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  1. Tagon, How is "The Risen Podcast: News for the reborn in all of us." ?

  2. I feel so warm and fuzzy inside... It makes me want to pop... <yes, it is pop, not the other one with two o's Silly Mcpants> I promise, no mess, as I am full of marshmallows and candy... O dear Great Architect, the teeth of men look like daggers all of a sudden <sneaks out of the room with the quickness> :>
  3. Mortalus


    Sit tibi terra levitas <May the earth rest lightly on you> I would like to say greetings and salutations to all of the Covenant and thank you for the welcoming to your legion. I will do nothing to tarnish nor harm the name of this organization and may my hand only be raised to our enemies and given to our allies.
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