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  1. Elric

    FF is Dumb

    Further proving my theory that FF is 10% draft, 10% roster management, and 80% luck... I'm 3rd highest in points scored, and #1 in points against. I literally lost the 2nd game by 0.16 points. How does that even happen? 😕
  2. Elric

    Stephen Colbert + D&D?

  3. Elric

    AD 2460 - Space Strategy Browser Game.

    Playing it right now... It seems like it's a more casual game rather than one you have to watch every second. Like right now I'm waiting on several tasks to complete and they are all 5+ minutes before completion. It's a lot of info to throw at you at the beginning, but they do have an in-game tutorial to walk you through the first stage of the game.
  4. Elric

    GW2 these days...

    Right. I've never joined another guild, so I do have 4 guild slots open.
  5. Elric

    GW2 these days...

    Yeah, that is kind of the part that worries me a bit. Right now I'm fine with soloing and just getting used to the game again. However, at some point to keep me interested I'm going to want an active guild with a bunch of people to do PvE / PvP. I've put a few posts out there on the GW2 forums, but there seems like there is nothing out there. I saw one guild with a ton of posts and active responses from the guild leader... When I PM'd them in-game they said they moved on to another guild because their old one wasn't active enough. O.O I definitely see players around, but active & organized guilds seem harder to find these days.
  6. Elric

    GW2 these days...

    I picked up Heart of Thorns for $13... Zero luck on Path of Fire though. I may have to wait on that one and just play HoT for a while. I don't think I'd want to spend over $20 on it, but hopefully some sales will come along eventually.
  7. Elric

    GW2 these days...

    Thanks for the info Leah. I tend to play 10pm - 1am CST, so I will likely miss you most nights. I do play during the day on my lunch break occasionally, so maybe then? Now I only wish Path of Fire was cheaper than $30... There doesn't appear to be any sales or any discounts for it online. 😕
  8. Since BDO, I haven't really been able to get into any major MMORPG's... I've been playing a lot of Steam games, survival genre, etc. That being said I've really been jonesing for a good MMORPG again. A lot of the big ones I'm waiting for are too far off to seriously play right now. I tried getting back into other MMORPG's in the last year, like SWTOR or FFXIV. I just couldn't get into it. Recently though, I watched the livestream for the 6-year anniversary of GW2. I had originally maxed out a character in the original game, but I had stopped playing before either of the expansions came along. I'm thinking of playing the game again, but I have a large number of questions... 1. What is the community like these days? Are the servers still relatively populated? I'm mainly asking on the subject of WvW or PvE dungeon groups. Since COTP doesn't have a large group of active players in GW2 (AFAIK), I'm assuming I'll have to convince some other people to join me or just PUG it. 2. I don't have either expansion... I see online in some places I can get the expansions for $20 or so. I just missed the 50% sale unfortunately. Do you guys think the expansions are worth getting? What do they really add beyond just the brief details it lists on the expansion pages on their website? 3. I have a number of exp boosts available as I have 5-6 characters that have been created since the original launch of the game. I noticed they also give out more with each expansion you buy. If I skipped to level 80 though, will that not skip a huge part of the game? Is there enough to do at level 80? 4. So, Seasons?!?! It sounds like they added special content like zones, dungeons, etc., but the details are really vague. Some have been discontinued, but some seasons are still playable. I noticed you have to purchase each season though. Are they something along the lines of mini-expansions? Any of them worth getting? Thanks in advance!
  9. Going forward, can we please put a limit on keepers year over year? Given that we aren't a Dynasty league, it doesn't make sense that teams can keep the same players indefinitely. In every other league I'm in with Keepers, they are limited to 1 or 2 years. Otherwise we see the best players in the league kept on a team every year, so an advantage 1 year can become an advantage for 3-5 years.
  10. It has been several years since I've played Guild Wars 2... I have to admit though that this is pretty cool. I'm glad they have kept the game going all these years without going the way of subscriptions or today's common F2P models (or out of business). Update: They have an anniversary Live Stream going on right now if you want to watch:
  11. Elric

    Rend: COTP Victory!

    No, not at all. Yes, the winning side gets more bonus Ascension points than the opponents, but that doesn't mean they get none. I don't know if we have confirmed this yet, but I believe the winners get 100% bonus of what they earned in the previous round. The other two sides only get 50 or 75%. Either way, these are open servers, which means that people are constantly coming and going. You may have new players that join a faction throughout the servers life. With each round the people can always switch sides as well. For example, in this round there were 3 random players (non-COTP or Illegitimus) that changed from our faction (Order) over to a competitor faction (Conclave). There will always be some shuffling of players, advantageous teams, etc.
  12. Elric

    Rend: COTP Victory!

    It's official, COTP and it's allies on "NA West - Muspelheim" have won the first round of our Rend server! Between COTP, our Illegitimus allies, and some randoms on our faction team - we crushed the opposition on our server. By the last week the other two factions had gone into defensive mode because there was really no way for them to catch up to our momentum! Last night following the final Reckoning of the server, our characters "ascended" and the server was reset for round 2. Tonight everyone on the server started from scratch, but as we had won the previous night we received more Ascension points that our opponents. This gives us a slight edge as we face off against the other two factions again. This time around we will try some different defensive building tactics, some different character specs, and new priorities for our faction research. Hopefully we can bring home another win! Come join us for some PvP / PvE action!
  13. Elric

    Stephen Colbert + D&D?

    Saw this on my Facebook feed tonight... I definitely do not hear the Elric name dropped on TV much these days. Check it out!
  14. Elric


    Great intro video:
  15. Elric

    Rend: Hybrid PvX Epic Survival Game

    Another good vid: