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  1. Ernie


    Tuff getting started.
  2. Ernie


    I guess I will give it a try.
  3. Ernie

    Crew Traning

    I have been doing better at this. I have so many tanks and waisted crew. Some are tougher to train because there is only one elite for training and it is not the class I need.
  4. Ernie


    Trying the jap line of heavy tanks. Getting real tired of rice for all 3 meals though.
  5. Ernie


    Where is everybody?
  6. Ernie


    I need a lot of help, not talking special education. These guys are real tuff, help. You think your tuff, lol. Show me. Where is Grim when you need him for self defense. This is the last post I will make this year.
  7. Ernie

    Flog A Crewmate

    A whole lot of flogging going on.
  8. Ernie

    Female crew members...

    Got my first one today.
  9. Ernie

    Female crew members...

    What do you guys think about that? They get free brothers in arms, but only their crew members arms? I personally feel guilty shooting at a woman. Seems like this could be trouble.
  10. Ernie

    Special offers

  11. Ernie

    Special offers

    Some new and unique tanks available over the holidays.
  12. Ernie

    ESO Hello

    I was and could be. Vast game for sure.
  13. Ernie

    Destiny 2

    I am going to attempt to do Spiders bounties, anyone up for it? Anyone done it?
  14. Ernie

    Get Your FREE Destiny 2 NOW!

    Good size DL, did you get the annual pass and lev boost too?
  15. Ernie

    Get Your FREE Destiny 2 NOW!

    Fast paced. I play the Titan. Striker sub class.