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  1. Update 23.5 Release NotesHere are the Release Notes for Update 23.5, released on Tuesday, April 23rd. News and Notes:Classes Beorning Relentless Maul now does double damage when it is traited for Brutal Energy, which halves its duration. The blue line version of Relentless Maul is now called Menacing Maul, and its duration is no longer halved. Vigilant Roar's Reflect Damage legacy now correctly modifies incoming healing and is now named Vigilant/Thunderous Roar Incoming Healing. It is not providing the correct increase, yet, however. Some animation changes were not properly applied to male Beornings, and have been updated. Burglar The overall goal is to increase the Burglar's general damage output, fix some structural issues with their skills, improve their group survivability, and streamline some of their play. Damage on most skills has been increased and shuffled in an attempt to put more skills in a more appropriate range of DPS. All melee skills have had their range increased to a minimum of 3.5. Most of the Burglar's skills have had their "Fast" trait removed, but this only really had an effect when the prior skill had an execution time longer than its animation time. Subtle Stab is still "Fast" so you can more easily see which skills are being shortened. Double Edged Strike is now an immediate skill. Find Footing is now Instant. Provoke now has a 15 meter range and a six second cooldown. Provoke now provides a 20% crit chance bonus on your next attack, similar to a lesser "aim" effect. Provoke provides a stacking (x3) self buff that halves the damage of the next attack against you. Provoke no longer penalizes your party's crit chance against the target by 2%. Mischievous Glee now heals for 10% of max health. Self Adulation now adds 20% to Clever Retort healing. Both Double Edged Strike and Flashing Blades are now area of effect skills (3 targets). Coup de Gras no longer has a critical magnitude bonus, but does better base damage. Its cooldown has been reduced from sixty to thirty seconds. Feint now allows you to trigger more stealth effects and bonuses of other skills, though it still does not provide true stealth's melee damage bonus. Knives Out has been changed to provide a small radius Force Taunt that lasts for the duration of the effect, followed by an aggro dump that reduces aggro in a similar radius. Knives Out now mitigates all forms of incoming damage, instead of just melee damage. Damage reduction has been increased from 80% to 85%. Cunning Strike bleeds are now shorter duration non-stacking bleeds that apply at four different magnitudes, depending on how hard you crit +1 from stealth. Cunning Strike Bleed duration has been reduced. Gambles have been substantially reworked. You can now have one gamble of each type on a target simultaneously. The skills Gambler's Strike, Hedge Your Bet, and Blind Bet now apply each of these gambles respectively. A blue line Burglar stealth surprise attack will apply a random gamble. Gambles can no longer be tiered up or down, and simply roll a new 1-6 value when re-applied. Gambles now last a base 30 seconds. Cash Out consumed all Gambles on a target, granting a high magnitude damage effect, a self heal over time, and a stun, respectively. Cash Out's cooldown is now a base of 40 seconds. Note: Gambles are NOT per Burglar, but rather per Target, so competing Burglars will overwrite or consume each other's Gambles. Gamble icons have been changed. Subtle Stab's cooldown has been reduced to 2.5 seconds. Gamble Chance mods have been changed to Gamble Damage mods. Minstrel Major Ballad's description has been fixed. Improved Hero's Strike now properly increases Hero's Strike healing component. Instruments should no longer get stuck in hands after certain skills play. Crafting Apprentice through Westfold crafted cloaks were erroneously modified to all give Will with the crafting updates of 23.4 and 23.4.1. Since cloaks are for everyone, the stats on the following crafted cloaks have been adjusted to provide options for all classes with an attempt made to grant stats consistent with the stats present before U23.4.1, meaning in some cases (indicated by *) Will or Might are still granted as singular main stats in a recipe set: Rough Cloth Cloak, Tough Cloth Cloak, Heavy Cloth Cloak, Stout Cloth Cloak, Quilted Cloak, Thick Quilted Cloak, Linen Cloak, Fine Linen Cloak, Heavy Quilted Cloak, Stout Quilted Cloak, Loose Linen Cloak, Pliant Linen Cloak, Cotton Cloak, Thick Cotton Cloak, Traveller's Cloak, Fine Traveller's Cloak, Heavy Cotton Cloak, Stout Cotton Cloak, Superb Traveller's Cloak*, Exquisite Traveller's Cloak*, Explorer's Cloak, Fine Explorer's Cloak, Scholar's Cloak, Fine Scholar's Cloak, Loose Explorer's Cloak, Pliant Explorer's Cloak, Superb Scholar's Cloak*, Exquisite Scholar's Cloak*, Pristine Cloak, Thick Pristine Cloak, Radiant Cloak, Fine Radiant Cloak, Padded Pristine Cloak*, Stout Pristine Cloak*, Superb Radiant Cloak, Exquisite Radiant Cloak, Rock-climber's Cloak*, Rugged Rock-climber's Hooded Cloak*, Master's Cloak, Herald's Cloak, Officer's Cloak, Noble's Cloak, Magnificent Master's Hooded Cloak, High Herald's Hooded Cloak, High Officer's Hooded Cloak, Heroic Noble's Hooded Cloak, Dunlending Cloak of Tactics, Unmatched Dunlending Cloak of Tactics, Dunlending Cloak of Action, Unmatched Dunlending Cloak of Action, Wizard's Cloak of the Rider, Ranger's Cloak of the Rider, Warrior's Cloak of the Rider, Wizard's Cloak of Théodred, Ranger's Cloak of Théodred, Warrior's Cloak of Théodred Items 12 Year Anniversary Gifts are now ready for players starting on April 24th. The Pony Steed of the Unearthed Kingdom will now display its lantern light in the correct location. The Cap of the Mountain Meadow has been corrected to no longer twitch on some avatars. Dâr Narbugud - All Fungus-covered Strongboxes will now drop appropriate items, including Greater Elf-stones and housing trophy barter items, even for full raid groups. LOTRO Store Making Store purchases on an account with no characters will no longer incorrectly tell you it failed to deliver character items, if a purchase did not include a character item. Miscellaneous Corrected some grammatical errors and missing place names in German for the Eriador, Shire, Eryn Lasgalen, Ered Luin, and world maps. Known Issues: The buffs received from the blue line Burglar trait 'Even the Odds' are not currently stacking. Vigilant/Thunderous Roar legacy is not providing correct Incoming Healing increase yet. The yellow line Burglar trait Self Adulation incorrectly states that it adds +5 pulses to Mischievous Glee.
  2. Well, had a beer and something to eat and am now going to get me some treasure.
  3. Just got here. looking forward to all the treasure.
  4. WOW, finally a crafted armor buff. I use Taylor, for med armor as my main crafting ability The new armor is a lot better.
  5. Update 23.4.1 Release Notes
  6. Yes, I am kindred now though.
  7. I have been grinding on my Men of Bree Reputation.
  8. Seems to still be down.
  9. Downtime Notice: Wednesday, March 6th from 2:00 AM to 12:00 AM Eastern (-5 GMT)
  10. Update 23.3.3 Release Notes
  11. The server is for VIP members and free for them. https://lotro-wiki.com/ https://www.lotro.com/en https://www.lotro.com/en/game/vip I bought two life time accounts over ten years ago so most everything is free for me.
  12. Update 23.3.2 Release NotesHere are the Release Notes for Update 23.3.2, released on Tuesday, February 26th.News and Notes:Quests and Adventure Areas Anvil of Winterstith Reduced health of Isvitha's summoned drakes and whelplings. Some of Isvitha's skills have had their cooldowns increased. Isvitha now waits until at 95% health to use many of her skills. The Vethug/Karazagar boss arena has been adjusted to improve AI pathing. NOTE: The Lead the Charge titles are now scheduled to turn off on March 21st at 10:00 AM Eastern (-5 GMT). Some landscape adjustments have been made in Moria. Items Lórien Set Bonuses have been adjusted: Lethal Strikes is now always active when set pieces are equipped. Its melee damage bonus has been reduced from 20% to 15%. Deadly Aim is now always active when set pieces are equipped. Its Ranged Critical Bonus has been reduced from 10% to 5%. Blessing of Caras Galadhon is now always active when two set pieces are equipped. Its Outgoing Healing bonus has been reduced from 20% to 15%. Lothlórien Knowledge is now always active when set bonuses are equipped. Its Induction Duration bonus has been reduced from 25% to 15%.
  13. Started a new char on a legendary server for fun. Anor.
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