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  1. Well, after looking into it - Origin Premiere definitely looks worth it. It is great way to try the games without having to buy them individually. Since it gives me access to dozens of games I want to play, I'll be hooked for the forseeable future. I'll try and give Anthem a try tonight.
  2. I just enrolled in Premiere so I could try out Anthem... But holy shit, it includes a lot more games than I expected. Without buying them I can play all the Star Wars games (including Battlefront 2), the FIFA games (2016-2019), the Battlefield games, the Mass Effect games, the Dragon Age games, The Darksiders games... I mean, the list goes on and on. It also looks like they are getting games added in there like They Are Billions, which I've wanted to play on Steam but it never goes low enough on sale to justify it. I didn't think much of Origin prior to today, but I'm rather excited with the 100+ games I just got access to. Even if I don't own the games, $15 is well worth the cost to play whatever game I want to play in that library.
  3. I was really super excited for this one originally, but then I lost interest after mixed reviews... I'm just curious, for those of you who have been playing it since it officially "launched", what do you think so far? The more detail the better!
  4. If this works for you, I know a couple Nigerian Princes that would love your support!
  5. Welcome to the COTP family Oukeef! Chapter: Atlas
  6. Welcome to the COTP community!
  7. Good stuff. Wasn't there a taming rebalance that was originally part of this patch? I didn't see it, so either it came out in an earlier patch or it may have been delayed.
  8. What do you guys think? Legit? Or a bug?
  9. Jumping onto the Open-World Survival genre is another new game - Population Zero. I'm going to keep my expectations relatively low at this point, as the developer (Enplex Games) is a small Russian company. I've never head of this company, so we shall see where this one goes... I have at least applied to get into the Alpha testing. https://pzonline.com/en/about-game/
  10. Here are some of my screenshots so far, including a bunch from our long sea voyage last night. The maiden voyage of the SS Skoldjr was a success! We had a large group of COTP members with us, and we found numerous treasure troves (with big exp boosts). We even survived hurricanes and Ships of the Damned!
  11. Perfectd is flogged for living on a big island.
  12. Damis is flogged for only having 5 letters in HIS name.
  13. Damis is flogged for not using a comma to separate two independent clauses linked by a coordinating conjunction (and).
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