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  1. Hit me up on Discord or Steam if you're interested. I've been playing it daily for the last few weeks, and here is what I can tell you so far: 1. While playable solo, it is a lot more fun to play with other people. It also does not matter what planet or "server" that you start on. It gives you the option of U.S. East or West, but all that does is determine which planets are in your available starter planet pool. Once you start playing the game you can get to any planet. For example, I started on a U.S. West planet. However, through using the portal system of the game, I could easily get to the US East planets, or the EU planets, or the AU planets. There are no restrictions between countries in this game. 2. The game seems like it has a steep learning curve at first, but really all you need is one person to ask your questions. If a knowledgeable player can help you out, it becomes 10x more fun. 3. Join a guild. While COTP doesn't have enough of a population to warrant a chapter yet, there are a few of us playing. I joined a guild called "Portal Seekers". They have been playing together since Beta, and their players are incredibly knowledgeable about the game. They have a portal system set up where you can freely travel to every planet in the game. They also have established easy access to player "Shopping Malls". It is essentially a group of portals that go directly to different players' shops. This game has no NPC shops, so the entire economy is player driven! Again, just hit me up on Discord / Steam to chat.
  2. Also, if you have some additional time, this video has some good info as well.
  3. Hey guys... I finally got my Clipper boat finished last night. I would like to get started with fishing, but I'm looking for some "fishing buddies" to do it with. As I understand it; in the current Wynn economy Fishing is the #1 top way to earn gold. Yep, that's right - even better than trade packs, farming, dungeons, etc. I think only the Library runs can beat Fishing in terms of gold per minute. However, Library can only be done once a day, and it's a total shit-show in terms of organization. I'd like to get a group of people together to get started with fishing. Ideally we can start with the clipper, and eventually get a fishing boat for the guild. In case you haven't seen the "X for Fishing Raid" spam in Nation chat, there is a current achievement that rewards you with a free fishing boat design. It is insanely fast to reach this achievement in a raid as every person's fish catching contributes to your personal goal. I know, it doesn't make sense, but hey that's ArcheAge! Other than sitting in a raid fishing, there are some steps to take before we get to that point. I would suggest that anyone interested start out with the following video: I'll be online any night after 9:30 or 10 pm Central time if anyone wants to chat more. It may be possible to do fishing runs during the day on some days as well, if the 10pm time is too late for some people. For now I would say follow the video and get going with the Fishing quest in-game. Once you get to the point where you are supplied and ready for some longer fishing runs, let me know and we can head out on the Clipper. I haven't figured it out 100% yet in terms of requirements for the fishing raids, but I will look into that further tonight. Let's go fishing!
  4. Yeah, I'm really hoping they fix the queue issues... Lately I have only been able to play during the day when there are no queues. Once it hits the prime-time evening hours, I can't get through the queue because it keeps locking up on me. Each time I have to restart it puts me back at the end of the queue.
  5. Yep, its a file import process in ArcheAge / AU. We have the high-res versions of the logo that we used the first time around, so we should be able to do it again for AU.
  6. A YouTube streamer named "Kanon" has put together some really solid guides for launch week in ArcheAge Unchained. I would highly recommend you check these out (videos below). However, here is the "TLDR" if you don't want to watch the first video:
  7. Yep, every day try to log on from 10-11am PDT. That is when it will be unlocked for sure.
  8. I played Daggerspell (Mage PvP spec, focuses on CC and burst DPS) last time around. Daggerspell was awesome at first, but once most of the good PvP'ers figured out what to interrupt and when, the PvP rotation falls apart. They are great at 1v1, but not great in groups. I also toyed with Primeval (Archer DPS) a bit.. I never really had the gear for it, so I had mixed results. Primevals are still apparently pretty popular these days. This time around, I have narrowed it down to two classes: 1. Darkrunner ( Battlerage, Shadowplay, Auramancy ). This class has been one of the best melee DPS / CC builds since day 1. I remember many times "back in the day" on my Daggerspell getting owned by Darkrunners. Apparently they never really fell out of style, and are still regarded as one of the best classes for PvP. 2. Hierophant (Vitalism, Witchcraft, Auramancy ). As Healers go, Hierophant is one of the strongest classes right now. While it is not as "tanky" as the Templar, it makes up for it with CC abilities. This is a double-edged sword though. Templars can handle aggro in PvE and PvP with less risk, but they also are less useful in a fight beyond just healing their group mates. The Hierophant however can throw out some CC's and such in between heals, and I think that sounds like a more fun role to play. The runner ups: Fanatic (Sorcery, Malediction, Shadowplay) - Better version of a Daggerspell with more utility combos Ebonsong (Archery, Shadowplay, Songcraft) - Strong and fun archer with stealth / song buffs Skullnight (Defense, Occultism, Auramancy) - One of the top tanks in the game Nightcloak (Witchcraft, Auramancy, Occultism) - Caster tank, commonly called "the anti-mage"
  9. They actually do not allow that. You are limited to a max of 1 character per server, and only on 2 servers. Today when the name reservation system went live, we all reserved our characters on Wynn primarily, and then Tyrenos as a backup.
  10. I'm glad to see they got the client out for pre-loading well before name reservation. Good stuff!
  11. I ran across this the other day, and it is definitely worth watching. This video is especially important if you played the first ArcheAge a few years ago, and want to know what has changed over the years.
  12. Glad to hear it. Good to see ya again MadBlue!
  13. We will be meeting tonight at 9pm CDT if anyone wants to come chat about ArcheAge. On Discord.
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