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    1. Anyone planning on playing Aradune like me. I'm going full r ime dwarf cleric!
    2. [UPDATE] Hello Everyone, After discussing with the team, we wanted to announce a change to the upcoming Progression Servers and also make something a little clearer. Due to the feedback we've received, we're going to be removing the PoP locking from both servers, allowing them to unlock expansions at the established rate (the same cadence as Mangler). The second point is, the dedicated GM status of these two servers is an experiment. We hope that it will prove to be viable, but it does have a time limit associated with it. We are targeting at least 6 months, post server launch, after wh
    3. i will join as soon as i can buy the game. strap for cash atm.
    4. I just started a char on Torchbearer server and I don't really care about x2 exp. this my first time playing this game, like ever.
    5. here a forum the head top can fill out! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfbbeyWUSWaYVM96WvmPOKXcGwVvz5jPuAgRuhSPbaW7sGRWA/viewform
    6. After trying storm, i did not like very much, so i went interceptor as main!
    7. ^^ yea it a great deal. also you can pay 100 a year to never miss out on playing a single game and new content xD
    8. that video did seem awesome! now i'm torn between storm or that one!
    9. just pay 14.99 for 1 month of premier and test it yourself. Do not let reviews of others tell you if a game good or not! it all comes down to if you want to play the game or not. Never let other opinions tell you how to live your life. you can take them into count, but it always comes to what you think and feel. just my 2 cents
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