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  1. Happy Birthday Gazlok!

  2. Happy Birthday Gazlok!

  3. Happy Birthday Gazlok!

  4. Happy Birthday Gazlok!

  5. Gazlok

    Sorry guys

    Sorry to say but i am leaving the DFO chapter in CoTP. I will be staying though in the other games and the upcoming games and if it is ok, when the DFO is active again possibly rejoin. Thank you guys, it was fun.
  6. i have an archer in guild wars...her name is Bounces In Wind =P
  7. Need an invite Gazlok 682,251 26
  8. I hope you have a lot of iron because I need a lot of heavy metal armor
  9. top of forum list for me =P
  10. Lucy on a serious note we need to talk
  11. Think I've heard that somewhere too By teamweenkie
  12. Where have I heard that from
  13. Gazlok

    good bye

    ill miss you
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