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  1. It is spring and there is something sprouting in the CU universe, a game. The all-important map system is coming to life. A new class is joining the ranks. Keeps and keep lords are in battlefield testing. And a whole lot more.. This months newsletter can be found here LINK
  2. In the new world we find ourselves in, working from home is now a thing. City State Games is no exception. All systems are a go and still producing the games we crave just via working from home. March CU video update on YouTube here This months newsletter can be found here LINK
  3. Kickstarter funds for games will suffer for sure.
  4. You can do it. We are pulling for you.
  5. Better late than never. CSE is back on track with updates and here is the latest newsletter for Camelot Unchained [ not the the new game ] So the wheels of game production are back at work. Art is still churning along. Crafting is again in pruduction. Etc... Near and dear to my heart the C.U.B.E system is back in the development cycle. Whoot! Bonus: Wyvern modeling is in full swing. This months newsletter can be found here LINK
  6. Thanks for the report.
  7. My thoughts... This was a very poor release of information. They are still working on the game engine more than a game. CU will have many NPC's in the form of mobs and guard’s etcetera, and they needed a great amount of work on pathing. I almost think this new game is a product of this testing. This also tells me they used this new product to raise more money from investors to hire more studio engineers. In the end CU will be delayed further but they finally will have the folks needed to get it done in their minds. CU 2030 here we come 😊
  8. The latest news out of City State Entertainment. Basically they have used the last four months to build a new game called Colossus. You have to read about it here and view and video to form your own opinion. This has opened a can of worms for sure. :() Read about it here. Colossus
  9. Happy New Year! I feel we will see great progress in 2020 as well as the opening of more testing for the community at large. This months newsletter can be found here LINK
  10. May have to take a look. I need something to build.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving! This month linuxification is starting to throttle down as they near completion and NPC management is ramping up. This months newsletter can be found here LINK
  12. They basically bit off more than they could chew. Building the game engine from scratch has been the main holdup. As to perfect, not at all. More likely a partial game in 2020 with a few key elements missing at start like the depths.
  13. Yep, one of the best trailer makers in the industry. Now if their game was only that good.
  14. Elric has taken the spot. Thanks for keeping n eye on it. My other 2 properties are all paid up.
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