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  1. I have a werewolf (and a vampire) if you need a bite. All of the classes are pretty interesting and have different Magicka and Stamina builds within the class. I'm not sure what my favorite is, but I'm enjoying the new Necromancer quite a lot.
  2. MadBlue

    City of Heroes

    I hear what you mean about costumes. I usually think of a name and concept and build a costume around that. If the name is taken, I redesign the concept and costume and try a new name, so I have a lot of costumes saved.
  3. MadBlue

    City of Heroes

    They have a server status page up. Torchbearer is the healthiest as far as population goes. It's the original server. When I started it was the only one up and running (well, the original one was Bree before the wipe). I have 10+ characters there. Granted, I could probably get most of my names if I transferred to Halcyon, but it would take a few days to transfer all my characters. If you guys only have one or two characters, maybe a good thing to do would be to save names on Torchbearer and transfer over once double XP is over?
  4. MadBlue

    City of Heroes

    That's hilarious. Is this a character you're playing? I wound up playing around with a few of my characters - mostly concept and name changes to sound more like typical superhero/villain names: "Dynamojo" is now "Captain Dynamo," "Kurobara" is now "Blood Orchid" and "Charro" is now "Pyre" (I was surprised that name was still available). I'm not sure what character is the most fun to play, but I think Robotics / Traps is a nice balance of DPS and survival, since I can sic a bunch of robots on enemies and stand back and blast them.
  5. MadBlue

    City of Heroes

    I just rerolled my Fire Blast / Fire Manipulator Blaster as a Fire Blast / Willpower Sentinel. Haven't played him yet, but I like the fact that there's a mix of DPS and survival related powers.
  6. MadBlue

    City of Heroes

    They've opened up server transfers.
  7. MadBlue

    City of Heroes

    OK, so I now have a roster of 10 characters (I think that's enough ... for now). I just hope they don't wipe the servers. On the Heroes side, I have: Doc Morlock (Controller) - Gravity Control / Time Manipulation: Inspired by the culturally advanced Morlocks from The Time Ships, one of my original CoH characters, based on a Mutants & Masterminds character I played (also one of my DCUO characters). Nightgaunt (Scrapper) - Claws / Ninjitsu: Basically a Batman type character. Named after the creature from Lovecraft's writings, one of my original CoH characters (also one of my DCUO characters, although I had to rename him Knightgaunt there after the server merges). Legal Eagle (Tanker) - Shield Defense / Broadsword: A law student who transforms into his heroic form with an amulet of Horus. Inspired by this action figure . (The) Roboteer (Mastermind) - Robotics / Traps: Steampunk cyborg engineer. I based her on a video I saw a few years ago. I can't remember the details, but it was a live performance about a clockwork girl. DynaMojo (Blaster) - Electrical Blast / Electricity Manipulation: Ex-police detective, and Chosen of Sogbo, Loa of lightning, One of my DCUO characters. On the Villains side, I have: Mister Horrible (Brute) - Super Strength / Regeneration: A "Mr. Hyde" type character, named after a character in a They Might Be Giants song. Abracadaver (Mastermind) - Necromancy / Dark Miasma: He's a skeletal magician with a handlebar mustache. Shrieking Violet (Controller) - Plant Control / Nature Affinity: Basically, like Poison Ivy, but purple and more unbalanced, one of my DCUO characters. Charro (Blaster) - Fire Blast / Fire Manipulation: Constantly burning, his body is encased in fire-proof armor that delivers drugs to alleviate his unending pain. Manipulated by Arachnos to do their bidding, Charro is kind of a tragic figure. I originally created him as an NPC for a Doom Patrol-inspired Mutants & Masterminds campaign. Kurobara (Arachnos Widow) - Widow Training / Teamwork: Japanese for "Black Rose." I use that name a lot for female Assassin-type characters.
  8. MadBlue

    City of Heroes

    it would certainly be nice to all be on one one server and get a Super Group up.
  9. MadBlue

    City of Heroes

    I have a bunch of heroes and villains. Mostly I've been playing a Controller (Gravity/Temporal Control) Hero named Doc Morlock, who was my original CoH character back in the day, but every time a fresh idea pops into my head I want to create another character. My ID on the servers is @MadBlue
  10. MadBlue

    City of Heroes

    They have 4 servers up now (I'm playing on Torchbearer). Apparently there have been at least 30,000 people playing over the past week. It's pretty dated, as far as graphics goes, although the cell shading option covers up for that a bit by giving it a more comic-book look.
  11. MadBlue

    City of Heroes

    Anyone playing City of Heroes on the Homecoming servers?
  12. We have a CotP chapter and a few of us play regularly (or at least semi-regularly). I've already pre-ordered Elsweyr, so I'll be playing. Right now I'm just trying to level up the remainder of my characters before making a Necromancer.
  13. I've been playing Warframe off and on. If there's a CotP guild, I'd like to join as well. I'm MadBlue2112 in game.
  14. Started with Ranger, then picked up Colossus, Interceptor and just got Storm today. Ranger is the one I know how to play best, so it's my favorite at the moment, but I want to spend time on all of them once I get to level 30.
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