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  1. Grim

    Happy Birthday Octee!

  2. Grim

    Happy Birthday Octee!

  3. Grim

    Happy Birthday Octee!

  4. Grim

    Happy Birthday Octee!

  5. Well that's a bummer. We gave em hell, though!
  6. Man I'd love to play but am not familiar at all with 4th edition. I've played 2nd and 3rd for years so I reckon it can't be terribly different. My friends and I use Vassal to run our D&D or Star Wars modules so I'd like to see how Maptool works. I can't commit to anything right now, but I'm certainly interested.
  7. Sure takes them a long time to tally some mouse clicks. ZZZzzz...
  8. RIP Malik. My condolences go out to his family and friends. What a sad occurence.
  9. Octee

    SWG groupage

    Any progress being made on this? I'm available for multiple hours most Friday & Saturday nights starting around 8pm EST. I just recently made level 90 so I'd like to get in on some guild activities, especially the PvP (once I respec and put more points in BM) and really anything else. Raids on towns, instances, space (i'm not too far along in the space stuff yet but I'm working on getting my Ace title), whatever. If it's guild related I'm down for taking part.
  10. Man that looks sweet! We gotta roll around as a large group on some of those to some Rebel towns. That would be awesome.
  11. Best of luck with the move! Hope it goes as well as it can.
  12. I don't consider him a hero because of his pre-military NFL career or the fact he gave it up. i consider him a hero because he was murdered by his fellow soldiers because he wanted to come home and be an anti-war spokesman. NFL shmenFL. When you get capped in the head from 10 yards away by a fellow soldier because of your beliefs that you/we/the US shouldn't be doing what they're doing... and your death causes a lot of other people to look at the situation in a new light... that makes you more of a hero than John McCain who somehow got onto the heroes list. In my eyes, anyhow. Personally, I've lost a friend and a cousin to these silly wars and, yes, they're also heroes without a doubt. But the fact that Pat was in the public eye helped his death bring about a small bit of change in the mindset of a large amount of people. Whereas the deaths of the people I knew only opened a relatively small amount of eyes to the nonsense that's taking place on a daily basis thousands of miles away. This is just my opinion. I'm not trying to change the way you may, or may not, look at the issue. Just sayin, to me, Pat should've been on the heroes list, too.
  13. That's awesome! I'm telling my wife I want some of this for my birthday so I can look at it every day and never open it.
  14. Also, I just want to go on record and say that the fact Pat Tillman wasn't in the 'local heroes' section really disturbed me. If that guy's not a hero I don't know who is.
  15. I agree it seems pretty impossible to me. I voted at least 40-60 times yesterday and it was always 33%-35% in favor of them. Then other people vote hundreds of times to get Fantomas the lead and pretty much instantly the other people are ahead again? Even if they have the most awesome captcha bypass macro worked out I still don't see how that macro can vote for them more times than we did all day in just a matter of minutes. Hopefully, once the cheated votes are eliminated, Fantomas will come out the victor.
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