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  1. I REALLY like HWS. I had originally tried it and was turned off by the manual chat commands but once you get used to it, it really isn't so bad. The starting area gives you 3 days from when your character is created to get a warp capable ship. I started freelancer and had no problem finding mobs nearby. Also I seemed to be getting XP for doing just about everything. In a few hours and only traveling about 3-5 minutes away from my crash spot in any given direction, I was level 7 and working on my first ship. Mobs seemed smarter here as well. I would be attacked by hordes of small fast spiders, or large giant scorpion looking things. I also like that each origin has different abilities. As a freelancer I seem to be able to spot / find ore very easy. I can also scan planets to find out how many player structures are on them, which has it's uses. I am not sure what the other two origin abilities are but that is a neat feature not part of the core game. The integration with the web app seems amazing. your abilities are tied into it and you can remote mine and stuff from the app. I also really like the way they setup their solar systems. it is a lot more immersive. Instead of warping from system to system, you are essentially warping from planet to planet, the planets themselves in space seem and feel much larger. It was a really good experience for one evening so far and I was by myself, so other people would likely just amplify the fun.
  2. HWS looks really good. I am game to give it a try. Warning on HWS, do the tutorial and pay attention. Also choose your faction wisely, there is a 12 hour character reset wait period.
  3. Update came out yesterday, added a new desert biome so a few new creatures I don't like you talking smack about the P.M.S. Brick, just needs a little color
  4. Trusin

    Legends of Ultima

    Well, that looks refreshing, a shame they can't make their own map.
  5. Sure, I host a guy's game group once a month locally, would love to get involved with some of you guys. have yall used tabletop simulator or any other tool to manage playing over the internet?
  6. Trusin

    Week 1 Beta Review.

    Developers Questions: Are you having enough fun to play for another week? Yes, but not by much. Overall, is this a game you could see yourself playing after launch? Yes but not as one of my top choices. Did you do any PVP this week? No, I tried, I couldn't find any. What are the top five most frustrating bugs for you? Charge ability constantly got my character stuck the combat animation wasn't obvious when I was hitting and not hitting. If you are in a group the window pops up any time anyone portals or "zones" Newbie Wisp tried sending me to a different town when I asked where the carpentry table was when there was one in the town I was in. When renaming pets the focus was not set inside the rename box, so you have to click to rename, then click again inside the box to set focus. If you could change three things about the interface, what would you want to change? Wanted to be able to move elements like my own health bar. Seemed odd I could put other peoples anywhere I wanted by my own had to stay top left. Having my selected skills automatically tracked from the start would have been helpful as a new player Warning new characters that they have to wait 7 days to delete needs to be done up front. Overall I find the game a bit too simple. Crafting seems too straightforward. I fill like there are gaps in skills. The skill gains and money making seemed fast and imbalanced. For a PvP game there are too many places where the world freezes because your crossing some zone line. The effects of armor are not clear. I did like the town immersion. People walking around talking to each other. More diverse enemies. Pet statues need to have the pet's name on them.
  7. Trusin

    Guild Hall

    Stone House, all the way
  8. Trusin

    Player Guide and Tips.

    Trusin's Guide You can rotate the camera with arrow keys and middle mouse button. To make your coin purse lighter drop it in the bank and copper will convert to silver, silver to gold. May have to take all money out of bank and drop full bag in to make it work. Food, spell reagents, and arrows are cheap and money is easy to come buy. You don't have to craft if you don't want to. Just buy what you need. (I assume this is for testing and values will change with live) Armor brings your stats(agility) down making your total appear less than what it is without it being able to go up. To see if you are at your cap, remove your armor. You can have active 3 prestige abilities at a time. They cost ability points you earn with XP. When you have an ability point take the Tier 1 manual to the trainer that represents that ability and he will teach it to you. Charge sucks and is buggy, don't take it as a prestige ability. Plan ahead and make your build centered around prestige abilities, they require your skills to be certain levels. For example you can't take the Vanish prestige ability if you never intend to increase hide & sneak. Know what your abilities will require and what skills you want so you don't get surprised after you put in the effort. The best way to make money and skill up is the sewers, after sewers money gets rough but you can skill up on skeletons in the cemetery. The absolute best way to make money is escorts, Trinic sucks, don't do Trinic runs unless you have to. If you have portals life is very good. Portals come from Manifestation and channeling and requires about 63 in manifestation and 52 mana which is about 20 intelligence. Find skills that up the stats you want and get your stats where you want them before maxing your skills out. Weapon skilling seems to be the slowest thing. You can afk beat on practice dummies in Valus and Pyros' Landing. Takes a LONG time but an hour will get you like 10 points. Not sure if there is a cap.
  9. Trusin

    Beta Guild Info

    Me and my horse will make the trip up north
  10. First 30 minute feedback: I might be biased because I played UO. Account / Game Setup: Everything went smoothly and worked as expected. No problems on install or setup or logging into the server. Character Creation / Customization: As usual I can never seem to find exactly the character look I want. A lot of games allow full use of color palettes and I would love to see that as an option instead of just 12 base colors to choose from for Hair color, and clothing color. Also I found it odd that my character looked different upon logging in because I assume your "class" you choose gives you a chest piece and it puts your chosen one into your bag. I would just assume it shows you what your going to look like upon logging in and don't mess with the chosen shirt thing. First impression: I really liked the information wisp. I usually don't like those type of things but it was helpful enough I used it and not so annoying that it constantly popped up trying to give me information I didn't need. Excellent use of a tool to help players and make it their "choice" to use. I found it pretty easy to navigate inventory and review skills. I immediately setup my favorite skills on the tracker and favorites tab. I would suggest doing that for the player if they chose a class or their starting skills. I walked around the town, checked out the local shops, equipped an axe and went out and cut down a tree. Found it all very intuitive and I hunger to get into the crafting with my resources. One thing that wasn't apparent was my weight limit. I wasn't sure how many logs I could fit into my bag. I ran out of town to find some creatures and came across I wolf. I wasn't sure If I would be strong enough to take him but I gave it a shot, and 2 shots with my bow and he was dead. I was disappointed there wasn't a skinning skill and my hunting knife wasn't really used for anything. But I skinned him and felt like as a start I had a good grasp of how to gather materials, sell them in town, or begin to learn crafting. Seemed easy to understand and I wanted to keep playing and building up my skills. One bug that I found was I cut down a tree and the image of the tree fell over and over, but just leaving the area and coming back seemed to fix it.
  11. Trusin

    Beta Team Check In

    Trusin - Helm
  12. Read the rules. I am golden and good to go.
  13. Trusin

    Vorps Minecraft v1.7.10 Modpack

  14. I have to admit it is one of the most immersive games I have played. To be Excellent requires perfect communications and functioning crew. Progress is based on Loot, the more pillage and plunder you return to the fort the more notorious you become. Eventually becoming Legendary and accessing the secret pirate lair. All Crew share in the loot so if you role with the same folks you will all level up together. Think of the game like ARK though in that there will be servers and only so many crew on a single server. right now it seems random where you end up so you can't decide to be up against a specific other crew. General game play is you buy voyages, solve the riddles find the treasure and return to port with the treasure. Watch out for other pirates if you hold is full of loot or if you have nothing to risk go after theirs. Sink them, take their treasure and you get to advance a little faster.
  15. I have been in the Alpha's and it isn't really a game that "needs" a chapter. I mean you crew up with 5 people but there isn't really a "guild" function. However I am down to pillage and plunder with you whenever.