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  1. MadBlue

    ESO Hello

    I'm on pretty often, as well. @MadBlue is my account name.
  2. MadBlue

    Origin handles?

    Mine is MadBlue2112. I just pre-ordered it.
  3. MadBlue

    <Poll>Interest in playing Atlas

    I just started playing yesterday. I haven't gotten off the starter islands yet, and just learned how to find fresh water (after dying of thirst three times :D) but it's an interesting game. I'm on the NA PVE server, though, so I don't think I'll be able to meet up with anyone.
  4. MadBlue

    Closed Alpha

    I just started playing Destiny 2, but Anthem looks like a lot of fun, as well.
  5. MadBlue

    Get Your FREE Destiny 2 NOW!

    On Amazon., the only thing they had for PC was the Legendary Collection. I try to use Amazon when I can because my folks always give me Amazon gift certificates for birthdays and Christmas and I use it for just these kinds of purchases. I don't know why they don't have other editions (or the Annual Pass) for PC on Amazon. They have them for PS4. It's the same with ESO. They have Crowns for PS4 and Xbox on Amazon, but not PC.
  6. MadBlue

    Destiny 2 Interest

    I just downloaded it and started playing a few days ago and just ordered Forsaken, so I'd be interested in joining a CotP clan.
  7. MadBlue

    Get Your FREE Destiny 2 NOW!

    I'll take you up on that when my copy of Forsaken arrives. I ordered it from Amazon US and live in Japan so it will take a little while before it gets here. I think we have to do some content together to reap the benefits, so we'll have to arrange to be on at the same time.
  8. MadBlue

    CotP and Fallout 76

    I'm planning on buying this, but I may hold off for a bit before getting into it. I just started playing Destiny 2 and ordered the expansion for it. Together with WoW, that'll keep me busy for a while.
  9. MadBlue

    Get Your FREE Destiny 2 NOW!

    It runs like a charm with a 1070ti. I just ordered Forsaken over Amazon for $39.99. It includes the first two expansions as well. This will definitely scratch my SF itch until Cyberpunk 2077 is released.
  10. MadBlue

    Get Your FREE Destiny 2 NOW!

    Nice. I tried the demo a while back and really liked it, but wasn't getting the kind of performance I wanted out of my video card. I just upgraded to a 1070ti, so this looks like just the kind of game to play.
  11. Regarding Horde, we're not super organized, but we have a few people playing Horde on Ysera-Durotan, but the main guild is Alliance (on Dalaran - most of the Horde characters on Ysera-Durotan are alts of the Alliance players). With the way communities work now, it doesn't matter what realm you're on as far as grouping goes (up until Mythics, I believe). You can join the CotP communities here. Sometimes the first click brings you back to the same page, but it should bring you to a page with a code to cut and paste into the Guild and Communities tab (J) in game.
  12. It used to be that if you used a boost on a level 60+ character, your professions would be increased as well, so many people would level up to 60 before using the boost, but now each expansion has a different leveling track for professions and the boost no longer increases the professions, so there's no incentive to level up. Basically, use the boost on whichever character you want to be your main (or create a brand new character as a level 110 character). The Dwarf starter area doesn't take too long, so it's not like it would be a waste of time to go through it before using the boost.
  13. If you complete Killer Queen (Horde) or From the Ashes (Alliance) (part of the pre-launch event available to level 110 characters) you can get a flying mount for both factions (a Hippogryph for Alliance and a Plague Bat for Horde). There are also World Quests in the area that award some pretty nice gear, which is perfect for characters that have just hit 110 and/or haven't been in raids and don't have a lot of decent gear.
  14. MadBlue

    Current Activity

    Hey Zorgon, just to let you know that there is a CotP Horde guild on Ysera-Durotan. While it's not the main chapter (which is now the Alliance one on Dalaran), there are a number of people who have Horde characters there. That said, since there's now a way to keep in touch socially and in-game cross-server, it's not vital that everyone reside on the same server. Sure, the guild-related perks won't transfer, but we can all do content together.