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  1. Happy Birthday Rachelrene!

  2. Happy Birthday Rachelrene!

  3. Happy Birthday Rachelrene!

  4. Happy Birthday Rachelrene!

  5. Happy Birthday Rachelrene!

  6. Oh yeah I am very much enjoying my month of free gold membership!!!!
  7. Yeah I like eq2 much better also... I played it safe from the beginning and linked a paypal acct. to my eq 2 account but I never keep any money in it. I put just enough money in there to do what I need when I need it. he he he... And to boot I don't even have my bank acct. attached to my paypal acct. lol I give money to my husband and he then transfers the money out of his bank acct. into his paypal acct. then he transfers from his paypal to my paypal. Can you tell he does not trust on-line gaming ha ha ha Hopefully you can follow all that craziness. I'm still changed my paypal password anyway just to be safe even though there is only like one dollar in there. lol
  8. So happy to see the EQ2 back up and running!
  9. Yeah I'm more than sure it is due to the amount of customers that they have with playstation compared to the SOE players. I am just so very happy they are finally coming out with a little more information than what we have been getting. What did the long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs say... "Won't be long now!" he he he
  10. Oh and let us see the difference in what message we are seeing on facebook from SOE compared to what the PSN users are seeing... We really are the read-headed step-children Morg. lol Even the websites don't compare. PlayStation Users from Sony: SOE Users from Sony:
  11. What a rip-off. I want an apology from President Howard... lol I do think for all the aggravation there should be a bit more than just a month of rent on your house especially for the gold members. There should definitely be something like a couple months free of charge for the gold members. Just my personal opinion. Whatever they do end up doing probably won't effect me too much cause I'm only silver member. I miss playing so much.
  12. Newest post from SOE on facebook... All SOE games and sites are still offline as of May 11th and will not return today. Thank you again for your continued patience and support as we diligently work on these issues. All houses requiring rent will have one month added free to help offset any costs incurred during this outage. More information on SOE's "Make Good" plan to come!"
  13. Yeah I hear ya there! They have the exact same message on their facebook page. It would be nice to at least get an E.T.A. What is up with the day to day messages that it "won't be up today". Like every day they have hope that it will be up the very next day or something. lol Oh well, I'll just keep checking facebook and hoping for the best.
  14. I am partial to the human race. Even though my main on EQ II is half elf all my others on EQ II and Runes of Magic are human.
  15. Super shy about talking to new people but for sure will do that. Just need to get up the courage. he he he Oh and I am not sure I posted correctly in the Art Dept. I used a photobucket link to post the footer pictures in the forum and also made them attachments too. If this is not right please let me know.
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