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    I started with Covenant of the Phoenix playing Rift Planes of Telara - great game and superior guild!
    After a year, Rift aged, with many people leaving for SWTOR.

    I tried League of Legends in the Interim, and am a long time player of eve-online, but not with CotP in the wormhole, me no like wormhole! Then switched to playing World of Tanks with CotP full time, and am pushing hard as a recruiter to expand the chapter. Mechwarrior Online came out, and a few of us switched to that, but the chapter is inactive as the game goes through the beta process, I still play it, mostly keeping up dated and up to date on changes.

    I'm looking forward to NeverWinter, AD&Ds new online MMO coming out. I had played DDO a while back and like the mechanics of D&D with thieves providing valuable services to the party.
    August, 2012. Mechwarrior Online is a in orbit, as beta rolls on, new features are added, the game moves closer to open beta soon. The MW universe has so many possibilities to be an MMO+ like eve-online, with markets, missions, guild vs. guild warfare. Based on the Cry Engine first person shooter platform is going to limit the game, we will see where it goes. At least is Free to Play.

    Dabbled in Star Trek Online to check out the ships with my new graphics card - awesome!!! The game has evolved since it first came out, but if you want anything really cool, you have to shell out hard cash for it or play like a fiend. A friend of mine has spent 2000 euros so far on the game. OMG! I'm still playing STO now, it's my main game.
    March 2013: Still playing STO, haven't spent a dime on, you don't have to do get the good content - thank goodness. Haven't touched WoT in a long time, don't think I will - good luck fellow tankers! I officially resigned from the Chapter when I stopped playing. I still play MWO also with HouseKurita.org Working on fleshing out a Raven, though I prefer heavier mechs, light mechs are the rule of the roost right now.
    I moved into HHoD in MWO and am doing well, though the delay of community warfare has dampened spirits.
    All along I have continued to play Star Trek Online daily, it's a challenge with a never ending list of things to do. Fun!
    Times and games change! I stopped playing Mech Warrior Online, because the game fell through by not releasing community warfare, and many months later, it is no where. They just keep selling mech packs for crazy prices.
    Going back to STO, I wrangled CotP Management to let me restart the chapters, that was 2/15/2014. We are still going today, two fleets, Fed and KDF, with work schedules, its mostly a weekend recruit and shoot, but I still like the game, content keeps coming and there endless things to do!

    World of Tanks - grrr. I found a small group to play with around May, some good folks, and we play tournaments for gold regularly, so I have to input some time into getting tanks and crews up to snuff, but not that much time. Winning gold in tourneys allows you to buy premium time and make faster headway. After a few months of WoT, I reached Tier 9 tanks, purchased one with my hard earned in game currency, and found it to be lacking. I then calculated the cost and time to fully train the crew and mods and get to the next Tier 10 tank, and said no to the next few thousand matches. WoT is over for me.

    2013-06 - 2015 Current: MechWarrior Online came out (2 summers ago) and I initially played as a founder, I like the game, but they have done little except release new mech packs for purchase, and community warfare is a disappointment to the player base. They didn't want to make an MMO, so there is nothing to do except beat each other to death in arena style play, that gets old very fast. It's just like WoT in bigger battlemechs. *Sigh*

    2015 - Have you checked out HeartStone? A fun little card game online based up WOW characters, but there is no social aspect to it that I have found, no chat center, no adventure, just card matches. It's okay.

    Checking out Heroes of the Storm - having played League of Legends for a long time on and off, HOTS has a much shorter match time, and is drawing in many new players as its the new game and the time requirement is lower.
    Check out the Angry Joe Show in youtube.com for game reviews and a good laugh!!
    9-2015 Went back to playing eve, MWO has not added any new content in some time. Didn't like Heroes of the Storm, though I do like Hearthstone, they I have to not play games of chance like that, they are essentially a waste of time and similar to gambling. Nothing new on the horizon for gaming, The Division came out, an FPS, not interested. Keep on rolling!

    12-2016 - Still playing with Hearthstone on the side, MWO has not improved and they just announced why, they have been putting resources into Mechwarrior 5. Can I get a refund for all the DLC I bought to fund a different game I didn't play? Bastards!
    Playing World of Wartanks on the side in the REDDIT clan, and tried out WoWarships - its ok, but too simple.
    Eve Online is going well, my corp is small, hi/low sec, doing ok, running incursions, mining, low sec stuff. We have a WH also for better isk. Am taking most of the Christmas - New Year's holiday off, and joining the corp to a new alliance for the new year.
    Also got back into Never Winter, and do like it as a fighter style game, running a half-orc thief for the dps.
    If you take the time to look at the art / graphics in NeverWinter, its a very good looking game!

    2018 More than a year with NeverWinter, ended a long gaming run. The alliance we were in would never get a discord server, or ask people to get on coms for raids. They were nice people, nicer than most, and members liked them, but there was no way they would grow, and they never did. Triptyl has guild lead now, still playing, there is a new update, new content, more to do!

    12/2018 saw a year fling with Life is Feudal MMO. Similar to Arc, chinese CTSG / PinkGays blobbed the server, duplicating and cheating, lag creation, drove people away from the US Sever to EU. The EU had defeated the Chinese, so they moved to the US sever, where we were outnumbered 2 or 3 times over. Folks left the PvP server to for the PvE style server with less open world pvp, the Chinese did not follow.

    2019 Sees Atlas chapter for CotP run well on the first iteration NA PVP server, great battles, allies, a great game - don't believe the reviews from trolls. April has a brand new game, servers wiped, different mode of the game, much more enjoyable. Raid timers let you select your combat active timers during your active time zone, and invulnerable during the peace time. Members are enjoying it very much. It will probably top out after another few months, the pirate theme will get old, the world can't get much bigger. Fun game though!

    Magic The Gathering has also released Arena, an online playing version of the game, free! Very good game, playing with some CotP members.
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  1. As there are many builds to try, I was trying the Ranger, DeadEye, Elemental Hit Cast on Crit build, advertised as easy to run, inexpensive, and fast map clearing speed. I agree with them on their build, except for the part where you upgrade to 2 jewels a ring, and swap out the your Ice Shot for Elemental Hit. The Ice Shot does 16k dps, where the Elemental Hit does 7K dps. I bought the two jewels for the skill tree and the ring, all inexpensive, but the dps is much lower. There is also an inherent advantage to Ice Shot you don't get with Fire damage from Elemental Hit - Ice Shot has a chance to freeze your targets, dropping their DPS to zero, where Fire damage may ignite them and have them burn for extra damage, but they are still alive longer doing dps. My personal choice is Ice Shot, more damage, freezing targets works very nice. The clearing of maps part more so comes from Rain of Arrows, your second mechanic that spams arrows all over the map. I would focus on upgraded and enforcing that first, before trying to change to the fire damage build - if you decide to at all. Ice is Nice!
  2. These ARPGs are a good opportunity for CotP to establish chapter and recruit gamers, as they have a high flow of casual to hard core gamers for them. What are your plans to make Wolcen a CotP Chapter? Thinking down the line, if Wolcen doesn't expand with more than 3 chapters to play; Path of Exile is consistently releasing a new league every three months, and PoE II is coming probably in a year, so there can be a lot of cross over between the two. For PoE, the chapter didn't work out, we didn't get a co-officer, and lost our best player to another clan. Mostly because Trip and I were new to the game, it takes a more experienced crew to lead a chapter for that game, as it's been out for a few years, with 10 Acts, endless mapping content, etc. I am interested to help with the Wolcen guild should you establish it, there is a 2 week lul on PoE until the new League is released - good time for Wolcen to release. 8-)
  3. 35000 players, 100000 members, not too shabby!
  4. Welcome to Bimami and MagnusD, both joined today. also thank you to long time members, Trip, Elliott, and Pirant 8-) We have a few other people that float in and out, as its a casual game, and always looking for more. Welcome to UN: Bairdsen Character: HurricaneOkeechobee Level 95, Champion
  5. This was new to me, didn't have time to read it while she activated, and the wiki didn't say what to do anyway, so it wasn't successful loot wise. What you need to do. She will give you some currency, spend as much of is as you can setting up totems around her device to defend it from a stream of un dead you have to kill / keep away from the device. The more damage dealing devices the better your odds of keeping the device from being damaged and failing the mission. Had I hade 2 flam totems, I would have succeed, one wasn't enough. 8-) https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Sister_Cassia Sister Cassia This page is a stub. You can help Path of Exile Wiki by expanding it. Sister Cassia Area: Atlas of Worlds Functions: Offers Blight encounters, Anoints items Quest: Strange Growths Sister Cassia is an NPC who introduces the player to Blight encounters. She can randomly be found in maps. After encountering her for the first time, she can be invited to your hideout. Contents 1Dialogue 1.1Introduction 1.2Exile 1.3Replacement 1.4Devices 1.5Fungi 1.6The Templar 1.7Piety and Dominus 1.8Innocence 1.9Blighted Maps 2Version history Dialogue Introduction Hm? What do we have here? Yet another of Oriath's cast-offs? With the problems we're facing here, I do wish they'd send someone with a little more... utility. Alas, we have useless exiles blowing in like spores on the wind. Cassia, by the by. Pleasure. Exile Yes, it's true, I, like you, am an exile. I caught the High Templar's eye several years ago. I showed an interest in the mechanical arts, and he had need for someone like myself for some highly secret projects he had started. He sought ways to tap into the power contained within the virtue gems in ways that I'm not sure were in line with God's plan. I did not openly refuse his orders; I simply... interpreted them differently. The mechanisms I built were brilliant and powerful, and totally useless for his desires. I may have kept some of them. Unfortunately, as you know, little slips past Dominus. I was exiled as a matter of secrecy. Rapidly replaced by some little floozy. What? She is a floozy. Replacement You likely know her by the name High Templar Dominus gave her -- Piety. A floozy-turned-thaumaturgist-turned-inventor. Or at least, she wishes she were. I've seen some of her work. Unimpressive, considering the resources she has available to her. Not that I'm envious. I'm not. Really, good for her. But, you know, creators have a habit of getting caught in the teeth of their own creations, and Piety seems to favour creations with many, many teeth. Devices I've worked on many beautiful little machines in my time. Let's see... There was the one that was originally designed to rapidly peel and pith fruit. That one is now called the Descalper. The portable oven turned out to be less of an oven and more of a red-hot ember dispenser. Still quite popular. And of course, the towers I have been assembling for use in protecting the portable-purifying-pumping unit. Those I am particularly proud of. Powered by the toxic fluid that runs through the fungal fibres. Surprisingly robust, and safe! Relatively safe. Almost no one has died yet who wasn't meant to. Fungi I've not seen anything like it before. The growths show no sign of intelligent thought, no clear ambition, yet the moment the pump's needle pierces the fungal flesh, creatures of all shapes and sizes begin to emerge from the mycelium -- and they never stray away from it. The fluid within those growths may hold the key to controlling the minds of creatures... And hopefully, something to protect us from such a power. Too many already vie for control of our wills, but that is the domain of the divine. The Templar You've no doubt heard me singing some of the Templar hymns. One of the many habits that stuck with me, other than the one I still wear. Though the Templar have their... 'issues', they are not without merit. They are, after all, doing God's work. And by Innocence, their hymns are truly catchy little earworms. Singing them helps me focus. Piety and Dominus Strange as it may sound, I'm somewhat sad. I know in my heart of hearts that they were not good people, but they were still people. I knew Dominus well. We worked together. Ate together. There was a time when I would have called him my friend. And Piety was fighting her own demons. I hope God sees fit to forgive their souls... And mine. Innocence The Innocence you slew was not the God I know. My God is selfless. Humble. Yes, he is prone to burning sinners, but who among us isn't? You just wait, Exile. Eternity will prove me right. Blighted Maps I'm starting to believe that these growths have some sort of central... well, brain isn't exactly the right word, but it isn't far off. These larger growths, these "blighted maps" you've found, they may lead us to the original source of the Blight. Not long ago, I believed they were a symptom of Wraeclast's death. Fungal growths feeding on a rotting carcass. Now? I'm certain they're a parasite. Wraeclast isn't dead, but it is dying, weakened by its violent history, and being overpowered and smothered by the blight. God has laid out all the puzzle pieces. All we need to do now is put them together. I hope you're good at puzzles.
  6. Welcome to Bimami and MagnusD, both joined today. also thank you to long time members, Trip, Elliott, and Pirant 8-) We have a few other people that float in and out, as its a casual game, and always looking for more.
  7. The Awakener Kill event, arranged with the huge help and support of Zizaran, concluded yesterday. More than a hundred players have defeated Awakener in the hardest Path of Exile mode possible, as well as achieving the other goals of the event. Today we're ready to announce the winners! Winners of the Awakener Kill Event (cash prize provided by Zizaran) First Awakener Kill ($8000) - Darkee Second Place ($4000) - Havoc6 Third Place ($2000) - Gofferi Fourth - Fifteenth Place ($500) - Steelmage, soerensko, guardianj11, rrrrath, Yukozo, Efriko, soul1027, Karvarousku, Oskarmln, Dsfarblarwaggle, takee, PoEDan79 First Atziri Kill in the Apex of Sacrifice ($500) - FITEGARR First Uber Atziri Kill ($2000) - powershot615 First Shaper Kill ($1000) - PoEDan79 First Elder Kill ($500) - Mosh47 First Uber Elder Kill ($2000) - Steelmage Deepest Delve (1085 depth, $4000) - PoEDan79 Randomly-drawn Microtransaction Prizes (weighted by the amount of Awakener kills) Coolgav duabaji Efriko EndOfEnds fraggoman gal4214 heliumfurz Jasnai Karvarousku kevnbo kriptog Oskarmln PoEDan79 pvpnerd Realyn Robotmaxboy sss111 willowbreaker XxMrFantomxX Zareuther Congratulations to the winners! Microtransactions prizes will be distributed very soon. Zizaran will also contact winners to arrange their payments. Thank you to everyone who has challenged their skills by participating in this event. Thank you to Zizaran for providing the idea and amazing prize pool. We're very happy with how this event turned out and are keen to bring more similar events to the community in the future!
  8. Today, PoE was taken down for an announced 3 hours for a large patch and update. Such patches and updates take 2 to 3 times longer to install on Steam, due to some mechanic of preallocation before actually downloading and installing the update. You are better off playing PoE with the stand alone launcher, as it is much faster. Be that as it may, they put out a video featuring the hideouts you can have, there are some really amazing things players have done with them, as they are customizable with decorations and different back drops. I included a link to the video, along with today's patch notes. Enjoy! Later this week we're planning to release our first big patch this year. The 3.9.2 update includes various improvements and fixes to some of the known issues. In addition, the patch introduces several changes to the Awakener fight.While you're waiting, check out the patch notes of this update. Please note that these patch notes are not final and are still subject to change before the patch.Metamorph improvements: Added a new vendor recipe for Metamorph organs. Three of any organs can be given to receive a random organ differing from those offered, with random rewards. Fixed a bug which caused Metamorph bosses to become unfreezable. They can once again be frozen, however they have a higher ailment threshold relative to map bosses with similar amounts of Life. Adjusted a number of Metamorph skills, including the Reliquarian's Firestorm, the Shavronne & Brutus Hover Slam, Tentacle Miscreation projectile skills, the tracking Mortar skills (including those used by Oriath zombies and Kitava's Heralds), Burning and Caustic Ground-creating skills and several others. In general, these will now either deal less damage or be easier to avoid. Increased the timeout for the Tane's Laboratory area closing when empty. Fixed an uncommon case where Metamorph organs were missing when the area had been cleared. Fixed a bug where players could sometimes get trapped in the vat in Tane's Laboratory. Fixed some of Tane's talk options being available at the wrong time. Visual effects from monsters that give organs dying now correctly remain rather than being removed shortly after. Atlas improvements: Fixed the incorrect Atlas quest information being shown after migrating a character. Fixed a bug where Citadels were still being hidden when the boss encounter was not available. Fixed a bug where Influence items were not dropping from monsters in maps influenced by Conquerors of the Atlas (they could drop from chests). Fixed a bug where the "Defeat Conquerors Conditionally" challenge conditions were sometimes not completing correctly. Fixed a bug where the Conquerors of the Atlas bosses would retarget when taunted. Added new lore objects to the Conqueror of the Atlas boss areas. The Awakener fight:Update: We're working on fixing the stairs issue in the Awakener fight. We'll try to include the fix into 3.9.2 (but it may be deployed later in a follow-up patch) The Awakener has been decreased to level 81 from 84 at Awakening levels 1 to 5, increasing by one for each additional Awakening level. He is still level 84 at Awakening level 8, and this only affects the item levels of his drops. Specifically reduced the damage on a majority of The Awakener's skills at everything below Awakening level 8. Prevented the storms in The Awakener fight from being able to occupy the space near the arena entrance, so you no longer can enter and be inside a storm. Changed the behaviour of the storms so they no longer pursue the player or their minions. Instead they more organically maneuvere the arena in a way that should cause more openings to travel around freely while still applying some limitation. Adjusted The Awakener Storm and Desolation skills to do less damage to minions. Increased the damage of The Awakener's Multiclone Beam skill. Fixed a bug which could result in the Awakener fight not progressing if he traveled too far in a single Throne Phase. Fixed issues when playing in a party where the effects from the Meteor skills could be invisible. Improved the visibility of the The Awakener's Desolation ground effects. Other fixes and improvements: Added 3D art for The Ivory Tower unique body armour. Fixed DirectX 11 implementation that would use too much memory. Affecting mainly Windows 7 users, and Windows 10 users with old GPUs. Fixed a bug where Awakened Cast on Crit was adding a cooldown to supported skills. Fixed the new influence gem level mods incorrectly snapshotting. Fixed a bug in some cases where the Volatile Dead limit was not being enforced. Fixed more cases where multiple Vaal Side areas could spawn attached to an area. Fixed a bug where Sulphite could not be gathered in areas above level 83. Fixed the item filter settings not saving when using languages other than English. Fixed a bug where updating an item filter on the website would de-select it in-game. Fixed item names displaying incorrectly on rare items when using the Russian language. Re-straightened the curved paths on the world map. HIDEOUT SHOWCASE VIDEO
  9. Filterblade is a site containing a loot filter, so you can change the settings to your liking. The basic settings filter out junk loot so you only see the good stuff based on several filter criteria, that you can change! https://filterblade.xyz/
  10. Adding this website - POENINJA - https://poe.ninja/challenge/currency Poke around this page, its a combination of leader board for the top 100, showing their class, gear, passive tree, and a market price checker for all tradeable items/currencies. Thanks to AtDawnsEarlyLight of KFC Guild.
  11. Thank you Damis! The Holiday was a blur, 9 days of fun filled activities! No back to work! On the table so far, we have Smite, PoE, WoW, and ArcheAge Unchained that I am aware of. What else is gaming in CotP?
  12. I have been playing this since just before the Christmas holiday, it was re-reviewed by PC Gamer Magazine in October 2019, and received excellent ratings. After playing the game for a time, trying multiple characters, watching streams. I do see how this game is enticing. You can play it solo at your pace, or get with guild mates for markedly harder maps and boss fights. The current league is very good, and the challenge of rankings for the highest level SSF Hardcore player awaits. It has a healthy community, Path of Exile II is in the making with upgraded graphics, physics engine, and QoL improvements. Stay Tuned!
  13. https://youtu.be/V2VRRSVgCL4
  14. It's already 2020 in New Zealand! We want to wish our community a Happy New Year and also to take a moment to look back on the year that has just concluded. As is tradition, today we're posting our annual retrospective. In 2019: We launched four expansions: Synthesis, Legion, Blight and Conquerors of the Atlas (with the Metamorph challenge league). We hosted ExileCon, our very first Path of Exile convention with more than 1400 attendees from around the world, including special guests from Blizzard North, community streamers and content creators, and very real Eihnar Frey and Zana. We announced Path of Exile 2 and the Path of Exile Mobile project! We partnered with Kakao to launch Path of Exile in South Korea. We released Path of Exile on PlayStation 4. We set a record number of players online (224,000 on our server alone). There were 30% more hours played of Path of Exile on our international realm in 2019 than 2018. Around 8.7 million players played Path of Exile on our international realm this year. We expanded from 122 to 147 in-house staff members. We deployed more than 45 updates/patches to our realm. We posted 382 news articles - an average of 7.3 posts per week. We remastered the existing Path of Exile soundtrack and updated it with new music. We hit a new record in viewer numbers on Twitch. We introduced a new system that allows you to manage your Master missions. We praised amazing talents of our players by hosting four community competitions. We revamped spellcasters, melee combat, Necromancers and dozens of skills. We reworked the entire Atlas system. We updated the look of the Lioneye's Watch. Thank you to everyone who has joined us in 2019, who has returned and who has been with us throughout the year. Thank you to all of you who has travelled all the way to New Zealand to attend ExileCon in November. Path of Exile wouldn't evolve that significantly without your generous support and continued feedback. We love you all! Here's to another big year in Wraeclast! Posted by Natalia_GGG on Dec 31, 2019, 7:14:24 PM Grinding Gear Games
  15. I neglected to read this until now, having played PoE for an accumulated 90 hours so far via steam, trying out the different characters (7) to see which play style I liked. There are many must need to know things in this guide for starting players. If you are playing, give it a read. https://www.poe-vault.com/guides/beginner-leveling-guide-for-path-of-exile-blight-38 Beginner Leveling Guide for Path of Exile: All the Advice You Need to Succeed (Blight 3.8) LEVELING Furty December 24th, 2019 19:00 3 1. Introduction Path of Exile is a daunting game to take on, even if you are already experienced in other ARPG titles, such as the Diablo franchise. There numerous complex and interlocking systems in the game, all of which can make your experience significantly smoother if you are aware of how to use them for your personal gain. If you would like advice on how to quickly and efficiently level through the zones in Path of Exile, please refer to our leveling Quick Reference Leveling Guide for Patch 3.7 Legion . This guide will walk you through the systems and tricks you need to be aware of when leveling for the first time, as well as answering a host of frequently asked questions that are on the lips of every new player. What to pick up? Where do I get more Portal Scrolls? We’ve got you covered. 1.1. Understanding the Basics of Path of Exile If you are confused with regard to the basic fundamentals of the game, we recommend reading our Welcome to Wraeclast: The Beginner Guide to Path of Exile. It explains all the basic systems that allow you to play the game, such as the function of gems, or what differentiates the basic classes. There are practically limitless amounts of vendor recipes, advanced tricks, and esoteric scraps of knowledge that are floating around the world of Wraeclast. To fully make use of it all, you should at least understand the very basics of the game and how to control your character. 2. Leveling Builds vs. Build Guides There is a big question on the minds of numerous players, new and experienced alike, which is how to reconcile your end-game build with the leveling experience. You might want to play a 6-totem Righteous Fire build in the end-game, but how exactly do you go about getting there? Can it be done without spending a lot for Orb of Regrets? In many cases, it makes more sense to level with a tried and tested leveling skill, rather than trying to make your end-game build work from level 1. Generally speaking, it is best to choose skills that require similar passive trees to your final build. That way, you can skill most of the points that you intend to actually use at mapping level, and any respeccing can be taken care of by the points acquired through the leveling questlines. Currently, there are a variety of skills that are suitable for leveling in Path of Exile, giving you an array of options to choose from. Here are some recommendations: Arc (also has fantastic synergy with Totem and Trap/Mine builds) Blade Vortex Fire Trap Storm Brand Static Strike Armageddon Brand Cleave Firestorm Vortex Winter Orb Spark Purifying Flame Perhaps the most famous example of builds that are generally considered difficult to level as league starters are Bow Builds. Many of these builds rely on having multiple links, or late-game gear, before they start to gain effectiveness. When evaluating leveling skills, we instead look for skills that have strong base damage, and can clear packs of enemies without the need for additional gems such as Greater Multiple Projectiles Support. 3. Learning to Loot It can be very tempting to pick up every item that fountains out of the fallen enemies. Sometimes it can be difficult to leave those shiny yellow Rare items on the ground – it feels like leaving candy from a piñata on the floor. There is something you need to come to terms with very quickly, however, in order to play the game effectively. You need to learn to leave the loot behind, or at least loot less. This is no exaggeration; there is far more to be sacrificed if you are looking to play efficiently or even optimally. Just as a starting point, however, we need to come to terms with the fact that many pieces are simply not worth picking up. This is particularly true while we are leveling up. Think of it logically; the best drops in the game come from high level enemies. If you are leveling, chances are you are in a pretty low level zone. You already know everything you pick up is going to be garbage, at best. Jewelry and Accessories, however, can still be worth identifying, as they can have nice combinations even at lower item levels. This means Rings, Amulets, and Belts. You can and should still loot Rare items that you can use. If you are level 10 and you are using a White/Common chest, you should definitely pick up that Blue chest lying on the ground. It can even be worth it very early on in the league to pick up every Magic or Rare item, just to help bolster your Scroll of Wisdoms. Once your exile is up and running and you are past the first handful of levels, however, it is time to start leaving some of the items behind. If you know you are making a trip back to town shortly, fill up that inventory. If you are just setting out, make sure you keep some space for the whole journey ahead. The exception to this rule is Solo-Self Found leagues, especially Hardcore variants, as you will want to identify as many pieces that are useful to your build as possible, in the hopes you find an item worth holding on to. 3.1. Supplying Yourself with Scrolls of Wisdom and Portal Scrolls One major difference between Path of Exile freshmen and the seasoned veterans is this: newer players find themselves running out of scrolls left and right, while the experienced players do not even bother picking them up. But how can you sustain your adventure without picking up these most essential of items? The answer is the Orb of Transmutation. This orb is commonly dropped throughout the game, and has little use on its own, save for a few niche instances. Trade a Transmute to a vendor, however, and they will offer 4x Scroll of Wisdom in return. Though all players should pick up Portal Scrolls and the Scroll of Wisdoms they find early in the game, especially on league launch, you can quickly create an infinitely sustainable supply using this trick. Portal Scrolls can be bought from vendors for 3x Scroll of Wisdom, which means that every Orb of Transmutation is also worth 1.25 Portal Scrolls. Players can also acquire a Portal gem to eliminate the need for Portal Scrolls entirely. 3.2. Installing a Loot Filter There are thousands upon thousands of items and currencies in Path of Exile, and it would be impossible to teach a fresh exile every single one to keep an eye out for. Fortunately, a Loot Filter is a great way to highlight the best and rarest drops, while filtering out the items that are not worth picking up. It only takes about two minutes to do, and is absolutely necessary at higher levels, where so much loot is dropping that it can obstruct your screen entirely. Take a look at this comparison below, showing the same loot with no filter (top) versus a basic loot filter (bottom). To get started installing a basic loot filter, take a look at the following steps. 1. Go to https://www.filterblade.xyz/ 2. Set your basic options. We recommend “semi-strict” for new players. 3. Name and download your filter. 4. Put the filter file in your Documents/My Games/Path of Exile folder. 5. Log in to Path of Exile. Press Escape, then Options, and navigate to the UI tab. The last option on the page will allow you to select a Loot Filter in-game. Having a Loot Filter will greatly reduce confusion for new and seasoned players alike, highlighting the rarest and most valuable items with colors, sounds, and more visible text. Most of the useless items are filtered so that they are longer seen, and this level of strictness can be changed later on if need be. Higher level players, or those with greater wealth, often choose to run stricter filters, only stopping to loot items that are “worth their time”. 4. Acquiring the Links You Need to Level No one starts the league with a Tabula Rasa hidden in their back pocket. How does one put together a functioning build without any items or links? Without Jeweller's Orbs or Orb of Fusings, crafting the item yourself is not even an option. A Loot Filter, as mentioned above, can help with this immensely. With our recommended filter, 3-Link and 4-Link items will be automatically highlighted at lower levels to help you obtain the links needed as soon as possible. Checking the vendors in town is also a highly recommended option. You could obtain a 3-Link at level 1, if you are lucky, by talking to Tarkleigh or Nessa in Lioneye’s Watch. 4.1. Coloring Your Sockets Now that you have the links necessary, you have to ensure they are the right colors for the gems you will require. Items will need to be correctly re-colored using the currency of Chromatic Orbs. As mentioned in our Welcome to Wraeclast: A Beginner’s Guide to Path of Exile, items have a base type that assigns them preferred colors. To reiterate: Evasion-based items prefer Green sockets Energy Shield-based items prefer Blue sockets Armor-based items prefer red sockets This follows for weapons, in a logical fashion. Daggers and Swords are Dexterity, Wands are Intelligence, and so forth. Therefore, it is easiest to start with an item you can realistically color with only a small number of Chromatic Orbs. If you are trying to get 4 Blue sockets on an Armor item, you are very likely going to need hundreds of Chromatic Orbs, and this simply is not realistic while leveling. 4.1.1. Acquiring Chromatic Orbs Chromatic Orbs are most consistently obtained through a simple recipe. Trading any item to a vendor that has at least 1 blue, 1 green, and 1 red socket linked together will result in a Chromatic Orb. The Loot Filter is very helpful for this purpose, as it will automatically highlight “Chromatic Pieces” that can be traded for these orbs. Keep an eye out for these items, as they are very valuable to your personal progress when starting a league or the game for the first time. While the orbs themselves do not have a great financial value, they have a practical necessity that gives your character a lot of freedom to change gear pieces at a whim and instantly re-color them as needed. 5. Acquiring the Gems You Need Many classes will receive core skill gems as quest rewards throughout the game. Worth noting, however, is that the rewards are variable based on your class. Strength-based classes, like the Marauder, will receive more Red gems, while Intelligence-heavy classes, such as the Witch, will see a lot more Blue gems. Muling is a technique used early in the league to receive gems you need in Act I. This is done by creating a different class than the one you intend to play, in order to receive gems from the opening quests. Since these quests usually only take a few minutes, you can have some of the gems you need already in your stash within minutes of a league launching. Some gems can not be obtained as quest rewards by your class, but can be purchased from a specific vendor after completing the quest that would have rewarded it to another class. The only hard and fast way to check the availability of gems and their source is using the Path of Exile Wiki. Siosa, found in the Library in Act III, carries virtually every gem available up until that point in the game, and can be used to supplement any missing pieces once you arrive there. When you reach Act VI, Lily Roth sells every gem available, excluding the very rare drop gems like Empower Support and Enlighten Support. 5.1. I’m Using a Leveling Skill – How do I Level My End-Game Skill? If you are not using your main skill to level, there is a way to level another set of gems simultaneously. You can equip a second set of weapons by opening your inventory and clicking on the ”II” near the weapon slot. You can also press “X” at any time to swap to your secondary weapons. When leveling, you can simply equip two 1-handed weapons of any type, ensuring they have three sockets each. Even if these weapons are not your active set, the gems will still gain experience, allowing you to level 6 additional gems for no cost. 5.1.1. The 20 Quality Gem Recipe Leveling gems in your weapon swap can be used for another valuable purpose – the quality gem recipe. If you trade a vendor a Level 20 Gem and 1 Gemcutter's Prism, they will give you back the same gem, at Level 1, with 20% Quality. If you are not clear on what quality does for you gem(s), this can be found on our database. Typically, “20/20 gems” (Level 20 Gems with 20% Quality) are very expensive early in the league. This is a cheap way of obtaining 20% Quality gems, although they will need to be leveled up a second time. Many players have different strategies for their off-hand gems. Some will level 6 of their main skill, trade them in for quality gems, level them again, then corrupt them all with Vaal Orbs in the hopes of obtaining a Level 21 gem with 20% quality. This is a rare result, but extremely valuable. Others will level one of each of the gems in their final build’s 6-Link, then use them when they are eventually at-level. Finally, certain gems are worth significantly more than others due to supply and demand, and some players will opt to level gems for the pure goal of profit itself. 5.1.2. Why Do Certain Guides Recommend Low Level Gems? In many of our guides, you will notice certain gems have specified levels that you should not level them past. The most prolific examples are Cast when Damage Taken Support and Arcane Surge Support, as many builds incorporate one or both of these gems. The main reason for this is that leveling up these gems increases their threshold for activation, so depending on what you have them linked to, this may actually be a detriment. Cast when Damage Taken Support, for example, will activate linked skill gems when a certain threshold of damage is taken. By leveling the gem, you increase the amount of damage your character must take before the linked gems are triggered. Since this is most often linked to Immortal Call, which provides Physical damage immunity for a short time, most players generally prefer that this triggers more consistently. In the case of CWDT (Cast When Damage Taken), however, leveling the gem does have benefits. The level requirement to use CWDT is Level 38 at gem level 1, and part of the caveat of the gem is that it will only support gems that have the same level requirement (38) or lower. That means that using a level 1 CWDT will only allow you to use low level gems (usually 1-5) when linked with it. If you level the gem, however, you can have proportionally stronger gems linked with it, which may be advantageous if you want to link it to curses like Temporal Chains or Warlord's Mark. The logic behind certain gem levels is usually specific to the gem and build itself, but trust that the reasoning for it is sound. 5.1.3. How to Prevent Gems From Gaining Experience Normally, when a gem is ready to level up, it appears on the right side of the screen flanked by a “+” symbol to let you know that you can send to it the next level. If you want the gem to remain at the current level, however, you can opt to simply ignore it. It can get a little annoying having several gem alerts on the side of the screen, however, and there is a way to make them disappear. If you want to stop leveling a gem, simply right click on the “+” symbol (where you would normally left click to level it up). This will dispel the alert on the side of the screen, clearing up some real estate for you. Should you wish to level the gem in the future, open your inventory pane (I) and you will find the gems, ready to be leveled, beneath your inventory slots. 5.1.4. De-Leveling Gems It is not uncommon for a player aiming to get their Arcane Surge Support to Level 7, for example, to unconsciously click “+” on the gem and send it to Level 8 by accident. Fortunately, gems can be easily and cheaply de-leveled. Simply trade any vendor your gem of choice along with an Orb of Scouring, and they will provide you with a gem one level lower in return. 6. Currency Orbs One of the most confusing parts of Path of Exile is its intricate currency system. When you are leveling for the first time, you will see a variety of “Orbs” dropping, from simple Chromatic Orbs to the more elusive Chaos Orbs. You will immediately notice that all of these orbs have a practical usage; some link sockets, some add properties to items, while others reroll or reforge these properties. While leveling, you should hold on to all of your orbs, storing them in your stash. Not only will these serve as your financial means of purchasing end-game items from other players, but many of them will also be necessary to properly adjust the gear you obtain. 6.1. Should I Use My Orbs to Craft Gear? It is not recommended for newer players to attempt to craft gear using their currency orbs. There are a variety of properties and affixes in Path of Exile, and many of them can only appear on specific types of items, or specific bases. Unless you have a clear picture of what you want to craft, and a rough idea of how much currency investment it will actually take, you will likely just be throwing away currency. The item level of an item also determines the maximum stat budget it can have. Attempting to craft low item level pieces is absolutely not worthwhile in most situations, as even if you get a good set of stats, they are unlikely to have strong rolls. Check out the website poeaffix.net to examine these concepts in greater detail. 7. Maximizing Experience Gain A common mistake that new players make is trying to fully clear every zone of monsters. While this does become necessary late in the game, it is extremely inefficient to do so in the early acts, as you will end up extremely over-leveled. Additionally, the drops for these low level monsters are extremely poor, so there is practically no incentive to kill any more than necessary. For peak efficiency, it is ideal to be a few levels below the zone you are currently in. Advanced players will often intentionally ensure their character is 2-3 levels below the zones they are progressing in, as that is generally the range that maximum experience is rewarded. Check out our Quick Reference Leveling Guide for advice on a more streamlined leveling path that will help ensure you are getting the best experience possible. 7.1. Struggling Against Enemies If your character is having a hard time dealing with enemies or bosses, you may have to look at investing in some better gear, or adding additional links to your setup. The website poe.trade is the center of most player to player trading within the game, and there are countless leveling pieces that can be obtained for a single Chaos Orb or less. Generally, this only happens if you are using a skill that is not suited to leveling. You can opt to change your skill to one of our recommended skills, or add a second 4-Link to your build to supplement the type of damage you need more of. 8. Ascendancy and the Labyrinth Ascending is an important part of Path of Exile that allows you to turn your base class into a more specialized weapon for your build. A Witch that wants to increase the potency of their Lightning Damage, for example, would likely choose the Elementalist Ascendancy, while a Marauder seeking to bolster their Regeneration and defenses would become a Juggernaut. To Ascend, the player must complete the Lord’s Labyrinth without dying. The Labyrinth has four different difficulties, and each rewards 2 Ascendancy points when completed for the first time. In order to attempt the Labyrinth, the player must complete related Ascendancy Trials. This must only be done once per league, and is shared between all characters. Labyrinth Denomination Monster Level Trial Locations Normal 33 The Lower Prison, The Crypt (Level 1), The Chamber of Sins (Level 2), The Crematorium, The Catacombs, The Imperial Gardens Cruel 55 The Prison (Act VI), The Crypt (Act VII), The Chamber of Sins (Level 2, Act VII) Merciless 68 The Bath House, The Tunnel, The Ossuary Eternal 75 Randomly spawned in Maps To triumph in the Labyrinth, the player must defeat the boss Izaro three times. In each encounter, the player must deal 33% of his health in order to succeed. Izaro has different incarnations, and he is always accompanied by bodyguards or buffs. Just like the Labyrinth layout itself, the combinations are changed every day. The website poelab.com is extremely valuable for determining the current layouts, affixes, puzzle solutions, and more. 9. The Importance of Resistances There are three primary forms of Elemental damage in Path of Exile: Cold, Lightning, and Fire. Players and monsters alike can also have Resistance to these damage types, which can greatly reduce the amount of damage they take. Elemental damage can also inflict status ailments, corresponding to the type of damage taken. Having greater amounts of resistances also reduces the chance for these ailments to be inflicted. Critical Hits have a 100% chance to apply status ailments, and Chill can be applied by any hit. The four main types of ailments are: Status Ailment Associated Element Effect Chill Cold Slows the target by up to 30% Freeze Cold Prevents recipient from moving, attacking, or using any skills Ignite Fire Inflicts damage over time Shock Lightning Increases damage taken by the recipient There are three other types of status ailments, introduced in Patch 3.5 Betrayal, but they can only be inflicted by players using the newly added Unique helmets Flamesight, Galesight, and Thundersight. Elemental Resistances are the most important aspect of your character’s survival. Resistance for each Element is capped at 75%. This means that while you may have 150% Fire Resistance, only 75% will be applied to damage reductions from Fire spells. If your character were to be cursed to have reduced Fire resistance, however, this excess Resistance would also act as a buffer so that you do not fall below Resistance cap. You can see your character’s Resistances by opening the Character Pane ( C ) and clicking on the defense tab. The number in brackets is the “Uncapped” or total resistances, while the number of the left is the capped Resistance value. Resistance caps can be raised beyond their normal value using certain means, such as the Purity of Fire (and other elemental auras) gem and certain items such as Loreweave or Saffell's Frame. There are also several skill nodes on the Passive Tree that can increase maximum Resistances by 1%. It is extremely important you stay at 75% Cold, Fire, and Lightning Resistance whenever possible. Resistance is generally found on items, although there are also a wide variety of Passive Skill tree nodes that offer additional Resistance. 9.1. The Basic Math Governing Resistances Whenever you are hit by Elemental damage in Path of Exile, the damage is filtered through a multiplier based on your Resistance to that damage type. For example, if you are hit for 20,000 Fire damage with 70% Fire Resistance: 20,000 × (1 – 0.70) = 6000 Fire Damage If you were to have capped Resistance, however, the damage would be: 20,000 × (1 – 0.75) = 5000 Fire Damage Now, look at the following: 1 – (5000 / 6000) = 0.167 And therefore, despite there only being a 5% difference in flat Fire Resistance, a player with capped Resistances would be taking 16.7% less Fire damage. This is a dramatic example, as there are very few forms of damage that hit for such extreme values, however, it illustrates the concept well. Aim to remain Resistance capped whenever possible to reduce the possibility of being one-shot by a large Elemental attack. 9.2. Chaos Damage Chaos Damage bypasses Energy shield, affecting the Life pool of enemies directly, and it is not considered Elemental damage. Chaos Damage is relatively rare in Path of Exile, as is the corresponding Chaos Resistance. By the end-game of Path of Exile, you will likely have -60% Chaos Resistance, the default value for all Resistances if you none on your gear or Passive Tree. Fortunately, most Chaos damage dealt by enemies is balanced around this, as it is unlikely for most players to have more than a marginal amount of Chaos Resistance. Unlike the Elemental Resistances, you should not be worried if your Chaos Resistance is deeply negative, as this is a natural and expected part of the game for most builds. Chaos Innoculation builds are completely immune to Chaos damage, however, most other builds must simply deal with it. 9.3. Resistances Throughout the Game There are penalties to Resistances that increase throughout the game. When you start the game in Act I, the default Resistance value is 0%. As you progress further into the game, however, there are additional penalties applied to Resistances, as your gear will also get better and better to counteract this. Resistance Penalty Applied In Act 0% Act I -30% Act VI -60% Epilogue Essentially, this means that if you had 75% Cold Resistance in Act I-V, you would have 45% in Act VI, and only 15% upon reaching the Epilogue. The only way to counteract this is to continually upgrade your equipped items as you level up and progress further into the game. 10. The Importance of Flasks Flasks are one of the most singular and important mechanics that govern your characters ability to succeed in Path of Exile, and perhaps even the most important in many situations. Having a good flask setup will greatly ease the leveling process, particularly in Act V and beyond. Life and Mana flasks are the standard Flasks everyone starts the game with, and many newer players never use anything else until they reach the end-game. Certain flasks, however, can be extremely valuable while leveling up due to their imbalance at lower levels. The Quicksilver Flask is the most important flask for leveling. Early in the game, it can be extremely beneficial to even have 2 of them, allowing you to kill less monsters and run through the low level Acts much faster. One important note is that the ideal suffix for Quicksilver Flasks (of Adrenaline) can only be obtained on a flask of Item Level 5 or higher. The Quicksilver Flask obtained from the “Medicine Chest” quest (from Nessa in Act I) has an Item Level of 3, and therefore cannot have this very attractive suffix. Quicksilver Flasks are a fairly common drop, so keep your eyes peeled and you will likely find a few extras by around Act III. The Granite Flask provides a flat +3000 Armour to your exile for its duration, which can be further increased by the “of the Iron Skin” suffix. This flask can be used as early as Level 27, which makes it an extremely potent choice for leveling. Walking into a pack of monsters in Act IV or Act V with +3000 Armour or more results in your exile taking practically no Physical damage, which can be a godsend on fragile characters that might otherwise struggle at this point in the game. If you are playing with Acrobatics from an early level, which halves your Armour, you might instead opt to use a Jade Flask or Stibnite Flask, or perhaps even both. These flasks focus on boosting Evasion instead of Armour, and can be a great replacement for the more elusive exile. The Diamond Flask increases Critical Strike chance by a significant margin, and is a great option for characters that rely heavily on criticals. Since obtaining a consistent Critical Strike chance is difficult while leveling, this flask can smooth the process considerably. The Silver Flask fits into many builds while leveling, providing the Onslaught buff for its duration. Onslaught increases attack speed, cast speed, and movement speed by 20%, which is great for both damage and simply getting around faster. There are a variety of other flasks in Path of Exile, many of which are excellent in the end-game, or fit into certain builds specifically. Once you have reached Act V or so, and are looking to proceed into “Part 2” of the game, you should be running more than just simple Life and Mana flasks. In fact, Mana flasks are generally quite useless for leveling, unless you are running the keystone Mind Over Matter. If you are having Mana issues, simply run the Clarity aura while leveling. Do not run any more than 2 Life Flasks, either. 11. Afterword This guide will have more sections added over time. If you are a new player and confused by a game mechanic that you have not found in the guide, please leave a comment and we can look at adding a section on it! Stay safe out there, Exiles. 12. About the Author Furty has been playing Path of Exile since the release of the Onslaught League in 2013, and has a deep and diverse well of experience within the game. Equally comfortable playing on Hardcore, Softcore, and Solo-Self Found Leagues, Furty finished the Betrayal League at Rank 186 on the ladder playing Elemental Hit. You can follow him on Twitter, or check out his occasional streams on Twitch. Changelog 08SEP 2019 Checked and ready for Patch 3.8.0 Blight League! 07JUN 2019 Fully updated for Patch 3.7 Legion! 08MAR 2019 Fully up to date for Synthesis 3.6. 06FEB 2019 Added a completely new section regarding "Flasks"!
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