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  1. I've been enjoying Classic WOW too. Been thinking why is that? Chat is generally friendly and helpful. People selling stuff. People asking for help. People LFG, etc. Early on in Elwyn Forest there is this quest to kill Hogger, an elite mob. It seems impossible to do this solo. Well, for me it was. But I saw someone in chat LFG for this, so I teamed up. We got him. Mission accomplished! Later on, I'd see other positing LFG to do this. So, being nearby, I'd help out. Contrast that to the last time I played retail. This was when BFA just came out. I decided to try out a brand new level 1 character and progress through zones I've not yet done so. Quite a bit of my time doing that was solo. When I got to do dungeons, I did many of those. But used the Dungeon Queue function. Where it made it easy, and automated, to group up and be instantly teleported to any dungeon. You didn't have to really interact with the other players to be successful in your dungeon run. I think the Classic servers restrict you to playing only with other players on a given server. Compared to Retail, you can play with just about anyone from any server. So I feel that I can have a reputation on Pagle with how I play my character. Am I a jerk in chat? Am I a good Priest? Do I make those cool Linen 6 Bags? I think all those things are helping make the game more social. You have to work with others to achieve your goals. My 2 coppers.
  2. I don't know. I've been mostly playing on the Pagle server (Classic). Have a Warlock (10) and Priest (15). I ended up joining a guild "IF Cats and Tea Club" that was recruiting in Elwynn Forset for the time being. Feel free to give me a hollar if you need help, or want to group up. I can make Linen Bags (6 slots). I mostly been playing late night during the work week. And sometimes during the day on Weekends. It's been fun seeing the different guild recruitment messages in chat. This one below is my favorite.
  3. Twitch for WOW mod management works really well! Yes, I agree. I forgot to mention I'm using that.
  4. Hi, I had played for a couple days Classic Wow. Tracking quests was becoming more and more difficult and tedious. I was alt+tabbing to google search or YT search where I could find quest stuff; mobs, items, etc. This Saturday I tried out Questie. And wow, did that help. It made things much easier with where to go. With things appearing on your map and mini map. Sort of made it feel like cheating. Because it would appear on your maps; big and mini. Though in regular WOW it shows similar info. So I dunno. But not using it, and trying to find stuff on my own was getting too tedious as to be enjoyable. Especially when competing with other players for mobs. Things seem to spawn less frequently. Which made wonder what mods might you be using for Classic Wow? And what do you think about using something like Questie?
  5. FYI I hoped on WOW tonight on the regular server. I see the Message of the Day that reads: "Want to play Classic? We're rolling Alliance on Pagle."
  6. I'm curious to try Classic. I played vanilla WOW when it was released. So it could be fun again. I've played WOW on and off over the years. Last time I played was for about a month when the last big expansion came out. I did sub for 1 month tonight. WOW Classic servers allow you to create a character and get your name. But that's it for now. I did this on Grobbulus (RPPVP) server. Be aware that you can only be on either Horde or Alliance on the PVP servers for that account. Here's an article on how to. It's pretty simple and straightforward. The WOW classic client is around 3.5 GBs. You access it under VERSION, next to ACCOUNT in your BN client. https://www.pcgamer.com/wow-classic-name-reserve/ EDIT: I'd probably be playing it casually. With maybe some longer sessions on the weekends.
  7. If you are, which one are you using? And how do you like it? If I wanted to pay Anthem, could I get to play it going Basic route? Would that limit me to only being able to play it for 10 hrs? Do I get full, and unlimited playtime access to it's games in the Vault?
  8. Voltari

    Fallout 76

    Black Friday sale for it. PC standard digital version is $40.19 (from $59.99) at Bethesda Store. Disc copy on Amazon is $34.99 for PC. https://www.pcgamer.com/fallout-76-drops-in-price-again-to-dollar35/
  9. Voltari

    Fallout 76

    I've only got to play it briefly. I had a technical issue with it not naively supporting 21:9 (3440x1440). So I spent more time trying to get it to work. The highest it would support on my system was 2560x1440. It was stretching the image, and making things look wider. After some time tinkering with the .ini file, I did get it to use 3440x1440. But then the UI was only using the 2560x1440 of it. Not game breaking, but annoying. So I played for a bit. I haven't played a Fallout game in a while, so I forgot how the UI works. I think it's the same as Fallout 4. Like what buttons you hit, to navigate the interface. There does not seem to be any text chat support in game. Which feels really weird as to not have that in this game. But I also heard that there isn't Push to Talk in game. So I guess voice chat is treated like an open mic? But I think you can mute it. I also read that it will be added. 21:9 support is also going to be added. When you start the game it seems to randomly assign you to a server. You can hit the Soical tab and see other players names in your world. You can interact with the name on the list. Add friend, block, and a couple other that I think were for grouping. The 2 times I checked it out had around 25 other players names. Some of the names seemed to be close to my location. But I didn't see any players in game. I only spent about 5 minutes playing. So I'm not quite sure how you do interact with the other players. As you do various things you can earn Atoms. Which are used for cosmetics in game. Things you wear, and emotes. I later remembered I could set my nVidia setting to not stretch the 2560x1440. It would leave black bars on the side. The graphics engine seems updated, and looks nicer than I remember Fallout 4 looking. The selfie photo mode looks fun. I did spend an extra long time tinkering with how my character looked visually at the character selection screen. I did read of some person Roleplaying Preston and warning players about various settlements. I still need to play it more.
  10. FYI https://www.vg247.com/2018/10/13/ps4-message-exploit-bricking-consoles/ TLDR - Set your Privacy settings for messaging to Friends Only or None until Sony addresses it.
  11. Hi, I just found this on FB today. I don't see this on their YT channel. I assume it will become available later on YT. For now, it's on FB.
  12. I started back up after a long hiatus from the game. Setting up the UI to my liking took some time. Initially, the UI was a little too small for my eyes on my large 3440x1440 monitor. Things looked great. But the buttons, text, etc, was too small. This weekend I re-learned that you can scale the UI to make it larger. It's under ESC/Settings/Advanced ( I think that's where it is, I'm at work trying to remember ). There are several other settings I had to experiment with the UI to get it to my liking. Starting with a brand new level 1 character helped a lot with making things easier and not too overwhelming. The game seems to make things pretty easy when first starting out. I think my first character death occurred when I was in the high teens or low 20's a few days ago. I first picked a warrior to play when I started back up. Did a few levels. Then started a Priest. For that sounded funner for my to play. Also, I was thinking ahead with what I'd enjoy playing in a group. I mostly play support (healer) in Overwatch. So it seemed like playing a helaer (Priest) in WoW would be fun for me too. And it is! I have a 110 character boost from buying BFA. But I'm holding off on using that for the time being. Since I'm enjoying playing with my new low level characters. Feel free to message me in game, or out, if you have any questions.
  13. Hi, I picked up BFA and resubbed earlier this week. I'm enjoying starting with a new level 1 toon and relearning the game. I have a level 8 warrior and level 15 priest. Both are dwarves. And this is the first time I've played in the beginning Dwarf zones. So that all seems new and fresh to me. I have a level 110 boost with the BFA purchase. When should I use the level 110 boost?
  14. Hi, I found this video on the history of WOW. It's told by some of the developers. Covering Launch to the newest expansion (BOA).
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