Under Fire

    Today I got to really test my upgrades. While I was slowly exploring an island I heard explosions. I went to investigate and the ship was under fire. I swang back over and immediately located the assailant. Fortunately for me I decided not to put any guns on since I don't have anyone to fire them. I throttled up the engine and made a run for it. The enemy ship fell into pursuit but the Phoenix 1 proved to be the more agile and faster vessel. It didn't take long to duck into some clouds and lose him but now he knew I was in the area so I braved the closest wind barrier and came upon the first island on the other side. Under it I found an airship docking port that I pulled into to hide. Amazing was the ancient ruins inside this port that I was able to explore.
  8. Trusin

    Worlds Adrift - New Chapter

    Today was a good day. I got my first atlas reactor expansion and improved the ship. It is a double decker (triple if you count the small helm deck) and I found my first instrument blueprint, the compass. Super handy for navigating the skies. Now maybe I can tell where I have been and where I am going. I also found an island I couldn't completely explore. I think it required at least one other person to be able to explore it via a jumping puzzle where I needed some shoulders to stand on.
  9. Trusin

    Introduction Thread

    If you guys sign up, feel free to use my code. https://beyonddark.net/signup/ref/y6xtdfmfzu The more peole that sign up together get in together.
  10. Trusin

    Worlds Adrift - New Chapter

    Interactive map. Very helpful though I still have yet to Identify my location. https://jerodar.github.io/WAMap/dev
  11. Trusin

    Worlds Adrift - New Chapter

    Alliance Update is now LIVE https://steamcommunity.com/games/322780/announcements/detail/2900770760952120267
  12. Trusin

    Worlds Adrift - New Chapter

    I conquered the first major milestone. Building a ship capable of passing through the wind barrier. Met some nice guys that we traded some schematics and am now working on higher tier materials.
  13. Trusin

    Worlds Adrift - New Chapter

    Serious enough that I posted an Ad in the games forums which I rarely ever do. Could use some love to bring back up to the top https://www.worldsadrift.com/forums/topic/cotp-covenant-of-the-phoenix/ alliance update is due out today but might have been delayed, but you can still crew up and start working on group goals. Most people I have run into in game are already allied up or try to kill me, but when I am not getting shot at I am pushing recruits. Some more eye candy, me at the helm of my first small airship.
  14. Trusin

    Worlds Adrift - New Chapter

    First hour in. I set up a small starter camp and began construction on the first air ship. Moments later I was ambushed, they got me but I had already setup a respawn on the ship so was able to come back and clear them out. I realized there were 2 of them, so killed one then took off and ran away before they could loot me.
  15. Trusin

    Worlds Adrift - New Chapter

    Survival, PVP, MMORPG Take to the skies and compete over resources as you expand your floating base. Add more ships to create fleets. Design, Construct, Pilot, Gun, Repair, and fight are all jobs needed on the flotilla. With the release of the upcoming update "Alliance" it is a great time to hop in as they are catering to larger groups of teamed players. I will be playing casually in the General gaming 1 channel of discord. Come join me and help dominate the skies! Server: Darat (US) Discord: COTP - General Gaming 1 Message: Trus for invite or find Trusin in Discord PS You can be a bald red head with a beard.