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    1. You don't have to actually change it, just reset it - I went in and entered same one, with np. oops sorry, Leah already said that in OP
    2. are servers down now? or is there an update I need to DL? (haven't checked in over the past week)
    3. I read about both races before I ever rolled, and altho I went with Elyos for beta I think Asmodian would be a blast too
    4. /sign me up so, the Legion you created will carry over to the next Beta event then? that's cool Will current toons not be wiped before next beta? Know there has been talk of auto lvl 25, just have not heard anything definitive
    5. Since it's possible to have chars in both factions, just not on same server, we might designate a server for the "other" faction, whichever that is - for those who might want to have both Elyos and Asmodian chars. I've read of other legions that will have a presence in both factions.
    6. So you created a Legion on Triniel and didn't tell me, huh?
    7. Beriana

      Mana regen.

      I wondered about that too, Swarog ... I can heal my HP, plus have bandages, but if I ever sat (which was rare :gen014) it was to regen MP.
    8. Oh, boo ... servers just shut down, I am assuming it is the end of this beta round :'( Well, I voted that it was "just ok". I think my opinion has changed for the better, tho. I was mildly interested at first, but by today I began to look forward to playing more. So I will be anticipating the next beta period.
    9. Beriana

      Some basics

      started leveling another class late Sunday night, actually having more fun now (Chanter) Just some miscellany: If you are in Verteron swamp, go ahead and pick up scallops you see lying around, they are used in initial cooking quest. In Sanctum, sky canals have transports that will move you over split walkways, and the Air Ship will take you to Outer Docks. There is a Preceptor of Showing Emotion there : who will sell you Emotion Skill Manuals for a pretty penny (or Kinah) - things in the way of kisses, proposals, toasts, celebrations and the like. There are also Dance and Song Daevas there - not sure if other dance types will be available, was not active for me at level 10. Gliding is a fun way to move around in the cities, faster than running - just have to start at a path's high point to activate. If you hit level ground you will usually stop, but I have been able to stay aloft for quite a while, until I reach my destination. (I am on auto-run, hit space bar at desired location then hit space bar immediately again.) Flying - If you prefer keyboard instead of using the flight meter on your task bar, hit "Page Up" and "Page Dn" for Flight and Landing, respectively. The "R" key makes you rise, and "F" key makes you fall. You can move forward with your "W" key, or use mouse (I depress both buttons at once). Turning, I believe you have to use your right mouse button.
    10. Beriana

      Some basics

      Small note: Those minor power shards that you loot (or can buy from NPC) can be equipped - but in order to activate press "B" - toggle key to activate/de-activate these - they add a bit of weapon dmg, +10 I believe.
    11. Beriana

      Some basics

      /this :gen014 One of the first things I did - I'm used to using left mouse button to pan view (another game ) so this was really annoying for me. If I move with mouse, it is holding down both buttons simultaneously - or auto run for any distance
    12. http://betaboards.aiononline.com/ here's the link to beta forums (as listed in your Beta invite email) Have to register with your game account info
    13. Beriana

      Some basics

      Thanks for this post, Leah!! :gen014
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