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  1. May have to take a look. I need something to build.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving! This month linuxification is starting to throttle down as they near completion and NPC management is ramping up. This months newsletter can be found here LINK
  3. They basically bit off more than they could chew. Building the game engine from scratch has been the main holdup. As to perfect, not at all. More likely a partial game in 2020 with a few key elements missing at start like the depths.
  4. Yep, one of the best trailer makers in the industry. Now if their game was only that good.
  5. Elric has taken the spot. Thanks for keeping n eye on it. My other 2 properties are all paid up.
  6. LOL, you are not alone here. I am planning on a decent chance for a 2020 release. But there are others who think I am overly optimistic.
  7. The sausage making continues... the studio grows and we have news from the head office. Today Mark Jacobs gave his "State of the Game" presentation. You can listen to his stream here and here. [2 parts due to a disruption] This months newsletter can be found here LINK
  8. It appears the queue number approximately equates to minuets x 10. So if you "shift the decimal' one spot to the left you get estimated remaining minutes. So, 119 approximates 11.9 minutes .. and 2435 approximates to 243.5 or 4 hours [ 243.5 / 60 = 4.05 ] This seems to wok for me and I can plan accordingly.
  9. .... and you just let your potatoes rot! Shakes head.
  10. Nanulak

    Favorite teams

    Anyone playing against New England.
  11. You need to go get your donkey as well for hauling heavy loads. You can buy one directly in Mahadevi. The "Reststop" point in the north west of the zone is where you can find one.
  12. In the Archeage forums, under "Getting you battle pet early" it shows you how to get a level 25 pet at level 15+. LINK: Pet
  13. Easiest way to change skills is at any angel of death [deity statue]. For a small fee, you can change at npc there. Click skill you want to change and then select what you want it to change to. Pay and it is done. New skill will be your level if your no higher than level 15. If your over level 15, your new skill will be capped at level 15. I suggest deleting char entirely and starting over if you are quite a bit under level 30. It only takes a day of green quests to get to level 30 with your new build and you need the green quests unless you want to grind it out.
  14. I sure have an itch to start an ALT. It is in my dna.
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