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  1. Elric

    My email from the VP Mike Pence

    If this works for you, I know a couple Nigerian Princes that would love your support!
  2. Elric

    Welcome Oukeef

    Welcome to the COTP family Oukeef! Chapter: Atlas
  3. Elric

    Oukeef Member Application

    Welcome to the COTP community!
  4. Elric

    Patch 10.0

    Good stuff. Wasn't there a taming rebalance that was originally part of this patch? I didn't see it, so either it came out in an earlier patch or it may have been delayed.
  5. What do you guys think? Legit? Or a bug?
  6. Jumping onto the Open-World Survival genre is another new game - Population Zero. I'm going to keep my expectations relatively low at this point, as the developer (Enplex Games) is a small Russian company. I've never head of this company, so we shall see where this one goes... I have at least applied to get into the Alpha testing. https://pzonline.com/en/about-game/
  7. Here are some of my screenshots so far, including a bunch from our long sea voyage last night. The maiden voyage of the SS Skoldjr was a success! We had a large group of COTP members with us, and we found numerous treasure troves (with big exp boosts). We even survived hurricanes and Ships of the Damned!
  8. Welcome to the COTP family Chaddersfun1689! Chapters: Ark & Diablo 3
  9. Elric

    Flog A Crewmate

    Perfectd is flogged for living on a big island.
  10. Elric

    Flog A Crewmate

    Damis is flogged for only having 5 letters in HIS name.
  11. Elric

    Flog A Crewmate

    Damis is flogged for not using a comma to separate two independent clauses linked by a coordinating conjunction (and).
  12. Elric

    Chaddersfun1689 Member Application

    Welcome to the CotP Community! We hope that you will enjoy your stay, with our great gaming family.
  13. Elric


    Personally I am all for a delay if it means they will release a better quality game into Early Access (EA). If they were to drop it on the originally planned date and it had major issues, people would go ballistic and tear the game to shreds in their reviews. IMO the devs are smart to avoid that and wait until they are confident that the game will be solid for EA. Say what you will about the "Early Access" world these days, but it has clearly become the best way to go for developers. The main difference between "Alpha/Beta Testing" and EA is that there is usually a cost associated with it. However, the funds from EA are funneled mostly into the development of the game. It allows players to try the games before release and contribute to the development process. Ark has been wildly successful despite all of the naysayers, because at the end of the day they delivered a solid game. Do I wish the DLC's were free? Yes, absolutely. At the same time though; I understand why they needed to do it that way. Developing games is extremely expensive at this scale. Think about this: the people who complain about DLC costs are the same people who spent $15 (or more) every single month for MMORPG's back in the day. How many hundreds or thousands of dollars did you spend on subscriptions while playing games like WoW, EQ, etc.? Personally, I'm completely ok with paying ~$30 for Atlas when it comes out. It doesn't bother me one bit, because I know that I'm paying towards the development of what I hope will be another amazing game. I've put more time into playing Ark than I have in hundreds of other Steam games combined. To me, that makes the $29.99 (or whatever I paid for Ark back in the days of their EA) absolutely worth it. Same goes for all the DLC. Some were definitely better than others, but each time it renewed my interest in Ark when I would have otherwise been burned out on the game.
  14. Elric


  15. Elric

    Updating my Phoenix Family

    Shit, sorry to hear that man. Lupus certainly is no cakewalk, but hopefully the meds available these days will help.
  16. Elric


    You want to see something entertaining? I ran across this a few months ago... They thought it was going to be an Ark mod.
  17. Elric


    Dependin on how much they charge for it, I'm definitely up for this one. It's been on my radar for a while. Surprisingly it really hasn't been marketed much, but I expect that will change once the Early Access is live. I still think Ark: Survival Evolved has been the best game I've played yet on Steam. I've invested more time in Ark than hundreds of other Steam games combined. If these devs are anything like the team that built Ark, they may have a shot at something amazing with Atlas. EDIT: Damn, selling it for $25 from what I hear. Sold!
  18. I played it for a bit, but it seemed a lot like how I remembered it. Flashy graphics, decent combat, but everything felt very very generic. Then I got to the part where you chose a class, and I wondered why some classes were not available... I looked it up online, and that was like opening Pandora's box. So much hate and disappointment from their community. It sounds like they used to have F2P paths to unlock all the classes, but then they put them behind a pay wall so you had to spend $$$ to get them. I get that companies need money to keep developing games, but the whole "greedy devs" issue seems to be a common theme nowadays. Too bad.
  19. Resurrecting this thread from years ago... I recently got an email about an update coming to Skyforge. Honestly I didn't know this game was even still "live". I'm downloading it again just to see if 2yrs has improved this game in any way. Has anyone else played it in the last year or so?
  20. Elric

    Fallout 76

    Thanks to the Ark expansion coming out a week before F76, I decided to wait on F76. I've heard mixed reviews online, so I'm curious as to what the COTP people think so far. Now that the game has been out a week or so, what do you guys think so far?
  21. Elric

    New Ark Expansion!

    If you haven't already seen it, the new Ark expansion was released yesterday. The new expansion, "Extinction", takes the players back to Earth to find a ravaged homeworld with all sorts of new creatures and challenges. It seems like they've taken some popular mod content and created some massive "Titans" that function as world bosses throughout the new map. The new launch trailer: COTP does not have an "official" server right now. Currently Cecil and I run a private server for any COTP members that want to join. Hit me up via PM if you would like to give it a try! We are working with our hosting company to get the new expansion server up today. Here is the official content notes from the Steam page:
  22. Wow, just... wow. If you haven't already heard, instead of announcing Diablo 4 or a Diablo 2 remaster... Blizzard announced a mobile Diablo game that is essentially a re-skinned Asian MMO-ARPG mobile game that already exists. The Diablo community is more angry that I've ever seen... Worse than the launch woes of Diablo 3. This video says it all: So, what do you guys think? Did Blizzard just sign the death warrant of the Diablo franchise?
  23. Elric

    Diablo News from Blizzcon 2018

    Nice find there Grimster... I figured they would be taking a big hit to their stock. $3.7B is nothing to shake a stick at. ; )
  24. Elric

    New Ark Expansion!

    Hah ok. Well if you decide to try it again, just let us know! Right now we have 5 people active on this server (just COTP people), but we can always use more!