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  1. Something Dory told me this morning: * Tired of farmer spam? Set yourself to /anon
  2. You guys are more than welcome to use this thread as a "CotP shout out" of thanks too if you want Huge thanks to Stiix (and Sallen for speaking up for me) for sending me some blue plate gloves and green boots that dropped! What a great surprise to receive these gifts this morning ^_^
  3. Thanks Dory for helping me with the Stigma stuff... lol Thanks Will for enduring the Krall quests with me Thanks Merangue and Silki for helping me get some last minute quests done Thanks Xugrel for your patience and a stigma stone! Thanks Sallen for everything ^_^
  4. I'm really looking for the following Stigmas if you happen to get one. Maybe we can work out a trade or something In order of need: 1. Inescapable Judgement 2. Punishment of Darkness 3. Holy Shield 4. Power Break 5. Divine Justice 6. Magic Smash 7. Empyrian Fury ---------------- Defensive set up 1. Body Guard 2. Incite Rage 3. Prayer of Victory 4. Great Resuscitation 5. Shield of Faith
  5. ladyshylah


    /wave Hi Will! And I'm getting closer to everyone else, so that must have been it. Thanks for all the help guys.
  6. ladyshylah


    I have found grouping with the guild fairly.. difficult. Not really sure why. Many are past me in level, so not sure if that's why. I've been putting together groups though, asking guild first then going pug. It was very nice grouping one day with Will, Desius, Deathmaiden, and Catastrophic (sp) I hope the grouping thing is easier later. EDIT: and Sallen who has helped me the most ^_^
  7. ladyshylah


    Thank you, I really hate to be left behind.. hehe
  8. I was asked to put my name on a roster of some sort? I can't seem to find it unless I read one of the stickies wrong? Also... where can I get a clean file of our guild emblem? I'd like to add it to my signature that I'm making but I don't want to just snag it off someone else. I don't know if someone has a .tif or .jpg that can be sent to me?
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