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  1. Well done. 👍 FYI: They also sell the pet armor there as well among other things.
  2. Just remember to log in before you start your chores. Else you will be looking for additional work to do instead of staring at the queue. Note: Don't be afraid to tell your friends about this game. They may thank you one day!
  3. As a lover of coin, this sounds like a win win.
  4. A few thoughts: since labor is continuously regenerating, open those coin purses whenever you are close to capping labor else you will be wasting the labor. Also, I overachieve quests just because i'm an overachiever and the game told me i'd get extra xp if I overachieve quests. Also, I have no plans on rushing to level 50.
  5. Great info. I just need to remember to stop and do this task as I go by this area.
  6. It would be nice to have a few designated areas planed out ahead of time. So when I get to the point where I can attain land I know where to go so there is a concentration of COTP members. Alternative designated spots are also recommended if there is nothing available in the primary spot I will know the next few spots to try.
  7. I prefer the Archage spelling.
  8. Very nice compilation of in game pictures. Love the small boat loaded with adventures with trade packs. Have some great memories of those trade runs and subsequent pvp before we went home. I just hope the trade system in Unchained is not to dissimilar than the old version.
  9. I tried all 3 on PTS and the Warborn starting area is dark and bleak but was out of there quickly at lvl 10-11. Get starter row boat and starter glider super easy in this zone. Warborn mount is like a Pangoilin and I disliked it [too big]. Just ran over to cat like folks area and got the lion like mount. Harani starting area is much better looking. I believe cat folk have the best racial skills. Ohh.. so I am starting with a Warborn.
  10. Have to stick to my true nature, Ranged DPS. Last time I went Spellsong. I am planning a bit of a change-up this go around and trying an Ebonsong. Basically swapping my staff for a bow. As always though i will build up several skill lines in time.
  11. Restrictions on character creation on both Wynn and Tyrenos at the moment. Restrictions listed as N, E, D, H, F, W. Guess all races are locked atm. Third server, Denisrious is open for all races.
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