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  1. If anyone is thinking about starting WOW I would like to get the reward for the recruit a friend, a flying two seater mount.
  2. Fun so far. A lot better than the original. Quests are easier to follow and locate. OldArrow is my name, zinging is my game.
  3. Now your talking. I need a donkey.
  4. I guess I will have to get one. Need to look up the link.
  5. Almost anything more manly. I have appearances to worry about. A stuffed dog, lol
  6. 4? I got it at about 12... And now while I run around on a stuffed dog everyone else has a ferce looking mount.
  7. seems it is tuff getting around and the bag is kinda small. It is probably just my ignorance.
  8. Ernie

    Skill tree

    I have been to the npc to change skills and havnt fighred out how to change them yet. I resolved my troubles. I am a little slow these days.
  9. Ernie

    Skill tree

    I chose witchcraft and wanted the close quarter mealie dagger attack. can I change the whole second skill tree?
  10. I chose the wrong skill tree. what lev is required to change it?
  11. Pick me, pick me.... Zingar
  12. Looks like it will be some time before I will be allowed to create a char on the Wynn server. We deliberately chose a very busy server, why again? No biggie, I will create a char on another server and at some point transfer, if possible.
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