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  1. Strahm

    Fallout 76 is Live

    Bethesda name is Phig, which is what everyone sees instead of the name I selected in game. I guess we need that to do a friend request?
  2. Strahm

    CotP and Fallout 76

    ... said no MMO addict -- ever.
  3. Strahm

    CotP and Fallout 76

    There can be only one!
  4. Strahm

    CotP and Fallout 76

    I’m in. All in!
  5. Strahm

    First Seven Days:

    You guys still active there?
  6. Happy Birthday Strahm!

  7. Happy Birthday Strahm!

  8. Happy Birthday Strahm!

  9. Happy Birthday Strahm!

  10. Happy Birthday Strahm!

  11. Strahm

    Potential Roster

    Depends on how well things go in Rift... but I've been waiting for something to happen with this game for some time now. The concept is awesome -- just hope it doesn't turn out to be another beautiful disaster like Conan.
  12. Strahm

    stronghold kingdoms

    Still waiting on my invite :'(
  13. Strahm

    battle grounds are live :)

    I have reinstalled EQ 2 and gonna give it a go. Unfortunately, the only character I had was on Permafrost. Anyone else around?
  14. Strahm

    Lower Abyss blue again

    So are you guys still going strong in Aion? I've got it on my PC, but quit playing months back due to the heavy grind factor and no good pugs to be found. Oh... and my baby boy becoming more active and requiring lots of attention. EDIT: Just read in another post that not many are there anymore. Scratch the above comment.