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  • Welcome to 2021, let's hope it is better than 2020.
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    1. I wont be able to make it this year, which is a bummer but I will just have a to spend some time setting up a nice predraft ranking.
    2. Is the Keeper list visible? I am pretty sure I set mine but I went to check it on the deadline and It wasn't accessible anymore..
    3. I have not been active or gaming at all recently but you know I am in for some Fantasy!
    4. Great win! Certainly at a disadvantage coming in for your first season making it even more impressive!
    5. https://www.humblebundle.com/?gift=beVpbkpvFKyX5cRe First two people to go to that link and redeem a key will get a free copy of insurgency. Its from the latest humble bundle I bought and you get three free copies to share. Enjoy.
    6. I think that sounds awesome for tonight!
    7. Any luck getting your framerate up?
    8. You can only blame AA for this so much. Servers can only hold so many people. Maybe they could of restricted character creation sooner but that also would of made tons of people upset as well. It is just standard launch issues and should clear up soon, I would think.
    9. See thats what I keep hearing yet so many people are playing it sooo much.
    10. Are people enjoying this game? The reviews I have seen and comments have not been favorable
    11. Just hop into mumble and ask anyone in mumble with tags can invite
    12. You know you could come and play wildstar. The games populations isnt even 1950 i bet
    13. Yea i have been encouraging everyone in guild and when i group with people to download accountability. its pretty awesome. Some people go as far as to think I am on their payroll.
    14. It was for lastt night. I work tonight so wont be on after 9pm est. As of now we have nothing schedules on fridays. That said if anyone wants to take iniative and set something up for any day or time that is always encouraged and welcomed.
    15. Hey guys, something came up, I will be a bit late tonight probably wont be on until 1030 I hope! See you guys soon.
    16. Just food for thought recruiting is important not just in a macro level of guild health but it impacts the individual in a just as meaningful way. Recruiting ensures you have people to play with, you have resources you made need available anytime(crafting skills, extra combat support, etc), you have people to chat and socialize with(it is an mmo). Point is recruit to maxize your own gameplay experience as well as for the benefit of the while guild.
    17. Yea it was actually something I had to get used to as well. Because clearing out the entire zone will really slow you down. Probably make it take four times as long. But its all about enjoying the game so do the extra quests if you like it.
    18. I am betting you hope your tight end gets some touch downs.
    19. Hey everyone, take a moment and replay to this post with some honest insight into why you like playing and being a part of CotP. Not looking for just a "bump". Honest and thoughful comments please!! it really makes a difference. https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/113169-dom-covenant-of-the-phoenix-raiding-guild-lfm/?p=1181472
    20. Been meaning to bring that up. It stings.
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