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  1. Jaqen HGar


    i will join you all. i have tons of high lvl chars/traders
  2. Jaqen HGar

    Free Assassin's Creed: Odyssey thru 1/15/19

    Nice! will have a look
  3. Jaqen HGar

    LotRo Lifetime Founders Accounts for Sale.

    what exactly is a lifetime acct? special addon or something?
  4. Jaqen HGar

    Guild Daily Set time

    we have till 8pm est the next day to get the quest done before reset.
  5. Jaqen HGar

    FYI - PS4 message exploit bricking consoles

    thanks for the heads up!
  6. Jaqen HGar

    Hardcore Dungeons

    yea, i tought same when i bought my shield. it did nothing for me, lol.
  7. We need to pick a time where everyone can be on to get these done. we need min of 3 to even get the guild done! so post below the best time you can log on
  8. any day and time fine with me
  9. Awesome! lets hope it does not go more then 6 hours >.>
  10. this is such a chibi game!! it over all very fun and not boring when playing xD
  11. Jaqen HGar

    Maple Story 2 ( Oct 10th )

    i have to much invested on east... i have millions i made here purple gear that takes 30+ runs for 1 drop. if you guys move Good luck!