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  1. Happy Birthday OrionsByte!

  2. Okay, I bit the bullet and tried it, and got a character created on Baellus. RIP daily rewards that were on that toon. Rypphire - Priest
  3. But my beautiful naaaaaames....! I guess I could get creative with the spelling, it's just annoying. Does anyone know if I can even have characters on two servers simultaneously? I'd hate to delete one character only to find out I can't go to a different server without deleting all three...
  4. Well I rolled a few characters the first weekend of open beta without checking to see if any of my COTPeeps had already started a presence in the game... I should have known better, and now I'm on the wrong server. My main is at level 18 or so and my other two are only level 5, so I think I'm gonna go ahead and reroll so I can get hooked up with the rest of y'all. Assuming I can use the same character names (they are almost always available) I will be: Biranno (main) - Berserker Ripphire - Priest Ericaceae - Wizard EDIT: Welp, it looks like it won't let me reuse my character names on a different server, which sucks. I'll update once I figure out what I'm doing instead. EDIT2: I decided that rather than deleting and re-rolling the same character/class I would just create a new character, but AFTER doing all the customization and getting him to look just right, it told me I don't have any slots available. So again, even on a different server, I am restricted by the choices I've already made. So until they make additional slots available for purchase and/or allow server transfers (paid or otherwise) I guess I'm staying put for now. Come visit me on Kalas sometime. EDIT3: I'm in, as: Rypphire - Priest
  5. Happy Birthday OrionsByte!

  6. You can add me to the list, I'm on there as OrionsByte. I've mostly been playing Vindictus lately, which I absolutely love. I even (somewhat inadvertently) started a COTP guild on there, so if you check out the game, look me up. My character in that game is named Hehruhr. I may disband the guild since currently it's just my characters in there, unless there's interest from actual COTPeeps.
  7. Thanks for understanding everyone. In lieu of anyone actually jumping up and volunteering with outlandish enthusiasm and chutzpah, I've passed the mantle of the role of Commander to Grim/Pirant, and he can either accept the position or start a really awkward game of "hot potato."
  8. Fellow COTP tankers, I feel like it's time for to step down out of the role of Commander of the COTP chapter of World of Tanks (and Planes, and Warships). Please allow me a few moments to explain. This game used to be fun for me, and I thought it still was, but I've noticed recently that I've started taking it way too seriously. Winning is too important. My stats are too important. My mood is too easily influenced by how well I am playing and whether or not I am winning. It some ways it's like a gambling addiction - when I have a winning night, I can leave early and come away on a high, but when I get on a losing streak, I can't stop until I pull my numbers back in to the green, and sometimes that just doesn't happen. I've had some extremely late nights just trying to "rescue" a bad streak in hopes of at least breaking even, only to finally give up because I'm just out of gas. TLDR: Essentially, even though I can sometimes still enjoy the game, I don't like the person that I am when I play tanks anymore. I need a break. To that end, I'm planning on setting this game aside for a while. I took the last couple weeks off with the intention of trying to get back to the point where it's just a game for me, but I played a few games this afternoon and felt that same old aggravation coming right back. It's going to take more than a couple weeks off to reset my attitude. I won't go in to all the reasons that the game tends to set me off, because you can find the same list in just about any "rage quit" thread in any forum for any game. I'm not rage-quitting. I'm not selling my account (though the thought crossed my mind). I'm not even uninstalling. But I am dialing my playtime way the heck back, to the "practically non-existent" setting. COTP is not currently a very active WoT clan, so my resignation will not likely have any affect on the clan or its operations. Heck, maybe someone can step in and do what I was never able to do - actually get some regularly scheduled, organized activities going. In its current state, the clan would probably not even notice that I was taking a break if I hadn't said anything. So why step down, if that's the case? Because, to be frank, I want nothing to do with this game right now. Nothing. Please, someone step up and take this away from me. I'll still be around, but I feel that my resignation is the best thing for me and for the clan.
  9. Yeah there's still activity, but unfortunately not a lot of organized activity. The clan playing times are kinda all over the map, so pretty much any time you log in you should be able to see one or two of us. I'll try to get an event scheduled soon. If you want/need a clan invite let me know, or send an application via the WoT portal and let me know so I can approve it. Welcome to COTP! (btw I dabble in SWTOR as well)
  10. We can do Strongholds any time, there is no set schedule or anything like that. We need 6 or 7 people online to be able to participate. I'm usually online by 9pm PDT and I'm usually on for a couple hours.
  11. Hey tankers, even if you haven't tanked in a while, take a little bit of time to go check out this new event! When you log in, you'll be awarded with the "(D)" variant of three tier 10 tanks: the T110E5, the AMX 50B, and the Object 140. Thes can only be used for the Domination mode. You can also not share your crew between these tanks and their "real" counterparts without a crew skill penalty. Take one of these tanks in to a battle, and you'll notice things are a lot different. There are two friendly "bases", two enemy "bases", four repair points, and a flag. This is good old-fashioned capture-the-flag. Grab it and return it to your base for 50 points. Kill an enemy tank for 1 point. First team to 150 points wins. If time expires (there is a 10 minute limit), the team with the most points wins. But the best part is that if you die, you get to RESPAWN! In fact, you get to respawn using any of the three (D) tanks that are not currently "under repair" (you have to wait 60 seconds after a tank is destroyed before using it in battle again). There are no respawn limits but you have to wait 10 seconds after you die before you can jump back in. You can also repair and restock your tank in-battle by sitting on one of the repair points for 5 seconds. So long as you don't take damage during that 5 seconds (which restarts the timer), you'll have a good-as-new tank ready to go bring trouble to the enemy. I've played a few games already tonight and it's a whole lot of fun. Check it out!
  12. I've been messing around with this game a bit lately. If COTP still has a guild presence I'd love to know who to contact to join.
  13. Happy Birthday OrionsByte!

  14. I think there was also a stealth nerf to average team intelligence...
  15. I've been playing this one off and on, I find it very fun. I tend to play it for a week or so and then take a break for a month or two - not because I get tired of it or anything, but just because usually I'm playing it when I need a break from something else. I have a Vella char to level 20 atm.
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