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  1. Nanulak


    All they have to do is spawn up a few well placed hurricanes to force reinforcements to fight it out amongst themselves in a different area. Mother nature [devs], can manage populations if they plan ahead for situations.
  2. Nanulak

    Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse Open Beta Dec. 18th

    As one who backed this game, I will look at it when they have more MMO and not just the battle royale.
  3. Nanulak

    Updating my Phoenix Family

    Get back on that horse and keep on riding. Do not waste any time crying about it, that does not make anything better. The sooner you make adjustments and get back to doing the things that makes your life whole the better. Take it from me, I fell of that horse over 3o years ago. I almost want to say, "Welcome to the club." You are not alone. It is a fairly big club. Don't get me wrong and think I am unsympathetic, but sympathy will do little to help you. We will aid you best if we just help you back on that horse and slap it on its rear to get it going.
  4. Nanulak


    While I also agree, alot while depend on the depth of MMO elements. Outside of building ships and PVP what else does the game offer. There are many elements that I expect in a robust MMO that I have yet to hear anything about in this game. Without going into what elements are expected, I will continue to monitor and hope that they do more than was done in ARK.
  5. Nanulak


    Looking.... thinking.... wondering.... I think I will have to see initial reactions as my time is limited.
  6. Nanulak

    CU Newsletter #49 - November 2018

    Yep, this is old school testing, Beta 1 is anticipated to last for quite some time with only small advances every week. As a perfect example as the destructibility is worked on, the actual building tools are broken in the new 64but client. Personally this slow and methodical pace works for me. Mage testing is just around the corner. Right up my alley as well.
  7. Another month of development and we are all a bit closer. Testing of the 64bit client is in progress by the people with IT access as well as the insertion of Coherent UI. Mage classes will be in testing in the near future. This is almost like watching Michelangelo work in the Sistine Chapel, slow and tedious but in the end a masterpiece. Patience is a virtue. This months newsletter can be found HERE LINK
  8. Another month and another newsletter. Many things are in the works in the background as the studio tries to climb over two major humps. Converting to the 64bit client and integrating the new UI based on Coherent's UI interfaces. So in the meantime testing is sparse and changes mostly invisible to the testers but we plod on. This months newsletter can be found here LINK
  9. Nanulak

    LotRo Lifetime Founders Accounts for Sale.

    What? You are telling me your socialist country does not provide entertainment for its citizens?
  10. Nanulak

    Beta 1 Starting

    Until they finish converting the UI to the new Coherent version as well as the new 64 bit client, not much is changing in game. We plod on... slowly. Ability builder it turned off, building constructing is still mostly where it was a year ago etc. Check back next year, :( We will still be in beta 1 deep into next year, my opinion. Not until they actually lift the NDA on video streaming will it be decent enough to try.
  11. Nanulak

    Beta 1 Starting

    Just a note to all interested in entering beta or upgrading. The game is still over a year out from launch. I would suggest waiting until at least Beta 2, estimated spring 2019, before people upgrade just to be disappointed.
  12. Nanulak

    Beta 1 Starting

    Every week a testing schedule is posted as to that weeks tests and usually a writeup on what the testers should test. Most tests are during the day with a few extending into the late afternoon/evening. Weekend tests are on hold at the moment. The best place to keep up on the continuously changing schedule is the forums and CSE's Discord. A perfect example was today, when testing was over by the time I got online.
  13. Entering Beta pushed newsletters to the back burner it appears. But after community cajoling we are finally back in business. The frequency of this publication is said to be monthly, but we will have to wait and see. In this addition we have alot from the art side of the house. Circular building is still planned but currently not in the build so keep this in mind when reviewing the builds. This months newsletter can be found here LINK
  14. Nanulak

    FF is Dumb

    Friendly Fire
  15. Nanulak

    Rend: COTP Victory!

    Thanks for the response.