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  • Welcome to 2021, let's hope it is better than 2020.
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    1. Relaed, your post is accusatory and inaccurate. Cotp's atlas chapter has ended per your post Sept 14. With no active chapter, members can inform other members where they are playing at with out it being soliciting.
    2. until

      ohh sounds fun!! might have to clear the dust and cob webs from my combat gear
    3. A few of us have come across the Return of Reckoning server for the only game War hammer online. It has been a pleasant surprise find for us. The server runs very well and the population is very alive and well, with a dev team working to improve on the old game. If anyone is interested come join us! it has been a blast so far!! https://www.returnofreckoning.com/ Guild has been made and we are on destro side, hope to see some more people join us. If more interest is generated we will make this an official active chapter.
    4. Cant stop the awesomeness that is COTP!!! Wooo!!!
    5. The big house is done and we will begin removing the shacks!! So be aware that you very well might not have a home here soon.. Get on and bind to the new house!! This is your warning!
    6. perfect. That food needs to be locked away currently. It will be used on vital skills that we need. The most pressing skill right now is masonry, until we get someone leveled up to 30 maybe even 60 we wont be able to have a stone gate. Masonry has been the most grindy skill i have seen soon far, do to the constant interaction with buildings and building them one piece at a time. Its a killer! Next on the list id say the herb people that are working to flux that aren't quite there yet flux is a BIG component to late game. those are the two skills i think that are holding us back the most currently. Everyone has done an amazing job skilling up already and once these two get there we should be sitting pretty nicely . Our cooks should be leveling much faster in a few more days when the in game winter ends and we can really begin farming.
    7. Perfectly fine, tho i might move it at some point to some different locations
    8. Also one last thing, always close the door behind you. Tonight they were trying to charge in every time a door was opened
    9. We have been located by the local red guilds (red = bad). Tonight we had some reds come through and kill some of us. I would suggest always being on guard from now on.. Also choose a combat line you want to do and get to the first 30 skill marker asap this will allow for armor and also the ability to fight back with greater effectiveness. Using the training weapons on each other and actually fighting it out is a good practice aswell.. While using those weapons you take soft HP dmg and when you hit 0 all your do is pass out. Hard hp is your true life bar. Get with any of the carpenters to get yourself some practice weapons going. Those of you doing slinger and archery im not sure how you exactly practice, maybe there is blunt arrows? Lets get ready for these fights, get with the different smiths Dansker, Scorvi and Azog to get a sharp weapon and some armor made. If you are going for leather you want to get with vancealot.
    10. ah thats lame! well GL with it tomorrow!
    11. Not that i noticed gameluvr.. Everyone joining, feel free to join us in mumble that is where most of us are, i try to check the forums often but get caught up in game
    12. from what i understand is that the guild claim is > than the personal claims. so its rule sets will supersede your personal claim. Also our guild claim is going to grow quite large.
    13. i had bought LIF: YO way back when it lanuched a few years ago. So sadly that is the one im using. So looking at it.. A 1 month sub is worth 20 bucks.. and each ticket is worth roughly 10bucks.. So personally that is how i look at the packs, to see what your getting fort he "extra" cost Do you plan to have an alt or two would be my next question. each character basically will choose a profession, you wont be able to do it all with one dude. (Very VERY group oriented game)
    14. Someone give me there in game name i wanna try a invite across the map
    15. Jump in mumble for faster answers But for fiber, there should be a gather option in there that will allow it. but it cant be on a snow, rock, sand, or clay tile.
    16. Vancealot, So the personal 150 tile claim from your subscription can be placed really anywhere, but once your sub time is up you will have to start paying for its upkeep and if you don't have that setup you will lose it. In order to setup the upkeep you need to establish trade with the "crown" and trade goods for gold.
    17. Cool, keep me posted. Im mostly in mumble today if you need me, or you can mesasge me through discord
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