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    1. hey guys im from the runes of magic chapter i was thinking about going back to wow im dling and installing now as well as updating addons id be starting a new char spriest more then likely i have a 85 one or is it 80 lol cant remember but ill be starting all over ill see you all on mumble oh btw it should take me about ... oh a month if i work hard to get up their and raid worthy up to you guys if you want me
    2. Aessilva


      Hey guys its omni well i got into the beta for Prius so ill be in and out of game its pritty cool maybe at some point we can make a pheonix here too ill see you guys ill check in atleast once a day
    3. Aessilva


      Has anyone seen Jess i seem to have lost her and cant get her back. My heart is broken and lost at the loss of my RoM sister * cries *
    4. wow i didnt expect so many people to say welcome thanks guys i am finding the guild very nice ...
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