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    1. Perfectly legit strat. I do the same thing but instead of turning in items for leves, I turn in more jewelry for everyone to SB. People also do this and just sell the ingots they make, just trying to break even...and when those ingots become cheaper then the ore/shards I just buy those ingots. I do use only HQ gear though with one materia except NQ neck and ears because otherwise the game is unable to distinguish HQ SB pieces from HQ fully melded pieces. HQ and each slotted materia = +20% SB rate The thing with SB'ing while going afk, you should just keep an eye on your SB status 'bubbles' in the lower right...cause if you finish a bind at 1/99, you're wasting the other 98 synths on a fully Spirit-binded piece..when you could put a fresh piece on.
    2. Updated. We are getting there, but even if we call in all the gil that people are willing to give but haven't yet donated or pledged I think we are still short by 20-30 mil for a large.
    3. Starting with today's deposits then...I'll start a new list.
    4. Is this just deposits going forward or overall?
    5. Updated....we are doing good but we need to keep pushing. With a craft you should be able to make 20-50k per day at least. If you need advice on what to sell, let me know.
    6. Just an update on how this going. We are pulling in about a million gil per week so far after the materia is sold. And this is not including the tier IVs that I am not selling yet. So keep up the spiritbinding Monday nights and throughout the week. A couple things to remember. ---Its best to mail me the materia especially on Mondays, that way there is no risk of the history page scrolling off your deposit before I can see it. Any other day of the week should be okay for you to put the materia right in the bank. I do check the history every day. ---I keep track of everyones deposit on paper, so once I sell your materia I attribute that amount to your name. The gil does not go into the bank immediately, but every few days. Unsold materia, mostly tier 4s right now...are still marked under your name....so your gil contribution is deferred in exchange for being larger at a later date.
    7. Updated today. We are on the right track I think...we all need to keep pushing a bit if we want a large though. Even if the prices are reduced in 2.15 in a couple weeks, we still may not have enough. I am hoping the 30 million by mid-to-late February will be enough though.
    8. Updated, and changed goal to 30 million by mid-to-late February. This may be enough after the decrease in a couple weeks..we'll see. Also I'd like to see more pledges, updated pledges....looking at you Femi...
    9. To help me out with the items I need in order to make the spiritbinding gear for the guild, I could use some help from miners, and maybe some crafters to just process these materials (otherwise I can do that part myself). Once we get rolling, I will need an ample supply, but depending on prices it may be cheaper to buy on market. The more help I can get, the less time I will have to spend myself buying and processing materials. If you can help just put what you can in tab 3......... or 2 if 3 is full. Red Coral - 1 stack - Fishing - Western La Noscea w/ Herring Ball Blacklip Oysters - 2 stacks - Fishing - Western La Noscea w/ Herring Ball -------->or two stacks of Black Pearl - Goldsmithing 45 Raw Spinel - 2 stacks - Mining - South Shroud - Urth's Gift (get Black Alumen also while there) ------->or two stacks of Spinel - Goldsmithing 41 Black Alumen - 1 stack - Mining - South Shroud - Urth's Gift (get Raw Spinel also while there) Raw Amber - 2 stacks - Mining - East Thanalan - Drybone -------->or two stacks of Amber - Goldsmithing 41 Electrum Ore - 8 stacks - Mining - Upper La Noscea - Bronze Lake -------->or 2 stacks of Electrum Ingot - Goldsmithing 42 Basilisk Egg - 1 stack - Mining - Northern Thanalan - Bluefrog -------->or 1 stack of Basilisk Whetstone - Goldsmithing 40 Boar Hide - 50 - Mob Drop - Bramble Patch or Urth's Gift - E. & S. Shroud -------->or 50 Boar Leather - Leatherworking 33 Raptor Skin - 50 - Mob Drop - Wineport, west Central Shroud, Outer La Noscea --------->or 50 Raptor Leather - Leatherworking 41 Tons of Wind Shards Less tons of Fire Shards Optional: Electrum Rings - 2 stacks - Goldsmithing 43 (low priority because I can just make from electrum ingots)
    10. Yup, put in the 1s for me to socket into the SB equipments: I can give you like 100 to 150gil credit for those. For the 2s and 3s that are crappy you can put them in the bank or sell them yourself. For the materia we are mass converting, its better you put them in the bank so we all are not undercutting each other. I will sell them at a good price and give you the credit. I've already started a list.
    11. Yes, it will count towards your donation. We will see the materia you deposit back into the guild bank, assign the market value and count the deposit under your name. The goal is to keep the bank stocked with SB jewelry all week so that as people finish their binding and deposit the materia... they can just grab another set to begin working on. So feel free to bind and deposit throughout the week... its just these Monday night events will be the most productive... hopefully netting us a good chunk of Gil each time. First we need to clear out the bank, so please take anything and everything out of the first 2 tabs you can use, store or sell.
    12. 10 -> Title 50 -> Chocobo Baby minion 100 -> Vanity Crown 300 -> Chocobo Barding 500-> Gold Magitek Mount. http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/131195-Commendation-Rewards!
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