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  1. Elric

    Rend: COTP Victory!

    No, not at all. Yes, the winning side gets more bonus Ascension points than the opponents, but that doesn't mean they get none. I don't know if we have confirmed this yet, but I believe the winners get 100% bonus of what they earned in the previous round. The other two sides only get 50 or 75%. Either way, these are open servers, which means that people are constantly coming and going. You may have new players that join a faction throughout the servers life. With each round the people can always switch sides as well. For example, in this round there were 3 random players (non-COTP or Illegitimus) that changed from our faction (Order) over to a competitor faction (Conclave). There will always be some shuffling of players, advantageous teams, etc.
  2. Elric

    Rend: COTP Victory!

    It's official, COTP and it's allies on "NA West - Muspelheim" have won the first round of our Rend server! Between COTP, our Illegitimus allies, and some randoms on our faction team - we crushed the opposition on our server. By the last week the other two factions had gone into defensive mode because there was really no way for them to catch up to our momentum! Last night following the final Reckoning of the server, our characters "ascended" and the server was reset for round 2. Tonight everyone on the server started from scratch, but as we had won the previous night we received more Ascension points that our opponents. This gives us a slight edge as we face off against the other two factions again. This time around we will try some different defensive building tactics, some different character specs, and new priorities for our faction research. Hopefully we can bring home another win! Come join us for some PvP / PvE action!
  3. Elric

    Stephen Colbert + D&D?

    Saw this on my Facebook feed tonight... I definitely do not hear the Elric name dropped on TV much these days. Check it out!
  4. Elric


    Great intro video:
  5. Elric

    Rend: Hybrid PvX Epic Survival Game

    Another good vid:
  6. Elric


    Well, I'm officially hooked... 5 of us from COTP joined 8 people from Illegitimus (and some PUGs), and made some progress for Order on the "NA West - Muspelheim" server! We all started out getting our bearings, gathering, crafting, etc. Once we had a good start and had met up with everyone at the faction base, we went out hunting. No other players yet, but we did kill some wolves, oxen, bears, etc. We also were epically slaughtered twice. It was a lot of "Kite the wolf", "No kill that wolf!", "Which wolf is chasing me?!", "RRGGGHHHH", <respawn>.
  7. Elric

    Rend: Hybrid PvX Epic Survival Game

    Absolutely! I'll be on tonight around 9:30 or 10pm CDT.
  8. Starting tomorrow, July 31st, a new survival-genre game will be hitting Early Access. We have some people who have already been testing it out in Alpha, and thus far I've heard it has some serious potential. I'm guessing we could fill out a 20-person team to really give this game a shot. In fact, Creaky from Illegitimus (an ally of COTP) has challenged us to put together a team to face off against Illegitimus on a private server! So what is the game exactly? So far it looks like a mix between survival games like Ark, Conan Exiles, 7 Days to Die, etc. and a similar model to what we hope Crowfall will be like when it comes out next year (in theory). In Rend, your character progresses through PvE gathering, quests, fighting, etc., while you build a faction base alongside your guildmates. That base will eventually come under attack from PvE mobs or PvP players depending on the type of gameplay on your server. There are official PvP servers run by the developers, and they will be allowing private servers as well. The goal of the game is to get your faction to beat out the other faction(s) on your map. Each round results in one faction emerging victorious, and then the map resets. Each faction then starts over for the next round, but everyone's character still advances through a meta-progression that grants you additional skills to use on the next round. Discuss it further on our forrums: Otherwise, here is some more info in the form of two decent videos on it: Or for those of you who prefer text over videos, here is some info from the official Rend website: What is Rend? Rend is a team-based survival game set in the fabled universe of Nordic myth. This epic fantasy world is a harsh domain where the strong ascend as gods. You must choose from three rival factions, combine forces to build your team’s stronghold, and battle foes and brutal creatures. Together, you will endure the dangers of Rend’s treacherous landscapes to discover valuable resources and powerful artifacts. With the game’s deep talent trees and skill systems, you’ll have the freedom to choose how you want to fight for your team’s victory. When a cycle ends, one faction will be declared the winner… but the end is only the beginning. Victorious players will receive rewards they can use in subsequent cycles as they ascend to legendary heights as heroes. Where does Rend take place? Rend’s setting is a fragment of land that once was Midgard before Ragnarok, the doom of the gods, shattered the world. Valhalla, the great hall of heroes, home of the dead who achieve glory in battle, can be seen decimated in the skies above. The majority of the original Norse deities died in the cataclysm and those who survived have retreated into seclusion. Rumor has it they’re amassing new armies to restore their former might and glory in the next great battle. What remains of this world is a collection of disparate environments held together by the massive roots of Yggdrasil, the World Tree. Gentle hills give way to dense forests, fungal colonies, noxious swamps, and wintry peaks, each home to predatory beasts and environmental challenges. The flora and fauna of Rend have been affected by Yggdrasil’s presence: once docile creatures are now territorial and violent while plants and minerals have developed unique properties that may be used to help or hinder by those brave enough to discover them. Warriors who find themselves on Rend must be alert and observant to survive this realm. Who am I in Rend? You begin your adventure in Rend hungry, unarmed, and defenseless. The good news is you’re not alone: in every cycle of Rend, you’ll be in one of three factions, the Order, the Revenant, or the Conclave, each equal in power and numbers. Starting with an empty faction base surrounded by a magical shield, you’ll work together as a group to discover and harvest nearby raw resources, craft rudimentary tools and weapons, and fight to stay alive. As you research new technologies and explore distant biomes, fresh challenges will present themselves from opposing factions and the brutal environment alike. Your victories both in combat and in crafting will bring glory to you and your faction. All of your activities in Rend will grant experience and with experience your path will become more clear. You may choose your warrior’s specialization by selecting two skill trees from four archetypes: the stealthy Assassin, powerful Soldier, arcane Mystic, and cunning Survivalist, each with its own abilities and weaknesses. Through your custom selection of active and passive talent, you’ll be able to contribute to your faction’s success precisely the way you want to play. How do I win in Rend? Rend serves as the proving ground for those seeking to join the remaining gods’ army in Valhalla. To stand among the gods, each faction seeks to present the gods with warrior spirits harvested from fallen foes. These spirits act as victory points and are key to your faction winning the game. Spirits are collected much like other raw resources in Rend but must be deposited at the Divinity Stone in the middle of your faction base. These structures are connected to Yggdrasil which stands in the center of the map and reflects the current score of each faction with three vertical runic sigils: the more spirits banked by a team, the higher its glowing sigil climbs the World Tree. When one team’s sigil reaches the top of Yggdrasil, they win the cycle and ascend victorious. However, achieving victory is no easy task! Rend will pit the three factions in direct competition through resource node distribution, buff-granting control points, and scheduled world events called the Reckoning. Every few days, the magic shields protecting the three faction bases diminishes, briefly rendering them vulnerable to attack. Sensing the spirits within each Divinity Stone, monstrosities called the Lost will appear. In waves, these husks of dishonored warriors will lay siege to anything in their way. During these events, rival factions have the opportunity to raid an opposing faction’s Divinity Stone, stealing their collected spirits. The time and date of the Reckoning is chosen during server selection, allowing players and each faction to prepare for the event by hardening their base’s defenses and deciding on their strategy. Additionally, the remaining gods will be observing the trials on Rend and may occasionally send down magical items to assist warriors in their trials (or perhaps to instigate battles over their loot). In rare cases, artifacts of legend once wielded by the old gods may fall from the heavens such as the Hammer of Thor, the Horns of Loki, the Steed of Odin, and other mythic items. These will imbue the wielding with godlike powers yet also make them a prime target for enemy factions seeking to claim the artifact as their own. Ultimately, every cycle of Rend, anticipated to last one or two months each, will culminate in a massive war between the three factions, ending with an absolute victor. What does winning Rend get me? Aside from the right to ascend to Valhalla and join the army of the gods as an honored hero? Well, once the gods have named a faction victorious and those chosen have ascended, all players shall be rewarded with glory per their actions in the cycle, collecting ascendancy points that allow for meta-progression between matches. The amount of points earned will largely depend on being on the winning faction but merit will be given for your personal contributions to your team. It should be noted that failing to win is largely unpleasant for your character: those warriors who do not ascend will have their spirits ripped from their bodies and sent back into the trial to prove themselves once more. Their bodies, now soulless husks, will become the Lost and wander the world of Rend driven purely by rage, instinct and a primal hunger to be one with a spirit again. Blissfully, as a player, you will only experience this as a server wipe and reset. Still, you may never look at the Lost the same way afterwards... And so: survive the untamed wilds as a team, conquer your rival factions, and ascend victorious by earning the gods’ favor through presenting them with their toll of spirits. May your faction earn its rightful place in Valhalla! Onwards, for Valhalla! Excited for Rend? So are we! Now is the perfect time to join the community, read up on our latest news, and follow our social media channels linked below. We look forward to seeing you on the field of trials soon! Read more at https://www.rendgame.com/news/article/rend-introduction#OLUhRzw5i2MuefHh.99
  9. Elric


    Has anyone else looked into this one yet? It hits Steam Early Access tomorrow! It kind of seems like a combination of survival PvP like Ark / Conan Exiles, and a repeated reset & meta-progression games like what Crowfall hopes to be. Update: Creaky was wondering if COTP would be interested in playing on a private server, COTP against the Illegitimus guild. Thoughts? https://store.steampowered.com/app/547860/Rend/
  10. Elric

    Welcome ShaRall

    Welcome ShaRall! I know you're joining mainly for BDO, but it is always good to see a fellow Ark player.
  11. Empyrion definitely has a ton of potential. I bought into the EA / Alpha a few years back. It only held my attention for 30 hours of gameplay, but at the time I was playing solo and there wasn't a ton of content yet. I still have 3 other Steam games from the Steam Summer Sale that I haven't even touched yet... However, if you guys do decide on a final server to start a group on, let me know where.
  12. Elric

    Week 1 Beta Review.

    1. Are you having enough fun to play for another week? I think this game has a lot of promise, but I will say it is just not for me. It just felt like I had to force myself to go do something. Other than slowly progressing my character, I did not really feel any drive to do anything specific. The combat was very generic IMO, and it was not something I enjoyed doing. Granted this could just be a matter of Beta and there will doubtless be many improvements before the official launch of the game. For now though, I will gladly give up my "spot" to someone that will enjoy this style of game more than I do. 2. Overall, is this a game you could see yourself playing after launch? I really wanted to like this game. The idea of no levels and pure stat / character play (skill) is really interesting. However, to me it almost felt "too" open. Most progression felt slow, and the repeated tiny steps forward took away from that feeling of reaching an important level or achievement. Given the choice between 10 challenging but rewarding steps to a goal vs. 100 baby steps - I'll take the 10 steps that feel more rewarding. It seems like an excellent game to just kick back and play casually. I do not think I could consistently play the game on a daily basis, and get the same enjoyment I've had in other MMORPG's. 3. Did you do any PVP this week? I tried, but I did not see any other players outside of the towns. This may be something worth revisiting once the PvP system is fleshed out more. 4. What are the top five most frustrating bugs for you? - I can only think or 4 that I remember for sure. One is not necessarily a bug; I definitely ran out of "weight" very quickly. I wanted to do a lot of harvesting and get into the crafting system, but I kept running out of weight in my inventory. I eventually just started throwing things away to make room. It may be that this is how the game was intended, but I think some adjustment to the weight allowance is definitely in order. - The first time I went through the character creator, there was a bug that had a generic male superimposed over my character. I was trying to see what the different hairstyles and characteristics looked like, but all I could see was a huge white beard and white hair. It was like a mannequin was plastered to the screen in front of my character. The changes to my character would still happen in the background, but it was nearly impossible to see what they actually were. - There were a few times where I would get name / health windows that would pop up for an NPC or a mob that I was fighting, and they just stuck to the screen. I couldn't find any way to get them off the UI, so they just sat there on the screen. Even after the mob would die, the window stayed there. This only happened the first two days of playing. Since then I haven't been able to reproduce the issue, so it may have been hotfixed already? - Another one that isn't really a "bug" persay, but rather something I didn't like... I created a character as a Mage, and then found out it would really be better to start as a less complicated class my first go around. "No worries, I'll just delete him. Oh wait, I can't...". I was definitely annoyed by the fact that I couldn't use my favorite character name. It was stuck on a character I was not allowed to delete. Why does that make sense? 5. If you could change three things about the interface, what would you want to change? - The party system needs to be fixed in a major way. Sure you can manually slap together some windows and call it a party list, but that should automatically be part of the UI. I do not see any benefit to doing it the way that it is now. - The inventory bag is a mess, both literally and figuratively. I was constantly moving things around to find items, and I often forgot about something because it was behind another item. For example, the skill books take up a huge section of the bag. Maybe they were going for a realistic effect? I felt that this was a negative rather than a positive or "unique" aspect that I would enjoy.
  13. Elric

    What are COTP plans for CU?

    I expect this to be one of the largest chapters in 2019 / 2020 as the game gets closer to launch. As Damis said above, there are a ton of people waiting for it. I know at least 4 or 5 people that bought lifetime accounts, and many others who bought other tiers of founder's packs.
  14. Elric

    Congrats to our newest Knight - Questrox!

    Congrats Questrox!
  15. Elric

    Fallout 76

    Sounds amazing. Survival / Sandbox games like Ark, 7 Days to Die, Conan Exiles, etc. have been incredibly popular over the last couple of years. It makes sense that they would try to capitalize on that genre while it is so popular. Having a known "rock star" company like Bethseda behind the game even makes it more exciting! I don't know if I will pre-order it, but I absolutely would love to play this game at some point.