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  1. am amazed how his voice matched the music of ARS. The blend is beyond awesome and appreciate lots! yeah - very sad to know he passed away at the doctors office - scary too! wat better place to be thinking/believing help is that close. very sad
  2. yeah, i do the cleaning maintenance every so often too. I have lots of fans on pc, so need to do more often. You sound like you can modd a pc case/guts like the fancy pictures i have seen some do. Some have that clear panel and the whole insides w/wires nicely arranged - no tangling wires.. LOL
  3. Thank you Grim for fixing... Idk wat i was doing wrong!
  4. Gosh! It's a very sensitive subject and feel and think many things on so many levels. I understand those wanting to come to Our Great Country, sad we can't visit theirs w/o threat of harm. Would love to visit Mexico one day. Nice culture for the most part and have beautiful crafts. Very sad situation!
  5. Am Sorry can't link the video from you tube. Idk.. ??? RIP Ronnie - He is Main singer from ARS. Hope many know this group and their music. They Are Awesome ! Wat I tried to Link is " So Into You " Very nice song.. They have many others... Imaginary Lover, Champagne Jam and the Like. This dude only 60 and passed away recently - heart attack. Am Sad. I dig this Song lots and many of them. Rock On Ronnie... Ya Southern Rock!... ^.^ Go Dawgs! Also want to say... I like the My Space play On this song... " So Into You " yeah it rocks!!! ^.^
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpPdLb69-qk&feature=player_embedded hmm i cant link for some reason
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpPdLb69-qk&feature=player_embedded
  8. yeah I hear.. said somewhere, but yeah, Power supply seems to be overlooked a lot. Many things go into a build. Aside from the obvious, Monitor and Case... well ~ Power Supply to me then go from there. Rather have much then not enough. Kudos to you for reminding many of us that over look!
  9. Am Sorry late.. but Happy Birthday and wishing you this year to bring you Much Happiness, Good Health and Much Fun! Hugs to you!!! ^.^
  10. hmm i can make a built online wanna a shot?? (provided you have case and monitor... we can Rock from there???)
  11. hmm sounds like Much fun, but wonder those high level and the hoopla surrounding even.~ feel noob and low level left out ??? How do us low levels fit in; if at all ??
  12. LeNora


    Hi and Welcome! when u speak of 'raising hands ' think of cleric.. ( ^.^ ) gosh.. i tried that - arm got sore.. hehe... have fun and look forward to seeing you in game!
  13. LoL hmm! Is nice to see and know someone that has pc experience, cuz its every so confusing and so forward going.. Welcome and yeah... I hear the History in ya... lol! Look forward to seeing you in game! Welcome ^.^
  14. Hmm Welcome Sgt ( from military brat to hmmm active duty ) Happy you are here and appreciate All and Everything you doing to Serve us and Our Country.. ty !!! ^.^ ( life/country within itself - Kudos to you !)
  15. am new to Guild, but nice to see a member from 'way back when' coming back! This guild is awesome and the players are beyond that! I only play Rift and so far... very nice to see someone from different game point of view. Welcome Back Itharosss! hope to see you in other games!!!
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