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  • Welcome to 2021, let's hope it is better than 2020.
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    1. Hmm, that Batchat sounds interesting! Btw, Aveno, are you in the Mechwarrior online beta? How does it compare to WoT?
    2. Hey all, I played WoT when it was in beta, played mostly the russian line up to the top of the medium line. I'm thinking of coming back as I kind of miss it! Can someone give me a breakdown of which nationality has the better medium line right now? I'm thinking it's probably still Russian. I like good mobility and packing a good punch which is why I had really enjoyed the russian mediums. Also, who do I hit up for a clan invite in game? Tks
    3. Deimar

      Buddy/Guest pass?

      Elric hooked me up with a code that works, many thanks! Downloading now!
    4. Deimar

      Buddy/Guest pass?

      I don't think that's enabled yet. When I check there all I see is WoW and Starcraft.
    5. Deimar

      Buddy/Guest pass?

      Thanks Elric, got your PM but that code says it's already been used
    6. Hey all, I'm considering getting D3 but I'm not convinced yet. I didn't get to play in the beta so I don't know if I'll like it. I liked the first two but that was so long ago hehe... Is there such a thing as buddy or guest passes? tks
    7. Hard to compete with Kristos! We might all have to roll up 7 alts to level 10... Hmm, maybe I'll wait until someone hits the 600 mark then post with all the numbers that weren't mentioned in this thread!!!
    8. Deimar

      Whats needed

      some good info in there! I'm playing slayer right now, level 27. I haven't done a lot of pvp but got into a few battles yesterday. I fought a berserker three times and while I did end up winning 2 out of 3, I did notice he had a much easier time blocking/avoiding my hits. I could tell when he was charing up but it didn't help me much since he could just hold on to it until I used up my evasive roll then let me have it. My good skills had a wind-up so he was able to block them a lot as he saw them coming.. It's only when I started spamming everything I had and moving around like a mad-man that I actually started gaining on him. Things will likely improve a lot once I have backstab. I hope anyway! Otherwise, I might roll up a berserker!
    9. Congrats Kristos! I guess getting 7 alts to level 10 paid off!
    10. They are opening a new pvp server and allowing free transfers for a little while. This should help with the queues some, as long as the majority of the server doesn't leave!
    11. While I agree with all of you, I still want to whine and complain about the queues!!!
    12. It should get better after headstart is done since those who used buddy code and didn't purchase wont be able to play anymore. That being said, if the queues are still massive after headstart and they open a new pvp server, I'll probably go there. As it stands now, I may or may not actually get to play tonight and even if I do, I wont even be on long enough to use up all the "bonus xp time" I'm getting for spending all this time in the queue.
    13. 97 min queue, 2177th in line All three pvp servers now have a queue, one is a little over 1000, the other is around 230
    14. and pretty short idle times, not a good combination I think I'll be playing on another server real soon. The other 2 have good population and one has a small queue
    15. really sucks when I only get an hour here and there to play...
    16. Looks like they locked down character creation on VoT server. http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/news-announcements/topics/Valley-of-Titans-Character-Creation-Unavailable?page=2#post-300415 Do we have an alternate server where the rest of us can get together?
    17. Deimar

      this or gw2?

      I see quite a few have pre-ordered this, what made you choose this over gw2? (or are you getting both?) There's no way I have the time to play more then one MMO so I'm wondering what makes TERA a better choice for you?
    18. This isn't exactly accurate, there aren't any nodes, but you can use the crew skills. Slicing - you can find containers to open for credits and occasional items Scavenging - you can scavenge mechanical mobs that you kill (droids, turrets, etc) Bioanalysis - I haven't tried this myself, but I suspect you can get mats from animal mobs that you kill Also, as soon as you get your companion, you can start sending them on missions. This could be a few levels before you leave the origin planet. The main reason for getting your crew skills earlier however is to get the codex xp from each trainor. You can do this as soon as you are out in your origin planet, I did it at level 2 as a BH and it gave me enough for 2 levels I believe. It helps a lot to get the origin quests done faster!
    19. Fiddle Teemo Annie I mostly play ranged. Played a few as Yi and Akali, i'm not that good with melee. Played tank a couple times, that was massive fail!
    20. Deimar, forum name is Deimar as well I belive. Level 18
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