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  1. here is the site I use to do all the stuff required. https://www.wowhead.com/flying#us-dalaran-oldarrow https://www.wowhead.com/flying
  2. Just 2 areas to get my rep up. One is over 50%, the other a little less. everything else done
  3. Getting close to compleating the pathfinder chain of quests and then flying
  4. A lot of work getting flying in the new areas
  5. Grinding rep for a flying mount and azur points. Anyone wants to join me, all are welcome.
  6. If anyone is thinking about starting WOW I would like to get the reward for the recruit a friend, a flying two seater mount.
  7. Fun so far. A lot better than the original. Quests are easier to follow and locate. OldArrow is my name, zinging is my game.
  8. Now your talking. I need a donkey.
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