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  1. Profession Sign up

    Filled my skills out. Thanks Trusin, that was a great idea.
  2. Profession Sign up

    I got hunting line, already unlocked procuration
  3. To do....

    Yehosha, For the monument, there are three numbers when you worship it. The claim size is how big our owned land area is, one number is for the amount per in game day it costs for maintenance, and the third is how many points we have stored up to pay the maintenance. The bar goes up each in game day when the monument eats points
  4. Here we go....

    ok, so I finally made it. Should I set up my land claim inside, outside, or on the border of our land?
  5. Here we go....

    33 went down earlier, but only for a few minutes
  6. Here we go....

    I am headed there now, about half way across the map; it started me in the north east. But a kind stranger gave me a horse, so that was awesome!
  7. Here we go....

    Wraith, So far I have not done any PvP. No idea yet about he God's Favor. Does not appear to be PTW, you basically make everything you want. Only thing I have seen that the sub is necessary for is to not pay "taxes" on your land. But you can set up trade with the crown to get money to pay the taxes. If any of this is wrong, please someone with more experience correct me. GL, so far I am enjoying it; it is challenging to get things done.
  8. Here we go....

    Cancel that, I did not go far enough away from the village to be outside their property. Got it figured out...
  9. Here we go....

    Thanks Sky. Now for my next incredibly noob question; how do I harvest plant fibers? I clicked on the ground but there is no option to harvest them. I have tried several different locations and the only options I have are: Inspect, Erect an Idol, Track animals, and Build Furniture. Is there something I am missing? Thanks for the advice in advance.
  10. Here we go....

    Howdy yall. Played SWToR with yall a long time ago. Giving this a shot and trying to get Lassider in with me as well. I am currently installing and will head to the settlement when I can. How does the settlement area work with the land that we are able to claim with the subscription? will we get our own land to expand the settlement? Will we get to keep that land after the 30 subscription is over? Looking forward to learning this game with yall. See you in there.