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  1. ok, signed up... now... where's the milk and cookies?! 1st impressions are importatant! spelling is not 1st things first - hot chicks dig scars! any hot chicks out there? (there, now that impression is done) male, very old and played eq 1 for years. computer tech superman is my hero native by birth, christian by choice (The Great Architect Bless You) I hate fake anything, makeup, breast implants, steroids, fur, firends, people, religions, etc I like to joke around...a lot, so do not take me seriously cause life is too short to be so serious! Caturday is my favorite day of the week! Life is a choice, not a destination mumble, mumble, something, something...oh yeah! Don't do drugs kids! basically, i am a simple man with complex thoughts (great arcitect? - i did not put that, oh well a rose is still a rose even if you call it a jumbleploxism)
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