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  1. Yes, they are in Beta 1 now but what they call Beta is Alpha to most others including myself. As to how it is shaping up.. lack of qualified engineers continues to be the reason they state for why they are still moveing so slow. In fact I just asked about the engineer status last Friday [July 26th] and Mark Jacobs stated that all studios have open recs for qualified engineers / programmers. So there is weekly / monthly progress but it is painfully slow. They have not stated it yet but my money is on 2020 for release of base game with several elements to come after release like the Depths.
  2. The heat is not stopping this games development... Art, sound, siege and many of the normal topics are part of this months newsletter. This months newsletter can be found here LINK
  3. Things are heating up as we enter summer, both here in the northern hemisphere and Camelot Unchained. It is one thing to shoot at your enemy from long distance with a trebuchet and totally another when your are beating at their door with a battering ram. Yes, rams are finally out of concept and in beta to start testing. They requite at least two bodies to move and conceptually operate. For optimal operation with the fastest speed it requires seven bodies. Having said that there are a few other caveats to this equation. Two low mass, low strength Lucherpan's may not be enough to get the ram into the battle before it is all over. Whereas seven Jotnar warriors may already be slamming the door down before the guards have time to man the ramparts. Remember, in CU choices matter. Without further ado, This months newsletter can be found here. LINK
  4. To me, the UI is everything in a game. Pretty icons is one thing but icons attached to words, actions and abilities is a big leap for me. All of these are now starting to evolve into reality. I feel a game is actually getting made now. Working doors, movable siege engines and cows as ammo. This all sounds like a real game I will enjoy playing. While all promising there is still a long way to go. This months newsletter can be found here. LINK
  5. Siege warfare was the task at hand for this months daily tests. The attack on Cherry Keep [TDD stronghold] tested many things from the siege warfare to updates too the character modeling and ability affects. Busy busy busy times with all that is changing. I already knew you can die from collapsing debris or enemy fire but I encountered a new one. While jumping up on a wall segment of the keep I encountered an unseen flaming bolder shot from a trebuchet that was passing over the same segment of wall. The result was mostly what you think it might be. I died instantly. You can see this months newsletter HERE LINK
  6. Spring has sprung and so has the fortress walls. Siege warfare is in full swing in CU testing. New to the fray are the magic mortars the mages are using to hurl AOE spherical explosives over the walls into the hapless defenders. During last weeks test, while traversing the bottom of a keep wall, I noticed an incoming trebuchet shot. I instantly gauged that this high trajectory would sail far above my head. I was right. What I did not do is to keep track of it as I heard it pass overhead and explode. Soon after, a large section of the parapet has upon my head and I was dead from the falling debris. Gosh, this will be fun! You can see this months newsletter HERE LINK
  7. Another month, another newsletter. As you read through the newsletter you will see there are alot of things going on all at once. For the most part this is all internal and code related not a whole lot of things that are visually apparent to the non CSE tester, yet. You can watch this weeks weekly update to see that there is lot of things in the works that are just not testable by non CSE folk at the moment. EOW Wrap-up This months newsletter can be found HERE. https://us5.campaign-archive.com/?u=2b70fd18d895dd960141bac55&id=ccb88365ed LINK
  8. Congratulations. Can't slack off now.
  9. Things are starting to come together. As a tester I am no longer tied to simply killing my enemy via one on one combat. I can now kill them en mass as they frolic beneath the keeps walls and towers via collapsing rubble. I am a good shot with a trebuchet. As far as baseline engine development, they are breaking all the rules. Just think about seeing a battle with 3,500 players while maintaining 30 fps. This months newsletter can be found here. https://mailchi.mp/citystateentertainment/unveiled-camelot-unchained-newsletter-51 LINK
  10. Nanulak


    Hurt my wrist using poor UI trying Atlas and taking break from gaming for a bit ... Life goes on.
  11. Nanulak


    Downloading... 32 GB. Will take just over a day or so even it their downloader says 10 days.
  12. Bonus image from siege testing from the end of week wrap up..
  13. 2018 was a productive year for Camelot Unchained. In this months newsletter we get a look at Max's board game, The Depths Board Game. Sounds fun. Next, Ben talks about where they are on building destruction and the game of siege. I love multi person siege equipment. Let the best team win. To finish off the year of 2018, Mark Jacobs covers the current state of the game. This months newsletter can be found HERE https://mailchi.mp/citystateentertainment/unveiled-camelot-unchained-newsletter-50 LINK
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