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    1. ok for some reason I downloaded discord but it won't let me do anything else
    2. how do we tell were are in game name is and how do I change servers or know which one we are on.
    3. Invite me Kawaa I know I have been gone but I will be on everyday
    4. Well the last three and a half months have been hell. Have been in and out of the hospital, at one point they didn,t know if I was going to make it but being and old SOB I have. They finally got everything under control and on some new meds. I am home now for good it looks like so time to get back into the swing of things. How much have I missed. Starting Tuesday I will be on during the days so hopully I can catch up on everything. Well see everyone on Tuesday and it is great to be back. We also did one of my bucket list and went to New Orleans.
    5. i should be back on in about 4 days. video card craped the bed.
    6. ok if you still have the wakeen bags you can go to the moonstone mast tavern you know the portal that takes you up in proctor's enclave. as of last night you can still turn in the bags for chest.
    7. ok on this wait until you get the 32 bags. It is a crap shoot on what you get. Moonstone mask guy is were you did the quest in the very beginning looking through the three globes. He is in the building on bottom floor he is the merchant down there.
    8. Hello To All. I am Kawaa from a time an land long since forgotton. It has been many a year five as I can remember since I have come home to COTP. On my last aventure it found me laying at the Reapers doorstep. Never did I think I would find my way home again. At long last as time would pass I was getting stronger to the point as it is now that I can travel home again.What once I feared I would never see again and lost our Guild and Neverwinter. I am truly home again around faces I remember and new faces to learn to take up arms from which I left off at defending our cause and honor. Kawaa
    9. Nope I decided to come join everyone on the PC.
    10. Thank you got it fixed all I needed to do was shut down my comp. and restart it.
    11. I would really like to play with whomever is still playing but for the last 24 hours all ii get is patching. Any help would be great. Thanks
    12. Ok I downloaded everything and for the last 8 hours it says patching is this normal.
    13. I was wondering if anyone is playing Neverwinter on the PS4 and yes it has been a long long time since I have been on. Some day I will explain it all. Love and Missed all of you Kawaa
    14. same I come on see no one playing so I try lvling a little bit then log off.
    15. true they don't see everything just want to max lvl. another one I found is stand were you invoke either campfire or near sgt knox. do domination pvp get 1/3 to 1/2 or more lvl and able to invoke again. I sent it in but not sure they will do anything. oh forgot win or lose you get the xp.
    16. how do I get another one.
    17. how do you lvl up yours past 15 or how do you get another one.
    18. Where do you change diamonds in for zan.
    19. here are a few things I found to doall the time. 1. Pray make sure you pray every hour once you hit lvl 11. 2. pvp i know it is weird but it give you good xp and stuff. 3. crafting even if you don't want to gives xp and gear to sell. 4. foundry try a do one when you can gives alot. 5. make sure you get the right companion for your char. makes all the difference in the world. 6. when i find out more i will post here.
    20. well they did a rollback to friday. and some time this week they are going to give out thank you packs.
    21. got it thanks again. now I just need to get guilded.
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