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  1. Greetings all, Once upon a millennia ago, CotP had an active presence on the DDO realm of Cannith and it was the first gaming Guild that I ever joined. For the past 6 years or so, I've been the lone active CotP player remaining on Cannith as everyone else wandered over to greener pastures. Despite joining other guilds and playing with them, I have maintained my caretaker role over the CotP presence on Cannith hoping that some day, some of you would come back and join me. Today should be that day! As part of many changes that have happened on the DDO game worlds, the new development team (Standing Stone Games) has decided to open the game to new and returning players. DDO has been a Free to Play game since 2009, but that was limited by the fact that only a fraction of the content was truly available for free. As part of their efforts to get people to try the new incarnation of the game (and it is very, very different than it was even 3 years ago), the developers are making ALL OLD QUESTS, RAIDS, and ADVENTURE PACKS free! You have until August 31st to claim permanent access to this content if you are willing to come back and give it another shot. For information on how to claim your content, look here: https://www.ddo.com/en/news/free-questing-coupon-and-vip-update-–-thank-you-standing-stone-games House Phoenix is still alive and I've been slowly leveling the guild and adding to our guild ship. If you would like an invite to the guild, let me know here with the character name that you'd like added or send Rugare a message in game. Hoping to see you all soon! Rugar
  2. I would say that the chapter is essentially dead... We used to primarily play on Cannith and I think I'm the only one that has logged into the Cannith server in the last 3 months or so.
  3. Would *LOVE* to find some help with the platoon missions. I normally just play solo and finding a platoon for the TD missions is killing me.
  4. Rugar

    WoT Member List

    Rorifeela Tanks in all nations / tiers (except 10, haven't cracked that nut just yet) Currently mostly playing Brit and US Arty (Tiers 5 and 6), German TDs (Working on WT line)
  5. Tried the Beta... unimpressed. It's pretty without a doubt, but character customization is basically nil and the game highly values "flash". I don't care if it's true to the 4Ed toolset... zero character customization rules it out for me. I came to DDO because I could build the character I wanted and that has only gotten to be more true with time. Maybe NW will get there, but the 4 or 5 "classes" in the demo did not make me excited for the game. I'll stick with DDO for the time being.
  6. That'll be awesome Kaobang. Be sure and look in on House Phoenix. I've been trying to play on Laterite a fair bit and the guild is slowly leveling to the better boat at level 25. I've noticed a couple of others have logged in as well though we never seem to be on at the same time.
  7. Nope. CotP is dead on Cannith. I'm the only one that's logged into it in months.
  8. Sorry to take a bit to notice your post. Yes, Cannith was our main server. And I haven't heard about any character transfer. Honestly, I don't see how it could be done as the systems are so different. I'll be interested to hear if you find out differently. Rugar
  9. Rugar

    Guild Level 8

    Yeah, that sounds good Kao. Should someone speak with Delmar to get the "inactive" post removed from the sticky? Or can one of you delete it?
  10. Rugar

    Guild Level 8

    Hello everyone. For some reason, my settings to notify me whenever anyone posted in this forum seem to have failed me. House Phoenix is alive and well. I've been maintaining it just in case people decided they wanted to come back to DDO. I've even spent a bit of time leveling the guild a bit. I passed the leadership mantle to Kaobang so that he could run the guild for everyone. I've asked him to name me successor in case things go dormant again, but if the guild really gets up and running again I'll be glad to step down. Again, it's good to have the Phoenixes back and I'll make sure and watch the forum more closely as well as try to be active in the guild a bit more.
  11. Rugar


    Sure. Just let me know the name and I'll get the invite off.
  12. Rugar


    Hmmm... tried to mail you a sigil and it shows "No character with this name."
  13. Rugar


    I'll absolutely get you a sigil in the mail today as soon as I get home from work. Glad to have some CotP's back!
  14. Sorry to miss your message for so long! I normally watch the forums pretty closely to see if any of my old CotP friends have come back to DDO and I somehow managed to miss your post. :-( In any case, yes... there are a few of us still around. I play regularly as does Eimar and Aris. Kaobang took a bit of time off from DDO, but he is back as well. If you are ever looking for a little companionship in the game, please give us a yell!
  15. Rugar

    Back again!

    Hey, thanks Delmar. I can't honestly say I'm keeping the chapter alive but I am trying keep lines of communication open so that if old friends drop back in we'll be able to say hello! And if someone does want to resurrect the chapter I definitely want to have it ready to go for that as well.
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