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    1. I voted for Shadowbane, the only game with the balls IMO to have entire Open World PVP (Starting areas were the exceptions) and actually be successful. Shadowbane unfortunately was an earlier company in the MMO genre that really had an awesome game, what killed them was some really bad technical issues. That included easily hacked systems, crazy stuff from launch day (EX:You hit a button in sign up process and sometimes instead of the info you just typed, you somehow had someone else's personal information and credit card stuff....yeah.),,just a mess. But what made Shadowbane so good was the actual game-play. When Shadowbane worked correctly, it was awesome. Players/Guilds owned most of the towns in SB, if you wanted any decent stuff, you had to get it from a player town or through drops in game.The players ran the show, they even had GM run events..crazy events. But alas, lag, hacks, crazy technical issues, and nerf batting caused the game to fail. A lot of mistakes that MMO's learn from came from Shadowbane. But the most fun ever PVPing? Definitely Shadowbane. Dark Age of Camelot and EVE was the other two I voted for. EVE has a good PVP system a lot of people enjoy. Dark Age Of Camelot introduced the best form of consensual PVP I have ever seen. RVR, and Battlegrounds. That game paved the way for many others to follow. I find it funny that a lot of people say everything is a WOW Clone. But really most things are a DAOC clone, including WOW. WOW took the best concepts from all MMOs of its time and combined them into itself. (Kudos to them for doing it.) Ever since DAOC Battlegrounds and having realms face other realms (even if its just two) has been in most mainstream MMOs ever since.
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      My Archer

      At level 23 I have yet to encounter a problem with mana, not saying that won't change, but so far...
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      My Archer

      Sometimes as an archer it is good to stay at maxxed range..temporarily. Also due to one of the patches, to my understanding the 6m got changed to 10m. If soloing u should start at max range and just not unload until the monster gets within 10m. That way u get free damage till its witin 10m, then u let loose your skills for full damage.
    4. Just remove. needed to vent. Thanks
    5. I havent played such a open world pvp based game since Shadowbane...this is gonna be fun.
    6. So just out of curiosity, how are we handling player killing? To be specific, are we having any guidelines against people going Outlaw, or is this a free for all? If you want to be an outlaw, then be one, kill lowbies? Your choice? Or are we the anti lowbie gank type? Keep in mind guilds that allow lower level PKing (depending on server community) often receive a "bad" reputation. Whereas the guilds who hunt Outlaws often get a "good" reputation. Some guilds do both. So where do we stand on this? I personally have no desire to gank lowbies, but I do have a desire to hunt the lowbie gankers. Thoughts please?
    7. To my understanding from what I read, is to be a Vanarch I think you have to be the Guild Leader. I am not 100% sure but I could of swore I read that somewhere. But I also read the guild whos leader is the Vanarch gets some perks too.
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      Tera Economy

      So many people whining in Tera-Online forums about them removing the player stores...LOL. I saw the player store mechanic in Lineage 2...it was horrible. Mass players everywhere with stupid messages above their head with ppl literally standing on top of each other. It was a mess...good luck finding anything in that chaos. I have no idea why people are sad to see them go, I couldn't be happier . I sometimes wonder if these people complaining about it have just heard about it on paper and never seen it in action in person. I have..and its horrid. LOL
    9. Ok we have a lot of info scattered in different threads, so I wanted to combine information into one thread. Server chosen:Valley of Titans, Server Type:PVP Those who have just now gotten into the idea of joining us there due to Open Beta announcements or whatever, here is the summary of Open Beta in general. Open beta is open to everyone, those who preordered, and general public. However..there is some important things to take note of. You can only create ONE character per server..during Open Beta ONLY. After that this will increase to 8 character slots per server. Don't freak out when you can only play one character per server, thats not permanent. Also of note, open beta characters are NOT getting wiped. At one point there was mention of wiping non preorders, but based on the info on main webpage of Tera, that is not the case. So regardless if you preorder or not, you will keep your characters. When does Open Beta start?? April 19th for preorders, April 20th for general public. It ends on April 23rd. Head Start for preorders April 28th, Game launches for all players on May 1st. Level cap is 32 during Open Beta, Head Start level cap is 38, at launch the max level cap is 60. That's the gist of what to expect from now until release.
    10. Thanks for prompt reply, reserved on VOT
    11. Hey, this is directed more at the Tera Leadership team )Sorry not sure who that is at moment, but it seems like its unanimously Valley of Titans as our server choice, but I know sometimes theres outside factors like alliances and etc, was just wondering if we can get an official verdict on Server choice? As I understand it tonight at 10pm EST, we get to reserve only one character period, so we wanna make this count. So it would be preferrable to have an official decision by then if at all possible. Not trying to be pushy, just want to make sure we all can reserve the names on the server we decide on. Thanks!
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      this or gw2?

      Well said! What's nice and I think some have already pointed out is that you can play Tera for 15 a month..then when GW2 comes out you can play both if you choose cause GW2 has no sub fee. So its a nice benefit to those of us who can balance time between MMOs. For me playing Tera on Monday then GW2 on Tuesday could keep things refreshing. Not saying it will be that organized, but it is doable. I tell ya what has drawn me to Tera and GW2...PVP. Both games seem to take PVP seriously (especially the WvWvW in GW2 and political system in Tera...thank you!!) The political system in Tera has the possibility of bringing in some awesome dynamics to PVP. Only time will tell if the execution delivers this awesomeness. WvWvW ....anyone remember DAOC?? If not go play some youtube videos...search DAOC frontier or DAOC siege. God how I miss this PVP style, where everyone on the server..even PVE folks sometimes come together with PVP folks to fight as one..because when they start losing exp bonuses and stuff cause of PVP castle/keep losses...yeah everyone wants to fight to take those bonuses back sometimes.
    13. Althalus

      this or gw2?

      I am going with both. Tera will be a nice breath of fresh air, with open PVP, and politics that will hopefully bring some interesting dynamics. I hated GW, but from what I can tell GW2 is not gonna be very similar to GW at all. Don't get me wrong the classes are of course returning from there, but and there are some other basic similarities, but overall I feel GW2 has a lot more to offer than GW ever had a chance of delivering. Tera should be a lot of fun to keep going in the mean time...SWTOR is getting to be old, thats what happens when your end game sucks. It's a shame..they did so many others things well.
    14. I wouldn't pay too much attention to the Jagged thread, a lot of people are saying it's bull. Not to mention as always..those forums represent a very small fraction of the community. I recommend just going with whatever server everyone votes for. Besides for some reason near the last day or so, guilds seem to change what server they join <not us so much, but allies in general or other pvp guilds...they get some piece of last minute info and run with it..)
    15. Note to Leaders: I have only heard that the type of Server was chosen as PVP. If a server has already been chosen, please close the thread and advise which server was decided on, but I was unable to find any such info. Otherwise let the voting begin. Also please post your choice...if you want to give a reason you can LOL. I vote for Valley of Titans....just like the name. P.S. For full launch schedule with lots of cool info... http://tera.enmasse....launch-schedule
    16. Might want to add this to original post..here is the details. http://tera.enmasse.com/launch-schedule
    17. I am interested, just waiting for server list so we can all decide where we will end up. Already preordered
    18. It does carry over for one character. Edit:Sorry for double post pls remove.
    19. It does carry over for one character. Edit:(this one showed up after I edited the one beneath?? LOL again sorry pls remove as well)
    20. It does carry over for one character.
    21. I have pre-ordered and looking forward to seeing you all there.
    22. Hello all, this is a guide on how best to lead or play this warzone from my perspective. In case you are reading this without reading any of the previous guides. I have leveled my 43 Shadow from level 10 doing mostly warzones. Yes I am a PVP addict. So I am pulling from that experience. ***Leading Ops Group in Voidstar*** NOTICE:If you have never played Voidstar please DO NOT read #1 point right below this sentence. It's very confusing if you havent played voidstar yet, so go play Voidstar, and then come back and read the first point below. Trust me it will save you a headache. Just skip to point #2 Defending: 1. When leading an ops group and you are defending there is very critical issue you need to be aware of. People will often call incoming or yell for help and say "help on left" or help on right" door....that is a problem. Here is why: When defending you are spawned in a room, and you and your team respawn in that room(or rooms similar to this) throughout the course of the match. When people say "Help on left" they often mean left side of the room you are entering from. But the kicker is, the door on the LEFT side you enter from, is the RIGHT door on the map. People have had arguments in the middle of the match about whether or not left or right should be based on the map, or by the room you enter from. Solution: One thing that stays constant is what the doors are called. For ex: the first room has an east and west door. Doesn't matter how you look at it, the game always calls the door on the right of the map EAST, and the door on the left of the map WEST. So I always advise people to look at their map and remember what the map says that door is and call out accordingly. You can also try to tell them to call out based on attacker point of view. Some people understand this better. When attacking in Voidstar you spawn in a position that the doors match up to the map itself. So in other words when attacking and someone says "HELP ON RIGHT" well thats exactly what they mean. I have never seen confusion on this during the attack phase. 2. Remind people several times at beginning and during the match to FIGHT ON THE DOORS. People tend to get drawn out by the enemy cause they get blood thirsty for imps...don't we all? So they start chasing people and leaving the doors undefended. More commonly they run out just far enough from the door that they can't see the person sneakily stand at the door placing the bomb. 3. Since this is the leader part of the guide..as leader you need to sorta watch both doors as best you can. Never trust your team to do what they are told. I have saved our team a defeat many times taking the attitude "I want to trust em but I am going to take a quick look and make sure they not getting overwhelmed without yelling for help". People often wait till they dead before yelling for help..by then its usually too late. *** End of Leading the ops group Defense portion*** Now let's talk about the attacker phase as Ops Leader. 1. Notice as you enter the map doors West and East actually match up to left and right as the brain feels they should be unlike in defense mode. Keep that in mind when trying to explain the defense confusion from #1 section of leading ops group in defense. 2. Have stealthers go left or right...matters not..as long as you have everyone else go the opposite direction. Having everyone literally charge the same side has never worked in my experience unless the imps we faced just plain sucked. It happens but not often enough to be effective. By having stealthers go one way and main force another you give your team an opportunity to disorient the enemy. Does it always work? Not really no. But it always causes chaos somehow, and chaos works in favor of the offense in this warzone. 3. As in defense, run back and fourth between the doors. If you see an opening take it and ask for help on ops channel if you need support. I find if you see an opening have the stealthers assist. For ex: You see an opening on the left side..maybe there is just one or two imperials guading that door...in ops channel say "STEALTHERS ONLY please attack the left, everyone else focus on right..keep them busy for me" This is a key strategy to offense, and it works very well unless you facing a premade. Even premades tho struggle with defending against this. Thank goodness theres almost always a good mix of stealth and non stealth in these matches. (Just how its been in my experience.) ***End of Leading Voidstar Attack Phase section**** Now let's talk about playing this warzone when you are not the leader. Defender: 1. Always fight on the doors, if you MUST chase someone a little ways or get caught in a dogfight then at least face the direction of the door as you fight so you can see if someone trying to place a bomb on the door. If you see anyone even right on top of the door you need to abandon the fight and rush to stop them. Save your CC(crowd control) break powers for this moment when defending. Don't waste your CC break just to dogfight. DO NOT let the enemy draw you away from the doors, its the #1 cause of defeats in this warzone, even if all your team mates go off the door, don't follow their lead. You might just be the one person that causes enough delay to allow your team mates to come back. 2. Don't rely on other people to attack the person trying to place a bomb on the door even if they stand right next to the person doing it. Take care of it yourself unless you see another player engage that person. I have seen many matches lost because one team mate assumed the other knew what to do. (SWTOR reaches a lot of first time PVPers and newcomers to MMOs, you have to assume some of the ppl on your team may be new to this...and yes the idiots are also still there who should know better. But try to assume the best of people.) 3. If the door is not under attack, constantly look around you for low health players and rush to kill them. Not only is this good for your score/medals but it also gets one less person doing damage out of the fight. Only do this however if you are near, no need to let someone you dogfighting beat the crap out of you as you run to get the final blow on someone else. But you'd be surprised how many ppl just ignore someone with almost no health like they aren't even there. (Everyone assumes SOMEONE ELSE is going to finish them before they can...that someone might as well be you.) 4. If you have AOEs...use them often near the door. AOEs are excellent for messing up people trying to put bombs on the door. People who have spammable AOEs are wonderful for defense. Troopers for example are awesome for this with their mortar volley and hail of bolts ( I think thats what its called). 5. Try to check on the other door that you aren't fighting on once in awhile, make sure someone still guarding it and that no one is trying to be sneaky over there from the opposite team. This helps make the difference between victory and defeat. 6. If the enemy gets through the first doors, rush to guard the controls that allows them to active the bridge to cross the chasm to the other. Every moment of delay counts. Don't just dogfight look for people trying to active those controls and stop them. There are multiples ones so try to watch both (or in some cases all 3...as best u can..you are after only one person) ********End of Defender mode section of VoidStar*********** Attack mode when NOT leading the ops group 1.Listen to what your ops leader says about where to attack first, if he doesn't tell you before match starts, ask when approx 30 seconds left before match start (or whenever you feel comfortable). Sometimes people don't even know they got made ops leader, so asking them in ops chat and use their name may help get a response. If no plan becomes available...hang back..let your team do what they gonna do, stand in center and look for an opportunity to strike. 2. Focus on putting a bomb on the door, this is not the time to throw strategy out the window and go all out dogfighting. Keep looking for a chance to put that bomb on the door, even if theres people near the door, what direction are they facing? (I have placed a bomb on the door with 3-5 people on it..just cause they were facing the wrong way. I wasn't in stealth the entire time too. If no opportunity exists to plant the bomb..look around and see who is paying attention to that door...kill them. They are your real threat. The ones running around like chickens with their heads missing...they are a threat..but you can't worry about everyone..and they probably won't stop you from planting a bomb. 3. If the bomb goes off fight and run if you can, but keep moving..fight mobile even if its weak. Hurry to the next point. Whenever your team breaks through a door theres a window of opportunity to stay ahead of the defense and keep plowing through. It only happens 30% of the time..but it will never happen at all if people like you aren't trying it. Get to that next objective and keep going. Especially if you can stealth or have speed buffs. 4. Again look for people with low health, and kill them before engaging a full health target. The less people that are alive, the less there are stopping you from placing a bomb on the door or using one controls to release the bridges. ***End of Guide**** Author's Note: These guides I am writing will not get you victory all the time, but if you follow this guide I can guarantee you one thing. It will show you after some warzone experience of your own, that one player trying their hardest to win and ignoring medals and trying to win MVP votes..can make a HUGE difference. People notice it too after awhile. I have made several friends and people who when they see me in the Warzone say in ops chat "WOOT! Seth is here!" I am not saying this to brag, only to reassure you people will eventually notice you for all your efforts. You may not get a single MVP vote, but I assure you people are watching and taking notice. (A lot of people know who they voting for before they even enter that warzone). Now there is a way to do these things and get medals and still be obsessive with your objective..but that will come in a guide all by itself called "Farming medals while pursuing your objectives" the techniques are the same for the most part regardless of the Warzone you in. I also want to throw an invite to everyone to put their own input into this thread, and feel free to disagree with what I am saying, just please explain why(I am always up for learning from others, I don't have illusions of being the best), or just say if is helpful or not, or if parts are confusing please say so. Also feel free to tell me something you want added to this guide. My last guide got no reaction, so I am uncertain if this beneficial to anyone or not. Thanks and hope it helps everyone in one way or another. Next up soon will be Huttball.
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