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  1. Oh yea... Its go time!!!
  2. Are we doing it?
  3. Happy Birthday Alexander-Irok!

  4. Happy Birthday Alexander-Irok!

  5. I wont be able to make it this year, which is a bummer but I will just have a to spend some time setting up a nice predraft ranking.
  6. Is the Keeper list visible? I am pretty sure I set mine but I went to check it on the deadline and It wasn't accessible anymore..
  7. Happy Birthday Alexander-Irok!

  8. I have not been active or gaming at all recently but you know I am in for some Fantasy!
  9. Great win! Certainly at a disadvantage coming in for your first season making it even more impressive!
  10. https://www.humblebundle.com/?gift=beVpbkpvFKyX5cRe First two people to go to that link and redeem a key will get a free copy of insurgency. Its from the latest humble bundle I bought and you get three free copies to share. Enjoy.
  11. I think that sounds awesome for tonight!
  12. Any luck getting your framerate up?
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