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      I started with Covenant of the Phoenix playing Rift Planes of Telara - great game and superior guild!
      After a year, Rift aged, with many people leaving for SWTOR.

      I tried League of Legends in the Interim, and am a long time player of eve-online, but not with CotP in the wormhole, me no like wormhole! Then switched to playing World of Tanks with CotP full time, and am pushing hard as a recruiter to expand the chapter. Mechwarrior Online came out, and a few of us switched to that, but the chapter is inactive as the game goes through the beta process, I still play it, mostly keeping up dated and up to date on changes.

      I'm looking forward to NeverWinter, AD&Ds new online MMO coming out. I had played DDO a while back and like the mechanics of D&D with thieves providing valuable services to the party.
      August, 2012. Mechwarrior Online is a in orbit, as beta rolls on, new features are added, the game moves closer to open beta soon. The MW universe has so many possibilities to be an MMO+ like eve-online, with markets, missions, guild vs. guild warfare. Based on the Cry Engine first person shooter platform is going to limit the game, we will see where it goes. At least is Free to Play.

      Dabbled in Star Trek Online to check out the ships with my new graphics card - awesome!!! The game has evolved since it first came out, but if you want anything really cool, you have to shell out hard cash for it or play like a fiend. A friend of mine has spent 2000 euros so far on the game. OMG! I'm still playing STO now, it's my main game.
      March 2013: Still playing STO, haven't spent a dime on, you don't have to do get the good content - thank goodness. Haven't touched WoT in a long time, don't think I will - good luck fellow tankers! I officially resigned from the Chapter when I stopped playing. I still play MWO also with HouseKurita.org Working on fleshing out a Raven, though I prefer heavier mechs, light mechs are the rule of the roost right now.
      I moved into HHoD in MWO and am doing well, though the delay of community warfare has dampened spirits.
      All along I have continued to play Star Trek Online daily, it's a challenge with a never ending list of things to do. Fun!
      Times and games change! I stopped playing Mech Warrior Online, because the game fell through by not releasing community warfare, and many months later, it is no where. They just keep selling mech packs for crazy prices.
      Going back to STO, I wrangled CotP Management to let me restart the chapters, that was 2/15/2014. We are still going today, two fleets, Fed and KDF, with work schedules, its mostly a weekend recruit and shoot, but I still like the game, content keeps coming and there endless things to do!

      World of Tanks - grrr. I found a small group to play with around May, some good folks, and we play tournaments for gold regularly, so I have to input some time into getting tanks and crews up to snuff, but not that much time. Winning gold in tourneys allows you to buy premium time and make faster headway. After a few months of WoT, I reached Tier 9 tanks, purchased one with my hard earned in game currency, and found it to be lacking. I then calculated the cost and time to fully train the crew and mods and get to the next Tier 10 tank, and said no to the next few thousand matches. WoT is over for me.

      2013-06 - 2015 Current: MechWarrior Online came out (2 summers ago) and I initially played as a founder, I like the game, but they have done little except release new mech packs for purchase, and community warfare is a disappointment to the player base. They didn't want to make an MMO, so there is nothing to do except beat each other to death in arena style play, that gets old very fast. It's just like WoT in bigger battlemechs. *Sigh*

      2015 - Have you checked out HeartStone? A fun little card game online based up WOW characters, but there is no social aspect to it that I have found, no chat center, no adventure, just card matches. It's okay.

      Checking out Heroes of the Storm - having played League of Legends for a long time on and off, HOTS has a much shorter match time, and is drawing in many new players as its the new game and the time requirement is lower.
      Check out the Angry Joe Show in youtube.com for game reviews and a good laugh!!
      9-2015 Went back to playing eve, MWO has not added any new content in some time. Didn't like Heroes of the Storm, though I do like Hearthstone, they I have to not play games of chance like that, they are essentially a waste of time and similar to gambling. Nothing new on the horizon for gaming, The Division came out, an FPS, not interested. Keep on rolling!

      12-2016 - Still playing with Hearthstone on the side, MWO has not improved and they just announced why, they have been putting resources into Mechwarrior 5. Can I get a refund for all the DLC I bought to fund a different game I didn't play? Bastards!
      Playing World of Wartanks on the side in the REDDIT clan, and tried out WoWarships - its ok, but too simple.
      Eve Online is going well, my corp is small, hi/low sec, doing ok, running incursions, mining, low sec stuff. We have a WH also for better isk. Am taking most of the Christmas - New Year's holiday off, and joining the corp to a new alliance for the new year.
      Also got back into Never Winter, and do like it as a fighter style game, running a half-orc thief for the dps.
      If you take the time to look at the art / graphics in NeverWinter, its a very good looking game!

      2018 More than a year with NeverWinter, ended a long gaming run. The alliance we were in would never get a discord server, or ask people to get on coms for raids. They were nice people, nicer than most, and members liked them, but there was no way they would grow, and they never did. Triptyl has guild lead now, still playing, there is a new update, new content, more to do!

      12/2018 saw a year fling with Life is Feudal MMO. Similar to Arc, chinese CTSG / PinkGays blobbed the server, duplicating and cheating, lag creation, drove people away from the US Sever to EU. The EU had defeated the Chinese, so they moved to the US sever, where we were outnumbered 2 or 3 times over. Folks left the PvP server to for the PvE style server with less open world pvp, the Chinese did not follow.

      2019 Sees Atlas chapter for CotP run well on the first iteration NA PVP server, great battles, allies, a great game - don't believe the reviews from trolls. April has a brand new game, servers wiped, different mode of the game, much more enjoyable. Raid timers let you select your combat active timers during your active time zone, and invulnerable during the peace time. Members are enjoying it very much. It will probably top out after another few months, the pirate theme will get old, the world can't get much bigger. Fun game though!

      Magic The Gathering has also released Arena, an online playing version of the game, free! Very good game, playing with some CotP members.
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    1. We can't get paid to wait like a dividend from a good stock, but we can practice! I am watching Streams of Conqueror's Blade, Season VI on twitch. Some good stuffs! 1. The game is dropping loot; you watch the twitch stream of CB, while you have CB linked to your twitch account connections. Whatch for a while, and you get loot, claim it inyour Twitch inventory, then you can claim it in your CB game! 2. This game has a guild based system to fight for territory, and a Free Battles arena play where you can level up your character, earn blue prints for armor and weapns, etc. The bat
    2. Gonna be a great Holiday gaming season! The Expanse, The Mandalorian on the tube. Conqueror's Blade VI, Dual Universe, 7Days to Die, and many more! Best wishes to all our members this 2020 holiday season!
    3. Another 2 weeks free of Star Citizen! Dl, install the game, make an account if you don't have one. https://twinfinite.net/2020/09/star-citizen-free-fly-3/
    4. Thank you! Good link! Nice to see that CU is incorporating ships into the games open world. Looking forward to trading and raiding if that will be added.
    5. Hi Ernie! Good to know! Having been dabbling in World of Warships myself for the last month. Seems to me that their games have more and more bots unfortunately. WoWS I have played entire matches where I am the only human player, makes it easy to grind your dailies! How is the tank world?
    6. September 18 brings a new add on to the game, Heists. Building upon the Syndicate, you can now hire a crew for carrying out heists on strongholds for loot, along with many new skills and items,. Watch the video with all the juicy details! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcvHXf7Mo9Q
    7. Chronicles of Elyria Stole your money!? Last week, Soulbound Studios announced that in spite of just reaching a semblance of pre-alpha for Chronicles of Elyria, it was out of money and would be halting all work on the game, effectively canceling it, and laying off what remained of the entire staff (though apparently some of them are still working on it for free). Canceled MMOs are nothing new. The trouble here is that Soulbound had raised more than a million dollars on Kickstarter back in 2016, and millions more in the last few years, chiefly from players pouring money into th
    8. Today the update league is released, here are the highlights! Good luck to all those that are up for the challenges! Path of Exile - Patch Notes Content Update 3.10.0 -- Path of Exile: Delirium The Delirium Challenge League Challenge leagues are a great opportunity for a fresh start in a new economy. All of your old characters and items are still present in the Standard and Hardcore leagues, but you're encouraged to join the new leagues, complete challenges and demonstrate your mastery of Path of Exile! You'll encounter the Mirror of Delirium in each area of the Deli
    9. The community also posted the highlights of the patch notes for the new league: You will no longer be obtained in any form. Improved engine multi-threading, and added support for 16 logical cores (previously 8), meaning Path of Exile! Added a new debuff which reduces your action speed and causes you to lose 3% of your Passive Tree. Socketing one of our Supporters! If you're very lucky, you can allocate passives. The second passive on the Duelist and Templar was more like the Floating Blob of Malice. Made significant improvements to a number of improveme
    10. 18 HOURS UNTIL THE NEW PATH OF EXILE LEAGUE IS RELEASED! HERE IS SOME INFORMATION THAT HAVE POSTED WITH MORE LINKS TO HELP PLAN YOUR NEXT BUILD! News Path of Exile: Delirium Teasers Feb 26, 2020, 9:09:22 PM In this post we will compile all the Delirium teasers as they're posted. The most recent will always be at the top. Read More. I like this new divination card - Path of Exile: Delirium Gem Information Mar 12, 2020, 12:11:08 AM The Delirium expansion launches in just two days! To help you plan your builds even further, we've prepare
    11. As there are many builds to try, I was trying the Ranger, DeadEye, Elemental Hit Cast on Crit build, advertised as easy to run, inexpensive, and fast map clearing speed. I agree with them on their build, except for the part where you upgrade to 2 jewels a ring, and swap out the your Ice Shot for Elemental Hit. The Ice Shot does 16k dps, where the Elemental Hit does 7K dps. I bought the two jewels for the skill tree and the ring, all inexpensive, but the dps is much lower. There is also an inherent advantage to Ice Shot you don't get with Fire damage from Elemental Hit - Ice Shot has a
    12. These ARPGs are a good opportunity for CotP to establish chapter and recruit gamers, as they have a high flow of casual to hard core gamers for them. What are your plans to make Wolcen a CotP Chapter? Thinking down the line, if Wolcen doesn't expand with more than 3 chapters to play; Path of Exile is consistently releasing a new league every three months, and PoE II is coming probably in a year, so there can be a lot of cross over between the two. For PoE, the chapter didn't work out, we didn't get a co-officer, and lost our best player to another clan. Mostly because Trip and I were
    13. 35000 players, 100000 members, not too shabby!
    14. Welcome to Bimami and MagnusD, both joined today. also thank you to long time members, Trip, Elliott, and Pirant 8-) We have a few other people that float in and out, as its a casual game, and always looking for more. Welcome to UN: Bairdsen Character: HurricaneOkeechobee Level 95, Champion
    15. This was new to me, didn't have time to read it while she activated, and the wiki didn't say what to do anyway, so it wasn't successful loot wise. What you need to do. She will give you some currency, spend as much of is as you can setting up totems around her device to defend it from a stream of un dead you have to kill / keep away from the device. The more damage dealing devices the better your odds of keeping the device from being damaged and failing the mission. Had I hade 2 flam totems, I would have succeed, one wasn't enough. 8-) https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Sister_Cassia
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