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  1. Happy Birthday Led!

  2. ledters


    Edited. Thanks Relaed. But I'm going to look for an active guild in game after I level more.
  3. ledters


    I haven't bothered to download the client again since upgrading my computer a few months back. Never thought much about Next at the time but now, thinking about how small the Islands are in Landmark and how poor fps could get when near someones basic no frills build. I don't think Voxel Farm and their (Forgelight ?) engine would have worked well for a larger world like Next.
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    Are you still logging into Landmark Ernie ? I would like to but from what I've been reading in the forums, the "?game?" is really frustrating because the building tools are and have been broke since launch.
  5. ledters

    Launch is here

    Reminders to Ernie before reading further. 1: Put on fresh diaper. 2. Make sure oxygen bottle is close by. Landmark launches June 8th for Those that bought Trailblazer packs, and opens June 10th for those who bought Founders pack, Settler pack and the people smart enough to not have bought the Trailblazer, Founder and Settlers Pack. Everyone rejoice! WOyaaawwwnOT https://forums.daybreakgames.com/landmark/index.php?threads/launch-wipe-q-a.57220/ This Q&A is specifically about wipe questions, for other questions please also refer to the Landmark launch FAQ posted here. What will be wiped, and when will the wipes happen? There will be a full character and build site wipe with the launch update. We will bring the beta servers down for the last time on Tuesday, June 7th around 10am to perform the wipes and do the launch update. Trailblazers will get exclusive early access on Wednesday, June 8th around 10am. And full launch will be open to all who have purchased the game on Friday, June 10th. (All times are in PDT time zone.) There are no plans for further wipes after launch. When can I play?! Trailblazers will get exclusive early access on Wednesday, June 8th around 10am. And full launch will be open to all who have purchased the game on Friday, June 10th. (All times are in PDT time zone.) Official launch announcement can be found here. Will the same Landscapes (islands) and Worlds be available after the wipe? We intend to keep the same Landscapes post-launch as we have immediately prior to launch, including the new Pioneer Landscapes, which are flat landscapes intended for new players. The number of worlds will be determined based on demand. Do I get to keep my name? Yes, the name of the character that existed at the time of this wipe will be reserved exclusively for that account to use again after the wipe, as long as the character had logged in after April 2015. If you want to keep your name but aren’t sure if you have played since April 2015, just make sure to log into the game before we bring the servers down for launch. Do I get to keep my guild name? No, guild names will not be reserved or saved during this wipe. You will need to re-create your guild after the wipe. Will our current upkeep "accrual" be kept after the wipe? Yes, the upkeep system is not changing and any upkeep time accrual you had before the update should remain the same after the update. Will I lose any of the items I purchased from the Marketplace? All items or bundles purchased on the Marketplace or their equivalent value in Lumens will be re-granted to your new character after the wipe so you can reacquire them or equivalent value items. What are Lumens? And the Lumen Station? Lumens are an in-game item (similar to Ether Shards, which no longer exist) that you earn as you play Landmark. You can easily earn Lumens as you play, and they cannot be traded. Lumens can be used to create items at the Lumen Station. This is a crafting station you can access via an in-game menu. The Lumen Station offers many useful things, including resource bundles, recipes for props, outfits, and more. This includes many items that were previously sold on the Marketplace. When we do the character wipe and you create your new character, if items you had purchased from the Marketplace are now available in the Lumen Station, we will grant you either the items themselves, or enough Lumens to create them immediately. (Items that are still sold directly from the Marketplace, such as base claims and Player Studio templates, will be directly restored to you.) For example, perhaps you had purchased a Moonstone Builder's Chest from the Marketplace prior to the wipe. Post-update, you will be able to create obtain Moonstone directly at the Lumen Station. When you create your new character, you will find you have all the Lumens needed (plus an extra bonus) to create the same amount of Moonstone. Alternately, if you no longer need Moonstone, you can use those Lumens to create something else! This should give you the options and flexibility to choose items that are the most useful to you post-wipe. I spent Daybreak Cash to buy extra build sites, or attachment build sites; will I get that back? After the update, you will have as many build sites as the number of base build sites (base claims) you had previously purchased, either as part of a founder's pack or direct purchase. The new build sites will all be the new, much larger size (see post for details). Attached Build Sites no longer exist as a concept, as the new Build Site size includes their dimensions, so any previously purchased will be refunded as Lumens, an in-game item which can be used in the Lumen Station. We checked how many base and attached build sites you had prior to the change of build site size, and in any case where a customer might have ended up with less building space than they had purchased, we have granted them an extra build site to ensure that everyone will always have as much or more building space after the build site size change and wipe. What about bonus outfits obtained via Marketplace bonus boxes? Will I get those back? Yes, you will receive Lumens which you can use to create the bonus outfits you had previously (or others, if you like them better) at the Lumen Station. I purchased items on the Marketplace to give to other people. What will happen to those items after the wipe? After the update, items purchased on the Marketplace or an equivalent value of Lumens will be re-granted to the first character created on the account that purchased the items. As is currently the case, the majority of these items can be traded, so can be given away again if you wish. Will we have Orbs of Reclaimed Energy again? Instead of Orbs of Reclaimed Energy, you will receive an equivalent or greater value of Lumens for Marketplace purchases made prior to the wipe (items that are automatically granted to your character, such as extra base claims, are exceptions to this). Lumens can be used at the Lumen Station to create resources, outfits, and other items, similar to the way the Orbs of Reclaimed Energy worked previously. Will my saved Designs be wiped? No. We will not delete any of the personal Designs that are saved in your designs management window, they are tied to your account, not your character. When you create a new character, the Designs for that account will appear on the new character. You will be able to re-place your Designs as soon as you have any materials needed. What about Designs stored as items in my inventory/chest/vault/etc? Only Designs actually in your designs management window will stay with your account. When you create an item from a design, and then delete it from your design management window, it is no longer stored on your account, so will be deleted when your character is deleted. Do I need to make a Design of my site(s)? We’ll create an automatic Design of all build sites currently in the world when we bring the servers down for the wipe and the update, so you will have that Design waiting for you when you log back in. This will create one single very large Design per build site. What if I am using all of my block storage? Will I lose the automatically created Designs of my sites? The Designs created when we do the wipe are allowed to exceed your block storage limits. However, you will not be able to create any new Designs until you have storage space available once again. Domino, Wednesday at 4:17 PM #1 Last edited by Roshen, Today at 11:19 AM Rhombic, Kurisutaru and Darvaleo like this. Domino Developer What difference will the build site size change make to re-placing my Designs? During beta, the build site size changed to 525x525x450 voxels in size, and attached build sites no longer exist. (See post for details.) You can still place older Designs that exceed these measurements; anything beyond the build site boundary will simply be cut off. Is the list of free-to-place materials changing? If so, what will be free? The list of materials that are free to place changed several times during beta. It is expected to remain the same post-launch as it is immediately prior to launch. In general, most terrain materials that you see in the procedurally generated world (dirt, stone, sand) will remain free, but materials that look more “refined” will now cost resources to place. For example, plaster, stucco, and ceramic were previously free and will cost dirt to place after the update. Will we keep the Zero anniversary, Fan Faire trophy items, competition winner trophies, Christmas sweaters, code-granted items from giveaways, etc., post wipe? Yes, these items will be re-granted to the first character you create after launch. The only caveat is that we will not be able to guarantee which version of the Christmas sweater or Year Zero outfit you will get. For example, you will have a “Holiday 2014 Outfit” item in your inventory and, when you consume it, you’ll get one of the three possible outfits randomly. You will still be free to trade them with other people for the color you want, as before. What happens to the content that was built in Landmark with the possibility of using in EverQuest Next? While we cannot use these builds for EverQuest Next at this point, these amazing creations were essential in helping us to learn what was possible from the building tools and the voxel world – you managed to find ways to make the tools do far more than we ever imagined. If you had a build that was a winner of one of the workshops, you already have a trophy and have additionally been granted a title you can display on your character. Some screenshots of these may also be used as loading screen images for everyone to enjoy, and some of these builds have also been repurposed for use as Outposts in the Chaos Caverns so everyone can enjoy them. What happens to the Landmarks of Landmark? Once the live game launches we intend to place these near spire hubs on each landscape, as before. Domino, Wednesday at 4:19 PM #2 Rhombic, Kurisutaru and Darvaleo like this. Domino Developer New terminology If you haven't played for a while, welcome back! You'll find a lot may have changed since you last played. Among other things, we changed some of the terms used in Landmark to have a clearer theme and direction for launch, and to better reflect the creativity and brilliance of our players and their creations. Here's a quick summary of some of the new terms: Characters are now called Luminaries and the unit of imagination is called the "lumen"! Luminaries acquire inspiration in the form of lumens as they complete everyday activities and the Lumen Station can distill these into equipment, resources, and knowledge! Islands are now called Landscapes Claims are now called Build Sites, and Claim Management is Site Management Templates are now called Building Designs, or Designs for short Voxels are more commonly known as Blocks Underground caverns are known as the Chaos Caverns Ruins are now known as Outposts, as they aren't all ruined any more Achievements are now called Goals Tweak Mode is now called Fine Tuning Helpful tips section Designs: You’ll receive automatically generated Designs of the build sites you currently have in the world. However, if you want to re-place your existing building more easily after launch, you may wish to save a version of it made entirely out of free materials; that way you can place it right away before you go mining for rare resources. Resources that are currently free to place and that we intend to continue to be free post-wipe: dark worked slate, darker worked slate, darkest worked slate, dirt and other similar terrain materials. Build Site names: When the automatic Designs are created, they are given the name on the build site banner. So it may be helpful to go through your site management window before the wipe and make sure every site on that list has a descriptive name that will tell you what it is. This will make it easier to identify them in the future! Pioneer Landscape build sites: Initially it will ONLY be possible to get a build site on the new Pioneer Landscapes when your character is created with a new automatically assigned site, so if you do pick up your site and then change your mind, you will not be able to move back. Therefore, be very certain you definitely don’t want a claim on the Pioneer Landscape before you move off them. Do NOT delete your character again: We are doing a one-off reimbursement of Marketplace items after the character wipe, and these will appear on the FIRST character you create after the update. This is a ONE TIME grant. If you delete your character again, any items on your character will be deleted and that includes Marketplace reimbursements (including Lumens) which will not be restored a second time. (Why? Because you can purchase tradeable things with Lumens, so if you could keep deleting your character to keep buying more, that would be exploitable.) If you wish to change your character's appearance, you will soon be able to do so in game without having to recreate your character. Build Site size: Build Site size changed during beta, and is now 525x525x450 blocks. If you have Designs saved from earlier in beta, it’s possible you may have some that are taller than this. Fortunately, you can paste a Design that overlaps the edge of your site; only the parts inside your site will actually be placed. So you can still place an over-large Design into the new build site, the extra height will just be cut off. However, if you expect this issue will affect you, you might want to prepare some appropriately sized Designs for the size changes in advance.
  6. Hey everyone, There is a big Game Update coming on March 21st, expected down time is 24-48 hours. Join us for a preview of the new features coming soon! Who: Terry "Fairan" Michaels, Holly "Windstalker" Longdale, Emily "Domino" Taylor, and Josh "Augur" Augustine When: Tuesday, March 22 @ 11am Pacific* Where: The Landmark Twitch channel Remember to sign up for a free Twitch TV account so you can join us in chat! Have questions for the team? Add them to this thread! (We will also be reviewing the questions already posted in the existing feature preview threads on these forums.) https://forums.daybreakgames.com/landmark/index.php?threads/landmark-live-tuesday-march-22-11am-pdt.56242/
  7. We do have a guild in game. I'm the only one logging in regularly. Well not since the notice of the incoming wipe.
  8. I'll be sticking it out. I wasn't building anything for EQ Next but I do enjoy building stuff in Landmark. If they don't pull a diamond encrusted platinum rabbit out of their hats before release, no one but a few are going to care enough to bother.
  9. They have a lot of work ahead of them
  10. Not any longer, EQN has been canceled. I believe October or someone else posted the info in the EQNext forum..
  11. To Our Loyal Landmark Community, You read the title right: Landmark is LAUNCHING this spring and I’m thrilled to be on this adventure with you! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Holly “Windstalker” Longdale. I’m the executive producer of both EverQuest and EverQuest II. I care passionately about the EverQuest franchise and have been involved with it for much of my career now, starting out as a player and game designer. Why am I here? I’m now the executive producer for Landmark and have been working with the amazing team for a few months! As the community has grown and designs have flourished, we no longer view Landmark as just a building tool. We’ve been toiling away making Landmark into a wonder unto itself. While the look of our world was inspired by what was intended to be the voxel world of EverQuest Next, Landmark has evolved into its own game with its own unique identity and purpose. If you missed the news on EverQuest Next there’s a letter from Russell Shanks, Daybreak Games president, here. The creativity of the Landmark community and the potential for telling stories in this digital world is beyond what we imagined. Our vision for Landmark is to provide a place where you can create ANYTHING, tell your own stories, and share your creativity with other players. We are wrapping up a HUGE game update for Landmark with LOTS of new additions and improvements, some of which you’ve already seen in sneak preview posts from Emily “Domino” Taylor on the forums. We are excited about what’s to come for Landmark and we can’t wait to see what you think. The Landmark team has a lot to do before launch this spring and we’ll continue to keep you informed! For starters, here’s an FAQ if you have any questions after reading this letter. We’re grateful for your continued support and are looking forward to the coming weeks as we prepare to launch Landmark! Holly Longdale Executive Producer https://forums.daybreakgames.com/landmark/index.php?threads/landmark-launching-spring-2016.56141/
  12. Happy Birthday Led!

  13. Not really Ernie, The money spent on attachment claims probably wont be fully refunded. And the size is 50 voxels shorter than what we can make now. People have templates taller than the new claim cube. There isnt any info if we'll be able to attach additional claims so some people are worried they'll have to lose what they have been working on. If we cant overlap or attach any other claims to them, I'll have to shitcan what I've been working on for almost a year now because the distance between claims will be farther apart and wont work.. I'm holding off on any enthusiasm..
  14. Happy March, builders! With the coming update, we’ll be making some big changes to the world to make it a more exciting place to build, explore, and adventure in. Read on for details! Introducing New Landscapes! "Landscape" is our new term for what we previously called islands, and it comes with a few changes. First, we're adding a new type! In addition to the beautiful sculpted landscapes you're familiar with already, you'll now also find the new Pioneer Landscapes. Pioneer Landscapes are similar to the Foundation Museum islands you've seen in the past, with extremely flat terrain and no surface caves. So whether you want to build your castle on top of the highest mountain or a perfectly flat field, you'll be able to do it! Starting out One of the advantages of the flat terrain on the new Pioneer Landscapes is that it's easy to build on right away, which makes them ideal for new players. In addition, some of the biggest feedback we got from you about the starting experience were issues related to finding a good location to claim. So, after the coming update, new players will start with a claim already placed for them on a Pioneer Island, and will enter the game standing on that site, ready to go! The new Pioneer Landscapes will initially be reserved ONLY for the automatically allocated new player claims. However, if you prefer to stake your claim on a mountaintop perch or in a scenic valley, you'll be able to pick up your claim and relocate at any time to another landscape of your choice. Claim sites Claim sizes are getting easier to manage and use! Going forward, we are going to increase and standardize the size of claims. We're currently working with a new claim size of 525 x 525 x 450 voxels, which is the size of over 16 old claims. You'll get all of that space right away when you place your claim, as the concept of "attached claims" will no longer exist. Fear not, you’ll still be able to own multiple claims; they’ll just all be the new expanded claim size. Pre-update, you could have a maximum of 8 base claims and 24 attached claims. After the update, those 8 base claims will include the equivalent of over 120 attached claims' worth of space - vastly more area to build in than before! Before: After: Underground changes We're also making the underground world easier to understand and navigate. Rather than distributing adventure and resources between five different layers of caves, we’re simply going to make the distinction “surface” or “underground.” Some resources will be found only on the surface; some will be found only underground. Now you won’t have to figure out which underground layer to visit for the resource you're looking for! Chaos Caverns We are dramatically changing the way that underground cavern networks work in order to make exploration more fun. We're focused on having the most fun through exploration, discovery, and danger. After this update, you can take on an underground adventure at any time from any location! You'll be teleported to the beginning of a random cavern underground. These new Chaos Caverns are still filled with monsters and each one will have ruins! As you travel through the cave network, battling monsters and collecting resources and treasure, you should hunt down the lost ruin. Why? If you find the Lost Crystal hidden inside the ruins, you can use it to receive a reward! Check out some more on the chaos caverns from Josh “Augur” Augustine in this post. --- Edited to add update (also posted in a reply below): Hi folks! We understand there's a lot of questions and yes, it's a big update and there's a lot to talk about. You haven't even heard all the best features yet! Yes, the claim and island changes will need to be accompanied by a claim wipe. We will continue to give you more details about the update through the next weeks. While we don't have a final date yet, it certainly will not happen in the first half of March, and we'll keep you updated. We'll also be posting a more detailed Q&A as we did with the last wipe to answer all your questions about templates, refunds, and more. Rest assured there's lots more information coming before the update. Have a great weekend everyone, and why not take some time to check out those awesome Landmarks of Landmark entries? See you next week! https://forums.daybreakgames.com/landmark/index.php?threads/landscapes-and-claim-sites-and-caverns-oh-my.56105/
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