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  1. Happy Birthday ShadowRed!

  2. Thanks Ryanplex. We're going to be taking our time and going through the story arc and quests so the kid can practice tanking. Hopefully, we can handle some flashpoints on our own. Most of the questions I have now are related to the legacy perks and bountyhunter builds. So I'm doing some reading online and checking the links you guys have in the forums. My son (Hellnik) is running a PT Bounty Hunter and will be Shield spec. I'm running a Merc Bounty Hunter (Krayvenn) as Bodyguard spec. We just finished Hutta and got first companion, so I think were going to try the first Flashpoint tonight and see what happens.
  3. Hey all, So I played SWTOR back during initial release and got a few toons to 40, but a lot has changed. I've started new toons and am teaching my 10 year old the game so I am hoping some of you can share some tips that will make things a little more enjoyable. I've done a few searches on Strongholds and am planning on getting the starter Stronghold at level 15 on Dromund Kaas. From my understanding, I can teleport there from any planet and access my bank and such and then teleport back to where I was, if I don't log out in between. Is that correct? Any other perks that are worth trying to get as early as possible? I'm basically going to be relearning the game, so any tips you all can share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Krayvenn Merc BH
  4. Thanks. Toons are at level 7 atm. Going to be interesting running 2 BH. 1 PowerTech and 1 Merc with 2 DPS companions should be good enough to do quite a bit of the content as a duo.
  5. Thanks Phyreblade. We will be online tonight and will send a message to the custom chat channel.
  6. hey hey Grim.. nice to see you're still here bud.
  7. Hey all, Been a long time since I was active. I'm coming back to SWTOR and bringing my 10 year old son with me for his first MMO. Looking forward to talking to everyone again. Off to patch SWTOR. Catch ya later! ShadowRed
  8. Hello all, Been MIA for a loooong time. I'm coming back to SWTOR and bringing my 10 year old son with me for his first MMO. We are going to be duoing 2 BountyHunters on Shadowlands. Seems like we still have an active chapter here. Hope to see some of you in game. ShadowRed
  9. Happy Birthday ShadowRed!

  10. Hello everyone, It's been quite a while since I've been on these boards or played an MMO. Hopefully, one or two of you still remember me hehe. Just stopping in to say hello and see what the latest happenings are. ShadowRed
  11. Happy Birthday ShadowRed!

  12. I dont go anywhere near any version of Windows until they release Service Pack 1... and a few hot fixes for Service Pack 1
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