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  1. Chimaeros


    Well that burned out quickly. For what it's worth, I'm still playing, so if anyone wants in, let me know. /pulls out the sheets to cover the guild hall furniture again
  2. Just started playing too (now that I can run the thing without crashing at the beginning)!
  3. Still playing on Skyfire as well, if any help or general tomfoolery is needed. Ask for Kimaira. By the way, if you are just coming back and are a subscriber, be sure to do this questline http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/The_"Travels"_of_Yun_Zi_Timeline
  4. With the amount of plat getting thrown at SLR stuff in auction, seems 5k is nothing to a lot of people... To me it is Are you still playing on Skyfire, Morg?
  5. Chimaeros

    Anyone here

    Pretty much just me still playing. Occasionally someone else will log in, but right now just me and a ton of alts.
  6. Played a little this morning (got out of the tutorial area). Liking it so far. Uplay: Khimaeros Steam: Chimaeros (but didn't buy it on Steam)
  7. Do you still need more bodies to make the fleet? I have a KDF character available.
  8. Well, if they were on Nagafen and/or Freeport...they are all on Skyfire now. I had characters on both the PvE servers - some sort of weird reunion that's for sure. Far as I can tell, I am the only person playing (at least with characters in the guild).
  9. Okay, we need a Leader rank to log in to change the guild name. Sooner rather than later - I've read posts of people getting their original name back. Small hope but there it is.
  10. Which missions are you having trouble with? Are you doing them on the higher difficulty level? Never actually tried that myself. (Curi is my main fed engineer)
  11. Can't one be bought at the dilithium mining area (Vlguta Asteroid Field)?
  12. https://groupees.com/startrekonline Top tier for T6 ships sold out long before I knew this bundle existed, but can still get some beginner ships, exclusive shuttles, fighters, and a holo mirror Leeta boff.
  13. http://na.alienwarearena.com/giveaways/star-trek-online-new-dawn-idic-tribble-key-giveaway Claim your code to unlock your very own IDIC Tribble; a cute, round, furry creature that purrs when touched and has a tranquilizing effect on most races. The IDIC Tribble applies different buffs depending on your profession. Depending on which profession your character has, when activated, the IDIC Tribble provides the following buffs to you and your team mates: Tactical: 2.5% Damage Increase Engineer: 2.5% Damage Resistance Science: +0.02 Health Regen In addition to the above buffs, if you have all 3 of the profession-specific ones active on you at the same time, your character will also gain the Full Synergy buff and receive: 2.5% Additional Damage Increase 2.5% Additional Damage Resistance +0.02 Additional Health Regen
  14. Figures it is taken by a level 19 guild from Nagafen. Looks inactive. Did we have a chapter on the pvp server?
  15. Wondering if the fleet is active again, even casually. Noticed some recent posts here. I used to have a character in the fleet but for some reason was cut - I assume for being inactive for a while but no idea since I know of others who are still members and haven't played in a long time. /shrug Would like to be added again - who should I look for in game? My handle is @chimaeros
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