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  1. Happy Birthday AnolisMystikyre!

  2. Happy Birthday AnolisMystikyre!

  3. Happy Birthday AnolisMystikyre!

  4. Happy Birthday AnolisMystikyre!

  5. Happy Birthday AnolisMystikyre!

  6. Long time since I poked in here, granted work overtime kinda prevented that.

  7. Waiting on new video card to start gaming again, will be SW TOR PVE

  8. Too many firsts in this game - First to lose to a team not starting a junior or senior at QB; First to not score a single point; First not to gain more than 100 offensive yards; First to lose to a team that did not win their conference. And will probably be the first shot to end the BCS as it currently stands.
  9. Might be a week early, but Victory is Mine.
  10. Remove me from the list, even after waiting for them to fix things, it is unplayable. Cannot move more than 5 feet without freezing.
  11. Should I ever get on and able to move more than 5 ft before freezing Character - Mystikyre - Hero
  12. Well after trying and failing to get in, think I will wait a few days before trying again.
  13. I've been attempting to play this for the past few days, the servers are really unstable
  14. Its a good billboard, I tweeted it a couple days ago. I'm betting if OU and OSU were to go to Pac-12, without any mention of tu and tech, they might of had a chance, but since everyone was grouping them together, no one wants to deal with the ego of tu and LHN(I am sick of seeing the ads for it on this website). It was mentioned that the PAC12 didn't want to have rules for 15 colleges and another set of rules for tu. Was also mentioned that the whole revenue sharing was ok with tu except for anything from the LHN which made it all unequal since they are listening to NCAA about showing HS football games on it and there was one more item that NCAA said they couldn't have on it, but they were going to do it anyway.
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