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  1. Happy Birthday Jilbeb!

  2. Throne's email got me intrigued. I bought and downloaded the game. Feels really Aion though, so I'm not sure how I feel about that.
  3. Happy Birthday Jilbeb!

  4. Happy Birthday Jilbeb!

  5. Happy Birthday Jilbeb!

  6. Jilbeb

    Mumble Issues

    No, I followed all of the step outlined and didn't install the backward compatible version.
  7. Jilbeb

    Mumble Issues

    I just got back from a week trip for work and found that we have made the move to Mumble. Since installing it last night, it has been crashing my once stable PC. I've had 3 blue screens and will be looking into fixes, but until that happens I will not be using it. I don't know if this has been an issue for anyone else, but I wanted to make you all aware that it is a problem for me.
  8. Jilbeb

    Group Issue

    I don't agree with Fannin kicking a guild member out of the group, but I also don't agree with Mirathel not healing the tank. If you commit to a group, then you either work out the issues with other members or you do your job and suck it up. I wiped us yesterday in a group, took the blame moved on and we finished the instance...now this tank wasn't willing to accept that he made a mistake but the guy is a pug so who cares?
  9. I'm kinda mad I can't change my subject to raid.... But yeah, we need to start planning. I will also try to do some things so people can get achievements. I like them (I'm a completionist (sp?)) and like to do everything.
  10. Thursdays are a good day for me to lead raids or dungeons. I should be 50 by next Thursday (I hope), and would like to start a raid or 5 man day each week. I can lead/tank/dps/tell people who to heal. I want to get this rolling so our lvl 50 players don't get too bored. If I am not lvl 50 by 3/17, then I think someone need to lead the charge. I don't really want to be a main raid leader, but I do want to have a set date for people to start working together to do something. Let me know your thoughts or if you are interested in helping. FYI: March Madness is going to cut into my game time...
  11. I have been playing a bit, but I don't think this thing is going to keep my interest. I'm waiting on Rift as well.
  12. Jilbeb

    Working... FTL

    You, sir, are not alone. I will be logging in for the first time around 5:30 est. I better see at least 10 85s when I log on.
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