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  1. Grim

    Happy Birthday Spaky!

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    Happy Birthday Spaky!

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    Happy Birthday Spaky!

  4. Spaky


    Okay, so looking to get back to activity. I think first I need to transfer over from the old Xmark to whatever the new thing is. I think I need to get with Aveno to get that sorted out? I'll hop on mumble sometime tomorrow and hopefully run into you!
  5. Doing what I suggested to the loot sheet isn't actually changing the fomula, its just correcting it for the new % based system. Damis, what you are doing and what the spreadsheet is doing is the same.
  6. I told you what the problem was! And how to fix it... Also, the problem only shows up in the current form as long as you have someone under 100% in the fleet. The missing money is sent to the loot runner. The fix takes 1.5 min tops. The error in payout increases with more 25% and 50% players.
  7. I updated the screw with spreadsheet. You are correct, the difference is small, and the difference is caused by the % payout. Essentially its taking the 25% that the 75% person didn't get, and its giving it to the loot seller. Its worth adjusting if you want it to be accurate when you have many people with under 100% shares in the loot list.
  8. Ok I changed H110 to P110, it will now add up all the %'s of the people present to make the proper share calculation. You should be able to drop that in and have it all working. Also, spreadsheet math matches napkin math, so, I'm fairly confident that its correct. (remembering that the seller and alliance cuts are included, taking out either of them should still allow the sheet to work fine). P.S. You should totally add in a 0.05% cut to mathamagition...
  9. So the problem is in row 110 on the fomula's sheet. Number of pilots is based on just a simple count, you actually want to have 5.75 pilot's for that site for the calculations to be accurate. I think this sheet is free to edit, so I'll see if I can do something that works.
  10. Ok pardon the math, I just do a lot of work with excel type things. Total loot value 1.916 bil. 5% seller .096 bil 25% tax .479 bil Total value to give out to players 1.341 bil per site value of 447 mil. 4 players for 2 sites is 111.75*2 = 223.5 mil 6 player site, 447 to share. 5.75 shares total. 1 share = 77.7 mil 4 players (223.5 +77 = 300) 100% player, 77 mil 75% player 58.125 mil So, that's rather accurate, let me double check to make sure those extra 2-3 mils are just rounding errors.
  11. Loot seller cut is R17, 5% from the initial total of 1.916 bil.
  12. On the formula sheet, cell R9 is the alliance tax %, its at 25 right now, if you put it to 0 everyone should get more monies.
  13. Just on a quick look, the alliance tax and loot seller taxes are still in there. The payout of 1.8 bil is down to 1.34 bil after taxes. Based on 1.34 bil payout, the numbers per player are accurate.
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