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    1. If anyone wants my land, send me a message. I have a 24, 16 and three 8s in Sandeep next to each other and a 16 in Dewstone.
    2. Rav

      Guild Emblem Pics

      As I get some more made for my properties I will post more screenshots, but here is one from the Empty Frame item...
    3. ....unless/until they feel secure enough to finish the job themselves. In the minutes/seconds leading up to castle completion all hell could break loose. People will be spread out around plots they wish to place their properties. As they get anxious...arrows might start to fly.
    4. 2, 3 and 5 are false. As long as you don't place your property in area surrounding the castle (you can see it on the map)..then you are safe forever....no one can force you off. It is 3 hereafter stones...from the patch notes... "* The Diamond Shores worldgates will now send you to Calmlands because Diamond Shore is not yet available. Worldgates are a type of portal in some major cities. They cost three Hereafter Stones to use."
    5. Rav

      Auroria Info: Part 1

      I wonder how they will calculate "equivalent payments in the form of gold." since the gold value of tax certs vary day to day.
    6. Your decision regarding what you place on your land will depend on the answers to the following questions? Do you only care about making gold? If so, do you want to gamble..making less (or lose) gold per day but have a chance at striking it rich? ...or, do you want to just make the most consistent stream of gold possible? Or perhaps you do not care about just making gold? You want the convenience of not having to deal with the market? If so, then you want to make items that will support your crafting or trade pack runs. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now...either way you will then need to choose how much time you want to dedicate tending your land. The number of plots you have and your answers to my above questions will influence your choice here. Planting individual crops will give you more return on investment but you will spend more time planting and harvesting. Planting bundles/pens will give you a special item and save you time but you will get less main harvest for your space. As prices fluctuate it may be that bundles and pens are just not worth it, but if you are strapped for time, they are definitely a better option for a guaranteed return on investment than gambling for thunderstruck and bear/yata mounts. I will give you some examples: Rye Seed - watered in temperate takes 7 hours 12 minutes Rye Bundle - in the same conditions take 6 hours 24 minutes On an 8x8 you can place 48 seeds on flat ground or 52 on a hill. On the same plots you can place 4 bundles on flat surface, or if on a hill an additional 6 seeds. Lets assume 3.5 yield on seeds, 26 rye & 10 worms....and equal yields of Hay 48 * 3.5 = 168 Rye from a seeded 8x8 4 * 26 = 104 Rye from the four bundles + 40 worms At a ground grain price of 1.6, Rye should be about 4.85 silver. Worms @ 2.2 silver last night. Gross 165 * 4.85 = 800 silver 104 * 4.85 = 504 silver & 40 * 2.2 = 88 silver Cost 48 seeds = 48 * 7 = 336 silver 40 seeds = 40 * 7 = 280 silver & 8 Shatigan's * 10 = 80 silver Profit (roughly every 7 hours) Seeded : (800 - 336) = 4.64 gold Bundles : (592 - 360) = 2.32 gold In this instance the time taken for both the seeds and the bundles to become ready for harvest is about equal. There are some items where the bundles take more or less time than the seeds. If you can spare the time to fill your space with seeds you will generally make more money, especially if you can harvest and replant as soon as they finish. Another example... 165 poppies from seeds = 1815 silver gross 48 seeds @ 20 silver seed cost = 960 silver cost (1815 - 960) = 8.55 gold (minimum) profit every 21.5 hours. (i do this on one 8x8 if i have time to plant) ...this post is the precursor to my Price Spreadsheet 2.0..so there is more to come.
    7. Rav

      GHA Requirements?

      Can someone who has successfully done GHA list the minimum requirements re: -Weapon - Hasla required? -Armor - Hasla/Karkasse quest okay? -Classes or specific skills? The reason being, I am looking to set up some scheduled and open guild runs as I don't see any guildies doing them together. If we plan on raiding as a guild come Nov 4th, it would be beneficial to get as many people geared as possible... that cannot afford equivalent crafted pieces. Pasting this post by Kiaros on game forums: "My group consist of Cleric - Main spec of SongCraft Cleric - Main Spec for Main Healer Abolisher - Tank - Wears Plate armor only Archer/Shadowplay/Auramancy 5th we Find a random. #1 Tank Does NOT use cloth armor, we run 2-3 Wings and Invincible. 3rd boss is easymode, 1: after he lifts tank in air, the tank will then use wings when he drops to ground, no damage is taken from the spike fire 2: After he lifts tank in air 2nd time, Wings #2 walks down in preperation when he goes into air then uses wings when he lands, no damage taken 3: Invincible the fire, and boss should be dead, if not take a 3rd wings. Melee in this fight, i love having 1x melee on 3rd boss of GHA if they know how to do it. X Tank ( ) Boss M Melee X ( ) M X <-------> M 6m Apart to avoid chain lightning I can now hit M with healing hym, the note that bounces and get mass heals off on tank and melee. During wings, melee goes and stands in wings, during invcible the melee gets out to a safe ledge till its safe. Things to watch for: changing elevation can bypass effectivess of wings, dont run all over inside the wings circle, stand still. and/or stay on same elevation, going into and out of water pool can screw you."
    8. I'm going to go out on a limb and say most of us are looking for more land, but perhaps if we all put into one place what we are looking for...we might be able to help each other out. So post what you're looking to acquire, trade, or get rid of (and how much you would like for it). Looking to Buy Jenteal - 16x16 or 24x24 - anywhere Amanda - 16x16 - anywhere non-PVP except Gweonid (unless near road to Lilyut). Rav - 16x16 farm near my current locations in Sandeep or Karkasse, 700g to spend atm. Noah - 24x24 - Auroria, saving up money for one Squirrel - 16x16 or 8x8, anywhere in a safe zone near the sea. Wingz - 16x16 anywhere, will reimburse if a spot can be reserved for him. Baentir - 16x16 anywhere. Looking to Sell Windmoor - Aquafarm, two crowns near beach, 400g for guildies Looking to Trade Rav - I have 1 16x16 in Dewstone Oasis I would trade for one near a port in Karkasse Inseril - Looking to trade 16x16 in Lilyut for (two 8x8s + gold) if in good locations.
    9. You need the Turkey Meat specifically, or Trimmed Meat?
    10. So Auroria was just announced as being open November 4th, time TBD. I figured I'd post here some of the known info to get a discussion going. - the post - the article - new 10-man dungeon will be released, Serpentis - 6 new zones of which 4 can have land/castles - this will increase the current amount of claimable land by (only) 30% - the Farm Wagon will be available to be built, but it not a Farm Cart upgrade - the Steamfish Submarine can be built, currently unknown if nerfed/worth it Detailed Facts about Auroria compiled by ShuraMMO he states that "if this information is correct than you will have to - fight to get to Auroria - fight to get Anya - fight to get your Purified Archeum Pack carrier safely to Auroria - fight to prevent others from bringing their carrier there first - fight to get your carrier safely to the desired castle spot - AND THEN you can start claiming land - and my tip - dont claim land around the castle because the lord will just make your house go boom" It is currently believed that land can be safely claimed in many places on the map, just not the area around the Lodestone and Castle. The size of what this area will be is unknown.
    11. Can you explain your method (as it seems to be tried and true) for obtaining those nasty epherium weapons? And if the last step is the most expensive, maybe I can get to the step just prior for the time being... or at least to the step that is better than the current hasla tier. I'm still confused at which points you are regrading and at which points you abandon ship and start over when you get something that does not match.
    12. So what did you have to do to get to the Lightning Magnificent stage? I'm trying to understand the best process. 20 - here you made the weapon you start the upgrade process with? Did you have to get a certain grade here? 30 - Did you need to get anything specific here? 34 - Did you need to get anything specific here? 40 - Did you need to get anything specific here? I'm assuming at this point it has to be the element you want to continue with? What grade? Illustrious - So you upgrade the lvl 40 item to get this? It becomes a lvl 50 item I assume? Is there any more regrading or it just has to proc the same element as the lvl 40? Magnificent - Same craft/mats as above? Just has to proc the same element to become this? What if it does not, does the item change at all? Epherium - Same craft/mats as above? Same process as for magnificent, only with less of a chance?
    13. It was a thought...now a reality. I got tired of mashing away on my Texas Instrument so this now exists. All you have to do is type the price you can sell the processed item for (ground grain, trimmed meat) and the price you can buy the material at....and my forumulas will tell you if the purchase is worthwhile (as well as some profit margin tiers). This is especially helpful if you want to level any of the related proficiencies without losing money. I uploaded it to google drive..so hopefully everyone can see it and type in numbers.. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jZ4BzIQenLoDOY9VxQHlEs7lH49g1EwtMJfG3OSZusc/edit?usp=sharing
    14. Rav

      Proficiency Caps?

      Can anyone confirm this? from... http://www.iron-pulse.com/showthread.php?4370-How-the-profficiency-system-works How the profficiency system works Each profession has 7 different levels of mastery - Amateur, Novice, Veteran, Expert, Master, Champion and Authority. •No rank: Amateur is maxed at level 10,000. Any number of skills may be leveled to this point. •Rank 1: Novice from level 10,000 to level 20,000. Only 7 skills may be upgraded from Amateur to Novice. •Rank 2: Veteran from level 20,000 to level 30,000. Only 6 skills may be upgraded from Novice to Veteran. •Rank 3: Expert from level 30,000 to level 40,000. Only 5 skills may be upgraded from Veteran to Expert. •Rank 4: Master from level 40,000 to level 50,000. Only 4 skills may be upgraded from Expert to Master. •Rank 5: Authority from level 50,000 to level 60,000. Only 3 skills may be upgraded from Master to Authority. •Rank 6: Champion from level 60,000 and above. Only 2 skills can be upgraded from Authority to Champion. You can increase amount of max specializations at each rank by using [snowflake] token bought at General Merchants for 200g. Currently you can increase your Specializations up to 13 times. Source: http://i.imgur.com/ySPzOVB.jpg Each next upgrade also takes more Tokens, so: •upgrade to 3 Champion Profs: 1 Snowflake •upgrade to 4 Champion Profs: 2 Snowflakes (3 total) •upgrade to 5 Champion Profs: 3 Snowflakes (6 total) •upgrade to 6 Champion Profs: 4 Snowflakes (10 total) •etc... So having 15 Champion Profs would require 91 Snowflakes. This would allow also 20 Novice Profs etc. You can increase amount of max specializations at each rank by using [snowflake] token 1 Token = +1 to all Ranks. Using example above: •4 Novice •5 Veteran •5 Expert •4 Master •3 Authority •2 Champion After increasing specialization it would be: •5 Novice •6 Veteran •6 Expert •5 Master •4 Authority •3 Champion
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