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  1. Has anyone been able to play much lately? I have been trying on and off over the weekend, but haven't had much luck... Hopefully, they will get some of these bugs fixed soon. I will keep trying though. This was the first game in quite a while that I have played with you guys. Are there any other games you are active in that might be worthwhile to get back into? I just don't see a reason to continue with a monthly subscription with the way the game is, at the moment. I would rather put my money into something that I can play.
  2. Invite me!

    Grellan Gadarn
  3. Here we go....

    Thanks, I will try to jump into Mumble tomorrow. It is about midnight here for me. I got passed the downloading assets, but now seem to be stuck on the Initializing screen... 8( I think I am going to call it a night and try again fresh in the morning.
  4. Here we go....

    I just made it past the noob island, but am stuck at Downloading assets 99%... However, I restarted and noticed the client updated so maybe they are doing something with the server right now??
  5. Here we go....

    NVM, I found I had to go to the LIF website to get it.
  6. Here we go....

    Hmm, just looked it up on Steam and it says available in January?? It doesn't give me an option to buy now?