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  1. Yehosha


    I think I'm sold. As far as people joining, I think many of us are desperate for any MMO that's half decent. Just look at how many came and checked out Life is Feudal, even though that game wasn't very good at all. Had tremendous potential, but the devs blew it, but still we had what, 100 people come through?
  2. Yehosha


    How much of Atlas is even implemented right now? IS the full game being released for early access or only parts? Any word on combat or crafting classes?
  3. Yehosha


    Ok so "early access" means we'll be the first ones playing and testing it? How developed is this game? Has this game been played by anyone yet besides the devs? Do you guys really believe 40k people can be on a server at once and the game be playable? I'm skeptical any game can support even a fraction of that, especially a large scale pvp battle. Very few games can pull that off. Is there going to be a subscription on top of the $30, or is that it? Is there going to be any sort of cash shop? Do we know anything about combat classes or crafting? Most importantly, how many of you will be there on day 1? I'm DYING to play a good game with you guys, so if you guys think this has any chance of being decent at all, I'm in.
  4. Yehosha

    No Man's Sky?

    Oh I thought they had been advertising earlier in the year that pvp was coming with this update? Guess not.
  5. Yehosha

    No Man's Sky?

    How's the PvP? How's the PvP?
  6. Yehosha

    No Man's Sky?

    Anyone playing it or know anything about this game? On sale for $24 on green man gaming until 8/6. Looks interesting, and just had a major update that added PvP.
  7. Yehosha

    Sentry Exam

    Missed a few easy ones. Oops. Still passed though.
  8. Yehosha

    Knight Exam

    Dang. That was not easy. I got lucky on a few I admit.
  9. Heya Fain, we'd love to have you. As far as newbie island goes it's up to you. If you do skip all the quests, I'd definitely suggest you watch some youtube starter guide videos. I personally chose the latter.
  10. Really enjoying this game. Best MMO I've played in awhile.
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