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  1. Grim

    Happy Birthday Aveno!

  2. Grim

    Happy Birthday Aveno!

  3. Figured I'd stop by and let everyone that can possibly remember me from way back when know that i'm still alive and kickin'. Definitely miss you guys!!
  4. Grim

    Happy Birthday Aveno!

  5. I sold this as a package to Firedancer. Thanks for the interest though guys.
  6. I am selling off everything on this game. Hopefully in one package. If not, I'll part it out. But here's what I've got, I'm looking for offers on it: Rear Admiral LTI (upgraded) Comes with a full account (character) and a Constellation which has been upgraded to the luxury Phoenix version. Weekend Warrior Comes with A full account (character) and a Super Hornet F7A Military Hornet upgrade for the Super Hornet M50 Interceptor LTI Ship only If someone takes the whole package, they can have the account as well which has the hangar go cart, all of the rewards since the 19 million mark and a fully loaded fish tank (best part of the whole deal right??) Anyone interested, send me a PM or what have you. I'm not greedy, I'm not gonna set a minimum or nothing. Best offer in the next few days can have um all. If I don't get any interest here, I'll drop it on one of the auction sites. Just figured I'd offer it to you guys first. Fly well, Die Well G
  7. We got people playing this again yet?
  8. So those that spent hundreds at the beginning are rewarded for that loyalty how?
  9. NEVER let yer cap run out Grimmy!!! Ask yer friends for cap!!!
  10. Aveno

    Faction poll

    Yeah, at least on Alpha, East is always whooping up on west just because of the numbers in the major PvP battles. We do win one every now and then, but it's a minority.
  11. Aveno


    I WAS waiting for JTL, but with the release of Arena Commander module for Star Citizen, I probably won't go back to SWG any time soon. But yeah, we had a pretty active group for a while. Even got Throne involved. (Try dragging him into ANY game these days!!) But yeah, it pettered out. I've thought about trying the CH now that they finally got that released, but it'd take a group going back to drag me back!!
  12. Aveno

    Alpha Information

    I've been working east on the Alpha server lately.
  13. Do not waste the time and resources for an Archeum tree. It is very expensive and time consuming to maintain for very little value. Until they change it, stay away.
  14. I would LIKE the original and the Phoenix, but I can't justify that kind of cash. So I just went this route. I've got the 3 ships I want, all with LTI, so I'm happy. Although I'm not gonna rule out buying a mining ship when that comes around either.
  15. Aveno

    CotP Crest

    Yes. I will get it to ya Milady.
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