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  1. Im running a amd fx 8300 and a nividia 1050 ti oc edition with 12 gb ram and it ran smooth on high with a couple of ultra settings
  2. Ive been playing the beta and love it!
  3. Welcome to the guild if you need anything in game look for Niall .... there is a bunch of me lol
  4. hello and welcome! if you need anything at all let me know!
  5. welcome! if you need anything just holler in game or in mumble!
  6. i agree with rashin he has pretty much hit the nail on the head
  7. hello Game fossil I have also recently joined this chapter of cotp and the swtor community as well (july 2016). This guild has done nothing but shown me kindness and treated me like family. It has been an awesome experience. Everyone has taken time to teach me the game and showed me the parts of it that make me wanna run home from work to play. If you happen need anything just ask and I will be willing to help in any way possible.
  8. sign me up phyre this is niallo and niallada pub side and i love everything!
  9. Happy Birthday Niallo!

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