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  1. Yesterday I logged on at 8am (7pm EST) and went out to run errands and have lunch and got back at noon. Finally got into the game at 1pm (Midnight EST). 😮 This morning at 6:30am (5:30pm EST) I had a 3600 person queue and was disconnected twice. I don't have a queue when logging in later in the day, but normally I have work then, so I'll just do that while I'm off and then cross my fingers about next week. I got my Avatar (Archery/Shadowplay/Swiftblade) to 31 and Deathwish (Battlerage/Shadowplay/Swiftblade) to 20, though.
  2. I just started frequenting the forums again after a long time, and just noticed this now. This is really sad news. Leah was always fun to chat with in GW2. CotP has lost a great soul. My condolences to her family and friends.
  3. I made a Warborn and a Nuian as a main for each faction, although I can see myself unlocking character slots to make a Harani and an Elf.
  4. They're going to unlock the full servers before launch, so if you couldn't make characters on Wynn, you'll be able to on Sunday and Monday. They locked them to make sure there was a decent distribution of players: "To ensure that there are additional chances to reserve characters on ALL NA servers (both factions), we will open reservations again without restrictions in place (at least initially) on: Sunday Oct 13th at 10:00am PDT and again on Monday Oct 14th at 10:00am PDT. These locks and restrictions are required to ensure population evenly distributes across available servers, and most importantly to mitigate extremely lengthy login queues at release."
  5. Now, that one I can definitely make - this Monday is a holiday in Japan.
  6. Those are really cool names, though. Grats on snagging them. I seem to be in the minority here, but I never use my handle as my character name, unless it's an account-wide thing (like Destiny 2, for example). My characters on Archeage are Skayde and Garidan. Skayde's pretty much my go-to name for a tough female character (in this case, Warborn) and Garidan was the name of an old Human Ranger/Rogue D&D character of mine. They're not exactly on the list of most-desired names, but it didn't stop me from staying up till 3am to snag them.
  7. May be able to make this one, depending on my work schedule (which I won't know until the night before).
  8. Hope everyone got their names in. Character creation is locked on Wynn and Tyrenos because those servers are now full. I created two on Wynn first before realizing I couldn't create two characters on both Wynn and Tyrenos.
  9. Got my names on Wynn. Well, off to bed.
  10. Working today, but there's a typhoon making its way though the area. If my work is cancelled, I'll be there.
  11. Well, if it's any consolation, your ping is sure to be much better than mine.
  12. Thanks for the heads up! Downloaded and installed.
  13. There will be two servers for NA when ArcheAge Unchained launches (Tyrenos and Wynn). Of course there's no way of knowing which one will be better in the long run, so it might be a good idea to select one and place it in the announcement banner (and on facebook) so members will be directed to the right place once the game launches.
  14. Thanks. You, too. I've been playing a lot of different games but haven't been playing ones that have an especially active CotP presence. It will be nice to play something with guildies again. Also, I broke my left wrist a few weeks back, so mostly my gaming has been relegated to tab-targeting games that I can move in with the mouse, so it's mostly been WoW. I have Destiny 2's latest expansion, but sadly, haven't been able to play it yet. Things are coming along fine, though, and I can use my left hand again, but my current cast is full arm and it makes it difficult to get an angle where I can use more than one finger to hit keys. Should be switching to a forearm cast soon, which will make it a bit easier to hit the WASD keys again.
  15. Decided to check this out again and got the silver chainbreaker pack. I'm not really into the PVP aspect, but it has enough going on to pique my interest.
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