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  1. Theres enough animosity between some of the NA prime time guilds that it wont be grossly unbalanced, but this will stack a few alliances majorly thick... SEA time slot guilds will be at a premium. This is going to be chaos the first few months if it ever sees the light of day.
  2. The Magic system is what im really looking to play with. Here is to hoping they deliver.
  3. That Beta doc is turning out better than i thought it would.
  4. http://camelotunchained.com/v3/beta-1/ Beta doc first part. Everyone can see this.
  5. Yeah i have been ramping up my attention again on this one. I am hoping we get something a little more playable soon. Though the bot tests have been fun to watch.
  6. Heres the forum thread on the backer forum. https://forums.camelotunchained.com/topic/16387-coming-soonish-really-a-better-guide-to-beta-1-for-all-of-our-backers-now-open-for-comments/
  7. Looks like Mark is writing a document about BETA 1. So far this is all thats been published. Hopefully we get more soon! CSE_Mark Twilight CSE 5133 posts Posted 27 July 2017 - 03:52 PM Here is a peak at sections, I've redacted some for reasons: 1. Thank You 4 2. Guiding Principles 6 3. Purpose of this document 7 4. Key for this document 8 5. The Patcher 9 6. Character Creation 11 7. ****** 13 8. The Safe Islands 14 9. Landing Areas 16 10. Building Islands 19 11. Plots 21 12. Contested Island(s) 26 13. BONUS: Deeper, darker forest islands 28 14. Classes 30 15. Overview - Beta Testing & ************** 33 16. ********* 35 17. Realm Rewards 38 18. Progression 39 19. Building 41 20. Guilds/Grouping 43 21. Sieges 44 22. Crafting 47 23. BONUS: **** 52 24. BONUS: **** 53 25. Metrics 54 26. General ambiance 56 27. Game Settings 59 28. Miscellaneous Must Haves 61 29. What Should be Here that isn’t? 63 30. BONUS - MINES 66 31. Appendix – BONUS Features 66
  8. Grim

    Happy Birthday Jalec!

  9. Grim

    Happy Birthday Jalec!

  10. Grim

    Happy Birthday Jalec!

  11. Jalec

    Albion Online

    How is the land/housing? Is it like Archeage where plots are limited? Is it in a PVP area or a safe area? If in a pvp area can it be destroyed? You've definitely got my interest up for this with some of what you've said. a pretty lengthy discussion on the potential pay to win aspects of albion. Worth a skim if you hae interest in this game. https://forum.albiononline.com/index.php/Thread/7802-The-Pay-2-Win-Debate/?pageNo=1
  12. Jalec

    Albion Online

    I looked at this a bunch of times and almost pulled the trigger everytime. I just cant get past the top down look. How is combat from that perspective? I've gone back to free UO shards multiple times over the years and the nostalgia wasnt enough to keep me due to combat being so bleh.
  13. Jalec

    On Sale Again

    Boooooooooooo Hissss!
  14. Jalec

    On Sale Again

    So you got it right?
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